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  1. Please help

    Hello, You will need to make a ticket under the department of "Account block". To do so, click on the link I provided and click on "Open New Ticket". Please tell the volunteers what error you're receiving, along with the fact that you'd like to resolve this error. When you make a ticket under the department of Account Block, you DO NOT need to be logged in, and you DO NOT need to be a paid user. If you're logged out, just input the e-mail address of the account that is receiving E55. However, if you want to be logged in, that's fine too. As I mentioned before, you do not need to be a paid user. Just make sure that the subject of your ticket is 5 or more words, and that the message of the ticket is in English. It should produce no errors if done correctly. Good luck! If you need any further help, just ask here. I can reply back to you ASAP.
  2. 11 days unanswered

    Hey R3DDS, Please try to understand that the Volunteers are people too. They have their own lives to tend to and cannot spend their entire day answering tickets. Your ticket is not being ignored. In fact, there are several other users with the exact same issue as you. Some may have made tickets before you, some after. The point is, you need to remain patient. In order for your issue to be adequately solved, it requires time and focus from the volunteers. Also keep in mind that opening a forum thread will not cause a volunteer to answer your ticket. While it is okay to ask why you've been put on hold for 11 days, you must remember to remain patient. You will be e-mailed when your ticket is answered. Good luck!
  3. (?) button on HTML5 chat

    Considering there are over a dozen languages spoken on xat, this is a really bad idea. It would cause the website and chatbox to look really crowded. By having one link that redirects to the appropriate help/trade, it saves xat from having to implement a seperate button for each language.
  4. help me reserved

    If you are trying to create a new chat group and it tells you that the group name is reserved, you will need to come up with a different name for the chat group. Some chat names are reserved by xat. This is sometimes done to prevent users from trying to create their own "official chats" (such as chats with the words xat, help, official, etc. in the name). Other times the names are reserved for security reasons, such as foul language. Either way, if your chat idea, "Hukum", is reserved, you will need to come up with a new name. Sorry about that.
  5. The room is not visible in the group

    So even though your chat language is set to Bosnian, it's not appearing under the Bosnian chat groups? Have you tried resetting the chat and/or setting the language to something else and then setting it back? Is your chat delisted?
  6. The room is not visible in the group

    We would love to help you with your issue, but as Stif mentioned, we are going to need more information. Are you wondering why your chat isn't appearing on xat.com? Are you asking why it doesn't appear on any search engines? Or are you asking why you're unable to promote your chat room?
  7. A-Z of Pokémon


    angelo 18500000
  9. A-Z of Pokémon

  10. 455 SILENTBAN

    Maybe to disable the power from being used by staff (to prevent abuse on registered users) but to allow a Fexbot to ban raidbots silently without flooding the chat I don't know. Just throwing ideas out there.
  11. 455 SILENTBAN

    They don't see that they get moved to the banpool unless they refresh the chat
  12. 455 SILENTBAN

    Lafleur wants to be able to edit the amount of hours you can mute Lafleur wants to be able to edit who can mute (allowing mods to mute, perhaps) Maverick wants to be able to edit who is able to SEE a silentban in the chat, aka who performed the action. (Mods, owners, mains, etc) Solange wants to be able to edit who is able to BE banned by a silentban (Unregistered guests, registered guests, etc) Solance wants to be able to edit whether or not Silentban can be used in a chat or not (enable/disable feature)
  13. Error inicio de sesión dentro de sitio web

    Recientemente parece haber un problema en la incrustacion de chats. Pienso que es porque recientemente xat ha cambiado a HTTPS. Puedes entrar en un xat normal? i.e: xat.com/Lobby o xat.com/xat_test Si no puedes conectarte, ¿has intentado utilizar un nuevo browser? Como dijo Angy, borra todas las cookies y vuelve a intentar conectarte de nuevo. Si puedes conectarte, puedes visitar el chat en xat.com en lugar de un sitio web diferente.
  14. Ideas and Discussions

    I'm going to try to put it in a more pleasant manner If xat5 were to revert back to the monthly main system, I'm sure that anyone working on the html5 client/mobile/exploits etc. etc. etc. who needed a rank to test (I know I've seen alternate accounts of LaFleur's or Sloom's being used) would be given it once they explain their rationale behind their testing. I do remember it being done quite a few times, and there really is no harm done if the user is trusted. And I see no reason why having a monthly main system would interrupt any testing in progress!