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  1. 3 years today since I lost you Alfie lee!


    daddy loves you :*

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Matthew


      @6, it's my son that I lost 3 years ago and thank you @crow

    3. SlOom


      Sorry for you, Matt. :( 

    4. 6


      Ah sorry to hear that, Matthew.

  2. Why wasn't a (meme) power created yet?

    Awe gabbie looks so cute! When did you take this selfie? on another note; this power or similar would be great
  3. Suggest Hats

    -support- i like this idea
  4. Your Zodiac Sign?

  5. What's your favorite number?

    Not 143? @Tina
  6. Bugs..

    It was working fine the past couple of days I use the smiley regular.
  7. Bugs..

    So today I've found a big with the :| Smiley, when signed in and out it turns to (cool) smiley. http://prntscr.com/ag7ujt http://prntscr.com/ag7urz This only occurs in the Main Chat.
  8. New power Namewarp

    I agree with @SlOom. We do have enough name powers on xat. However it would be rather nice to set your own font on your end of the screen so it doesn't effect any other users. It could be a decent feature
  9. Secrets of the one above

    @CLassified3's fact is wrong
  10. Secrets of the one above

    @CLassified3 secretly loves kebabs more than chicken