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    error 55

    Opening a forum thread will not cause you to get a faster response on your ticket. Please remain patient. Many other xat users submit tickets on a daily basis, causing a bit of a backup for the volunteers who answer them.
  2. I don't think it'd serve a real, unique purpose. Not to mention, as Tanner stated, it would be difficult to find reliable and trustworthy long-term sellers. Resellers sell xats (usually) to people in countries who cannot buy xats. Why would there be a real need for ID resellers, besides for your own benefit or getting your name on a wiki article? What would xat gain from this, when they already have the auction system? Lastly, if you feel the need to put your name out there, there is always the ID section of the forums, as well as the chats Loja and Swap.
  3. Special thanks to Bryan and Mony and all of the Trade team for putting on amazing anniversary party. 5 hours of fun, laughter, and prizes. (Pocketed 15k)

  4. Well obviously you did/said something that people did not like. Welcome to the real world, buddy!
  5. I expected a selfie, Jedi!
  6. I'm abnormally good with chemistry (particularly in memorizing stuff about the periodic table)
  7. Yeah I remember that, lol. Right next to the homepage, wasn't it? While some may argue this does increase an account's security, I would have to imagine a large majority of users would not prefer linking their private social media. In the event that someone had a xat based facebook/twitter, don't you think that a malicious person trying to wrongfully gain access to someone's xat account would seek control over that too? I think as long as someone is able to accurately answer any security questions provided in a ticket, then they'll be more than fine.
  8. Angelo

    Ticket System

    Please note that opening a forum thread is not going to speed up your ticket reply. Many users are requesting help via ticket every day and have to endure the same wait as you. As Bau mentioned, you will be contacted via e-mail when a volunteer has replied to your ticket. Also, in the future, please never give out your ticket number unless a volunteer explicitly asks you for it.
  9. aardvark bat camel dog eagle falcon goat hamster iguana jackal kangaroo lamb mole newt octopus panda quail rabbit snake tadpole urchin viper wasp xenops yak zebra thanks goodnight
  10. The facebook group existed once upon a time; it's now redirected to social.
  11. Ahahahaha congratulations!
  12. No necesitas ser un usuario de pago en el departamento "Account Hold"
  13. Algunos departamentos requieren que tu eres un usuario de pago. ¿Qué significa exactamente que su cuenta está bloqueada? ¿Estás held? Si tu estas held, necesitas crear un boleto en el departamento de "Account hold" xat.com/Ticket Este departamento no requiere que eres un usuario de pago.
  14. Make sure to advertise to the public more than twitter does.
  15. I remember a time where it was possible ( at least in the US ) to buy xats using your mobile phone bill. I don't know why they removed the option, but my guess would be that it wasn't popular enough. Do you really think it'd work out with popularity in the DR, long term?
  16. We won't talk about that! Thanks guys!
  17. Angelo

    2017 powers

    An addition to the (hat) power to allow us to color our BFF Cross / Married Heart. (hat#hatcode#colorcode#r#colorcode)
  18. Congratulations. I wish you luck and hope you'll have some success in restoring the traditions and feelings we all had associated with the monthly main system on xat5.
  19. You'll have to take my word for it and remain patient like the rest of us. Do you really think they'd let such a huge issue just sit and rot without doing anything about it?
  20. As fsr as I know, it's being worked on.
  21. Thanks everyone for the kind words. This will be a fun endeavor to say the least!
  22. Congratulations! Hope it's a great month.
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