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  1. Hand sanitizer can be used to get sap off of cars
  2. Find a job, save up to buy a car. relax, xat...
  3. Maybe because you were playing town of salem... hehe
  4. Why did I fall asleep at 2 am last night
  5. you can KIK me the thing, ill see if it was
  6. Just see if it was suggested first before you post if -- IF you post it
  7. @Tamer this is a game where the last person who posts wins.
  8. Become a scientist and transport all of my pokemon to the real world. OH WHOOPS WRONG THREAD WELL I GUESS THAT COUNTS AS A JOB? Working for consumer reports.
  9. Good morning for me now Not you
  10. Or they could just release the already finished ones and the admins could work on games or gamebans or something more interesting.
  11. Dogs Big Dogs Little Dogs Small Dogs Big Dogs Anime Dogs Labrador Retrievers, ect He has taken some of our feedback, but not all of our feedback. I do like that he has taken some of our suggestions to mind though.
  12. Did you add macros or anything to it?
  13. IF there is a next pawn.. What if it would be put like winner. If you get the quiz right you get a pawn for 100-5k.. If the quiz wouldn't break
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