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  1. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, mi nunc aliquam urna. Vivamus consectetuer urna sollicitudin, nec quam egestas aliquet odio, corrupti tempor sed eget cras sodales. Leo sodales nibh odio, fermentum elit congue convallis, molestie risus pretium cum consectetuer lorem, vestibulum pellentesque sed felis.
  2. Smiley | Power Chef - Thanksgiving Harvest - Fall Summerphoto - Summerland Goth7 - Gothic Prop - Costumes StickYMCA - Free Smiley
  3. Big thanks to everyone who came out and made the 4th of July Trade party as much fun as it was! Thanks for Bryan and Mony for hosting, thanks to Vale for allowing it to happen, and thanks for Melanie for being a sweet DJ! Took away a total of 9300 9300 that @Unity isn't getting.
  4. I call this one: Jigglypuff as seen from above. Created by me, Angelo, (18500000), on the chat iAngelo. It took me approximately 7 minutes. (Please no judge.. I have a really unsteady hand lol) http://i.imgur.com/BYXvOWK.png
  5. I'll give you 31 xats for 1522997740
  6. I don't really like donuts but for some reason I like the idea of this power.
  7. 12ms 51.7mbps down 5.59mbps up
  8. I could see a few reasons why a person would want to hide their powers: People beg for your powers People insult you due to your lack of powers or abundance of powers People try to steal your powers. You can use (nopc), (nopm), (nofollow), and (show) to prevent all the aforementioned situations, or find a new chat to go to. I don't think it would be that useful.
  9. Please open up a ticket under the department of Account Block. You do not need to be a paid user to open a ticket here. Make sure the subject is 5+ words. If for any reason you are unable to open a ticket, please Private Message a volunteer and kindly ask them to open one for you. In the private message, include your registered name, identification number, reason for opening a ticket, and whether or not you are a paid user. Also briefly describe why you were unable to open a ticket. Good luck!
  10. Congratulations! Parabéns!
  11. Oops My bad I might've glanced over that and thought it was one question.. heehee. Guess you were right, Mano!
  12. Both ideas make me want to gag.. but.. I'd choose the rotten cheese. I could probably put it with some crackers or bread and make it somewhat bearable. Would you rather never hear music ever again, or go the rest of your life always hearing music?
  13. Advertise was last edited on 11 January 2017, at 01:38 by Crow. Edit summary: Saturn capitalised. Angelo (18500000) P.S: Crow, I thought you were good with grammar! Obviously... it should be capitalized! Just kidding.
  14. Angelo


    I think Roberto just wants some more PNGs
  15. Angelo

    442 Neon

    All done, thanks.
  16. Angelo

    442 Neon

    Which one? There are three.
  17. I like this idea, it seems pretty original and could lead to some cool customizations.
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