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  1. It's been noted. All wiki users were warned to change their passwords. Every user was also logged out of the forum, and are advised to change their passwords. I went ahead and changed my e-mail, xat, and social media passwords. Old news, but thanks for the heads-up!
  2. Angelo

    Ruby power

    Mobile store says 100,000 xats
  3. Angelo

    430 RUBY

    Change it back to (jewel) and allow hex code customization for any color. Blacklist the actual hexcodes for staff, celebrity, xat. If a user decides to use a hexcode similar to black or cyan, the risk is on them.
  4. Please read this thread for more information:
  5. It's being changed to prevent embed being abused.
  6. Angelo

    Ruby power

    So ruby is just turning into a pawn/name power? Cool.
  7. Kdog. Got my first $5 UGC from a survey website and bought 500 xats and 30 days. Bought kdog cause I thought it was cute, lol!
  8. Angelo

    429 MOUSIE

    Nice power Jr! Good to see more powers out of you that are hand-made and original ideas.
  9. I don't think I could ever live on another planet. Earth is too nice.
  10. Late 2009 for club penguin chats. Made friends in 2010; still remember (blueman) being released. Joined help in 2012.
  11. What about a new power that is solely in pauction. I don't know how that stimulates the economy, you tell me. How did (drop) end up? A good thing or a bad thing?
  12. Awesome work! Looks like most people's predictions were correct!
  13. http://xat.wiki/Kgiraffe to see the smilies and http://xat.wiki/Hat to see the hat
  14. Welcome to the team of Contributors! 

    1. Echo


      Thanks Angelo! :)

  15. I think what Bau is trying to communicate is that if another expensive power is released on xat, it will further add to the ridiculous $$$ needed to obtain EP.. which would cause people to leave xat.
  16. Wiki updated with the correct amount.
  17. Angelo

    Mobile Suggestion

    @Admin I think you should consider doing this.
  18. Congratulations to @MandyJane on becoming a German wiki translator!

    1. Tamer



    2. Sevda


      Congratulations and Welcome to the Family (hug) 

    3. Crow


      Welcome to the team!

  19. Congratulations, but also good luck to all of you!
  20. Ok. Si usted proporcionó información precisa y pruebas, espere una respuesta. No tiene nada de que preocuparse.
  21. Hola, Es necesario que espere para una respuesta. Un voluntario le contestará su boleto cuando pueda. Hasta entonces, debe permanecer paciente. Gracias.
  22. If you've cleared your cache, your cookies, and restarted your browser, and you still get Security Check, try a new browser. If you do the above on the new browser and you still get a Security Check, Private Message a volunteer and ask them to open a ticket for you. Tell them you're a paid user, what you're opening a shortname for, your ID, registered username, and the shortname you want. Make sure you try the directions I mentioned first before you message a volunteer.
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