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  1. Whoopsies, I'm just really bad at reading, lol. Yeah, sloom is right, it's still hat#hg!
  2. Should be corrected soon. No, but a lot of the phrases were extremely inconvenient for the translators to translate (I think they were talking about masculine and feminine agreements).
  3. Angelo

    How's this?

    Not my style at all; however it looks good! Better than I could do, lol.
  4. I eat it like 1-2 times a week. I love Wingstop too much!
  5. Some promoted chat. No idea what the name was though. All I remember is that it was a radio chat.
  6. Thanks to all hosts and those who donated xats/powers/rewards. See you in Trivia...
  7. Here's a few more from my vacation to Alabama
  8. Congratulations to @XeR. He was added recently.
  9. Maybe we could change the name to (DRS) instead of (deliveredread), lol.
  10. Angelo

    EP Addon

    Diamond pawn confirmed?
  11. Angelo


    Nice potato in milk, Matt. Just kidding LOL. Nice stuff dude.
  12. I currently have 1 cat. I think it'd be pretty cool to own a chinchilla.
  13. Angelo

    430 RUBY

    Here is a gif, if you prefer that.
  14. Congratulations. Continue to do good work.
  15. It's been noted. All wiki users were warned to change their passwords. Every user was also logged out of the forum, and are advised to change their passwords. I went ahead and changed my e-mail, xat, and social media passwords. Old news, but thanks for the heads-up!
  16. Angelo

    Ruby power

    Mobile store says 100,000 xats
  17. Angelo

    430 RUBY

    Change it back to (jewel) and allow hex code customization for any color. Blacklist the actual hexcodes for staff, celebrity, xat. If a user decides to use a hexcode similar to black or cyan, the risk is on them.
  18. Please read this thread for more information:
  19. It's being changed to prevent embed being abused.
  20. Angelo

    Ruby power

    So ruby is just turning into a pawn/name power? Cool.
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