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  1. A lot of people have been encountering this error (getting stuck in an endless loop of "Security check: Re-login"), and this is how I usually direct them so that they're able to make a ticket or whatever: 1. Close all xat chats 2. Clear your browser's cache, but not the cookies. 3. Close your browser 4. Come back to xat.com/login and successfully login 5. Head over to xat.com/ticket and try to fill out your ticket again. Another strategy that Arthur has suggested to me several times is that if you're using the browser Chrome, to follow the guide at https://xthelp.wordpress.com/2010/06/12/how-to-reset-your-identification-number/ after step number 3, and then proceed with steps 4 & 5. An odd process, but it usually works for people. Try this, and see if you're still unable to create a ticket. EDIT: Looks like Muffins sniped me while I was typing this. Feel free to use this guide in the future if you'd like.
  2. After a small bit of research: Whatsapp: 8.9 billion Youtube 26 - 40 billion Twitter: 30 billion Facebook: ~46.8 billion ??
  3. Angelo

    Zest Power

    More sour smilies so whenever we see zuke we can express our discomfort
  4. Angelo

    Advanced Pawns

    I'd really like to see a power (or even for free) that would allow us to use all the old pawns - provided that we had the correct power to use them. This would further give incentive for owning (everypower) or maybe even (allpowers).
  5. Minerva I think it's time to go to bed sweetheart
  6. Angelo

    xat Power

    I'm not 100% sure, is it possible to use CSS to change the xat planet icon next to a chat's name? If so, that would be void the use of this power. If not, I could see a potential use for it. I'd rather it be named (seasonal) or something of the sorts, I guess.
  7. If you haven't heard Green Day's newest album 'Revolution Radio' -- I suggest it for someone who wants something to listen to.  

  8. I picked youtube as my favorite "social media" because I use it the most. I'm surprised Twitter has 0 votes (at the time of me posting this) because all my friends IRL are seemingly obsessed with it, lel. See you at trivia! Thanks for hosting this. Edit: Do you know what time the trivia will end, approximately? I have somewhere to be an hour after 4pm EST, so I was just wondering. Thanks
  9. I provided images to you since some people seem to be confused by the "Edit your chat" button. Clicking that second button will make you main owner again. (orange instead of blue)
  10. What about an interview for KARL
  11. People who expect help staff to know literally every answer to every question they have
  12. Admin has to handpick the volunteers himself -- he has to trust them almost completely. Simply asking "trusted users" to become volunteers is unwise. From what I've gathered, not many people actually have what it takes to be one.
  13. It seems too situational to benefit most of xat, but I guess I can understand where you're coming from.
  14. This is what pools are for. As previously mentioned, increasing the number of people allowed in one pool would probably cause a bit more lag, not to mention making it extremely hectic. Have you ever been in a youtube/twitch chat whilst someone is streaming with hundreds and hundreds of people in it at one time? It's chaos. Furthermore, If you want to get into a specific pool, you can use the (barge) power. https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Barge
  15. Looks like you've already been warned not to make another issue. Banning users has been a feature on xat for years and years prior -- and isn't going away any time soon, despite how much a user has spent on xat, or if they're unregistered. Understand?
  16. Hey, Chatrooms are free for all users, even those who choose not to register. The ability to ban is left open to the main creator of a chat, and the owners/moderators that he or she may pick. This ability does not require subscriber days or any power. Since these users can rightfully and freely own a chat, they're also allowed to ban any user that they please, in their own chatroom. It does not matter if the user has allpowers or everypower. This same rule applies to normal kicking, making guests, members, moderator and owners. Any other additional chat management is usually handled with the (gcontrol) power.
  17. ah I'm so very happy this is finally a power. thanks admin. a power I'll be keeping
  18. You didnt suggest (scaryclowns) you suggested (clowns) :s
  19. Angelo


    What about trying to clean up and organize the "smiley list" on the side of the chat?
  20. then why did you mention that first bit?
  21. "a power to celebrate the death of innocent people" without providing actual examples of the smilies you want to be in the power (perhaps some you draw yourself..?) I'm just going to continue considering these threads you make as spam and solely for the rep Don't you have anything better to do zuke?
  22. Angelo

    Pc Saves

    Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't this make xat go under a lot more stress from everyone saving PCs.. especially if they're extremely long..? Plus, what about just screenshotting?
  23. What I meant is that we don't need more. We need some more group power.. function powers.. etc. Plus OP didn't even draw the smilies himself.
  24. Issue is being worked on externally. A forum thread is no longer needed for this issue. May a moderator or volunteer please lock this thread?
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