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  1. I wonder who will win the debate tonight..... 

    1. Angelo


      it'll be a draw

  2. IOS Version 1.5.9. On mobile, I was able to slide Paul's and Minerva's names on private chat to the right and left due to their powers in their name, and certain icons. (Just their names being so large on my screen I guess). Edit: Tried to paste, didn't let me. Had to click "chats" and click the chat again. Same with italic text, and bold text. (Hold down your finger on the text box, it should say 'paste'. After you click paste it says "Italic, bold". Doesn't let you paste after typing italic text/bold text) Magnification glass can't be moved. Edit2: Magnification glass works fine now. Reported another issue to Maverick.
  3. CLassified3

    Yes or No

    Not really, although it can be startling sometimes if you're not expecting it. Have you ever played with Leogs?
  4. Well, looks like we're right on track with this game.
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