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  1. Angelo

    Wiki superhalloween

    Changed Status to Fixed Changed Priority to Priority: Trivial
  2. Angelo

    Wiki superhalloween

    For future reference, please open a wiki edit request, not a bug. Thanks though, we will get on fixing this ASAP.
  3. Angelo

    Active and Creative

    Yeah, sorry, I don’t think we should make a forum title for “Creative” users. There’s no solid and concrete way to gauge how “Creative” someone is, so it’d end up with users arguing about whether or not someone else deserves the title.
  4. Angelo

    Safety Topic

    I want to add that some suspicious users have been creating fake xat wiki pages, mostly a fake version of the “ xat.wiki/Volunteers “ page. Please always ensure you’re visiting the correct wiki page, not a fake one. They’ve been adding themselves to the list to make themselves look like a true volunteer. If in doubt if the page is real or not, check forum.xat.com/staff. Our forum administrators always keep this updated. Either that, or you can contact the xat help chat (xat.com/help) to see if that user is a true volunteer. Thanks.
  5. Angelo

    User app and game suggestions

    To be fair, isn’t the current version of chess SUPER broken? You can move the pieces anywhere you want, with no rules in place. Agreed
  6. I've updated the OP with the dates and times for each language's event time. We hope to see everyone there! There will be huge prizes for every community!
  7. Angelo

    Locked Out !

    The OP now has a ticket opened. Therefore, the question in this topic has been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  8. Angelo

    521 PIGGY

    Yeah, more than likely. Junior can specify if necessary but otherwise I’d say just open a bug under the Powers section in the Bug Tracker and let them know the typo exists. Make sure it’s filed under the “Trivial” category.
  9. Angelo

    [Merged] Double Wedding

    So, something like these ideas?:
  10. Angelo

    demostrar que eres un humano codigo captcha

    Hola, Necesitamos más información para ayudarle: ¿Su IP es dinámica? Cuando se produce este problema, ¿se utiliza una VPN?
  11. Angelo


  12. hello    help   me   please!

    1. Crow




      What do you need help with?

    2. Crow


      We'll handle this in a PM

  13. Angelo

    The Million Dollar Question

    Did you mean the $1M question? I always thought it was a nice touch, although never understood why thousands (K) were never involved. Chat (1000) --> Chat (1K) In my opinion in makes the ID a bit more unique.

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