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    The links have been fixed. Private message me for a faster response whenever something goes wrong. Dropbox deactivated the links sometime, and I'm not sure when or why.
  2. I wish it surprised me that this thread is full of people who insist that this isn't a major issue and that no action should be taken.
  3. I wish it surprised me that this thread is full of people who insist that this isn't a major issue and that no action should be taken. (Ugh, "moderates") Step 1: Identify as many offenders as possible (using Communism's original catfish method), and build a list. Do nothing with this list until it is "large enough." Step 2: Ban the users from the list from the site. (optional further action) Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the remaining offenders (who may need a few days to figure out how to evade the ban) until satisfied. Step 4: Delete Flirt. Step 5: Establish a chat (ex. "Dating") with moderators.
  4. Inner: Alternative: Sky Smileys Alternative: Mixed Smileys Alternative: Slanted Text (original smileys) Major Alternative: Blue Alternative: Blue with Slanted Text (other alternatives available on demand) Button colors: #E96D13 (muted orange) #FF800A (orange) #53C7EE (sky blue) #1B52DF (blue) #AA33BC (purple) Outer: Alternative: Starry Sky Major Alternative: Blue Pastebin of all the outers' CSS. See a preview here, which works best in Chrome (due to Flash issues in other browsers).
  5. This is a minor modification of Ethan's outer.
  6. Can you just answer the question instead of pretending to be more important than you are?
  7. What chats do you moderate? I'm just curious.
  8. Navith

    Free Templates

    You can download Photoshop CS2 for free
  9. nostored will not store old messages, exactly like the 'Don't store chat messages' option.
  10. Resources encompass tutorials. Galleries encompass feedback requests. Splitting the forum into 2 (let's not even imagine how much worse 4 would be) inactive subforums is a horrible idea. It will not increase activity.
  11. A megathread with links to (essentially) every thread? Sounds an awful lot like a subforum.
  12. I didn't even know this was stickied.
  13. All of our threads got unstickied: Free https://forum.xat.com/topic/72-free/ Free Templates https://forum.xat.com/topic/253-free-templates/ Nicebits' Stuff https://forum.xat.com/topic/1124-nicebits-stuff/ Please fix.
  14. Your outer needs to be 2560*1440 px. (Or larger if it's not a ridiculous size)
  15. Why was this the best solution instead of validating the URL in the src?
  16. I had no involvement in this thread and I'm still embarrassed.
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