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  1. I wonder who will win the debate tonight..... 

    1. Angelo


      it'll be a draw

  2. Dead Week next week. Wish me luck. (Finals next week). 


    After I'm going to Maui :d  

    1. Lyn


      There it's life after finals. (hug)

  3. What are your favorite songs? 

    1. Lemona


      Dangerous Woman, Be Alright, Into you, Greedy, Let me love you, Leave me lonely, Sometimes, Touch it, Side to Side, Everyday. Basically all of Ariana's new album Dangerous Woman.

      But, I do like other songs. But those are my favourite right now. 

    2. Jenna


       ^ was about the say the same thing girl :$ 

  4. Why do I always get headaches around this time of year? Is it because school is almost over? 

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    2. TinkerDoodle


      ^ That or you'll miss school so much your head is begging you to stay :$ 

    3. CLassified3


      Could be stress... I don't know. It's happened for 4 years. 

    4. Defiance


      I'd get that checked out. Maybe you have anxiety or a tumor?

  5. Remember to take all facts of an argument before stating an opinion. If you don't have all the facts, maybe your opinion can change. 

  6. If everyone from a chat were to meet up, do you know who would be who? 

  7. Audi Q5 3.0 TDI Diesel, Mercedes GLC, Infinity Qx60, or Mazda CX5? 

  8. America is doomed. 1776-2016

  9. Friday the 13th. Is today good luck or bad luck.. 

    1. Crow


      For you bad luck, for everyone else good luck. Yeesssssss.x0vcdc.gif

    2. LaFleur


      Good luck for me! Was withdrawing money from a cashpoint and entered 30€, it gave me 50€. WTF? x0vcdc.gif

  10. If you judge before getting to know a person, you won't really know much about them. Before you judge, be sure to take a good look at them and think what you want, but you know that it won't  most likely be true. 

    1. Crow


      Does your brain hurt when you write these? 8-) mine does

    2. CLassified3


      Nope it doesn't 

    3. Lyn
  11. Just because you rush to get an achievement doesn't mean you will learn everything you are supposed to. 

  12. What's for dinner? 

    1. Lyn


      uhm...fish :)

    2. Crow


      Eat fish and chips, you must. Hmmmmmm. x0vcdc.gif

  13. If you could have any car, what car would it be? 

    1. Lyn


      Lamborghini Aventador, it's good to dream. :(

  14. Hmm.. What to do when bored? 

  15. Hmm... How to ask crush out?



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    2. CLassified3


      Do people need relationships? In my opinion, sometimes you don't. I am in good health, and I am not depressed...

    3. Elie


      You need some form of relationship.


      Acquaintances at least.

    4. CLassified3


      Have Acquaintances. Have friends that are males. Have friends that are females. Good enough.

  16. Is it your or you're

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    2. CLassified3
    3. EC20102


      English teacher ftw ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    4. CLassified3


      ... Delete system 32 


  17. Oh, rain in california on friday.. that's a first. Why's it soo warm here :(

  18. What pokemon would you want to be? 



    I would want to be:


    Latios, Jolteon, Mewtwo

  19. If I could turn myself and others into Pokemon and if I could turn them back I would. If I could give certain people the ability I would. 


    Would you?

  20. 2k more xats for namecolor.....

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    2. CLassified3


      yep i can. and im not buying from reselling. I am also getting namegrad soon ....

    3. Crow


      Put one of those donation things in your status. 8000/10000.


      Seems to be the fashionable thing to do these days... (tired)

    4. CLassified3


      eh possibly 

  21. How do you trade? 

    I have tried selling at reasonable prices but no one seems to want to buy them.... Want to save up for purple...


    What prices should I put on the following: 







    Xattrade in a nutshell: 




    Ty ;)


    Noty :o 


    1. Crow


      You're better at trading than I am! I don't even buy the new powers anymore, and have no idea what the prices are, sorry! You could type in the power name on the search bar, and see what other people are selling/buying for. That's what I usually do. :p


      And yep, you nailed it, haha! Here's a good one that I saw the other week: http://prntscr.com/alt7sl. Not sure if he's being sarcastic or not... (ugh)

    2. CLassified3
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