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  1. Mine was Mynewcaralex, my name on everything was Mynewcar, then when I came on I met Alex on a chat called NewHelp, that was my first chat, we became great friends and I registered my first reg name, Mynewcar was too short. So I added Alex. Then when Darren released short names I purchased Mynewcar, ever since then I’ve had the short name.
  2. Matthew

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    I don’t know why xat doesn’t create their own image host and have volunteers/contributors to approve/remove images
  3. Interview me, I have interesting history on xat
  4. I’m back ;)

  5. Well. After 2 years banned. I’m now back! hey guysssssss
  6. Happy and blessed bday (hug)

  7. Happy Birthday! 

  8. Happy Birthday! @Matthew

  9. HBD! 

  10. Happy  Birthday @Matthew

  11. happy birthday @Matthew(smirk)

  12. happy birthday matthew

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