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  1. I hope this is Easter related enough....
  2. Thanks for hosting<3 Congrats Jhon and GBlitz!
  3. Um...? Wrong section? This is for contests and events and I don't see a contest here.
  4. Could do like Twitter has too. When it's their birthday, balloons float down on the users profile.
  5. This would hurt my eyes. If everyone had this with different warps then help..
  6. We have the power away to show that you're afk. If you want to appear to people who are boring then just don't reply? Or use nopc
  7. Oh I see. My legs are useless so I'm definitely more of a puncher. Thanks <3
  8. Easter. I like chocolate.
  9. Also, did you really need the text that big? It's just hard to read
  10. This isn't needed. If someone is speaking another language, you open the translator. As Lemona said, if it automatically translated it, it would translate English into English which would just spam the chat.
  11. "Sometimes quiet is violent." "Wake up, you need to make money. (Yo)" -Twenty One Pilots
  12. Ayers Rock in Australia to go stargazing. It's so beautiful as there's no light pollution so the sky is perfectly clear<3
  13. People who think that they'll get grades without any work. People who don't work. People who think they're better than everyone else when they're really not. People in general. Gum, slow walkers, distance, wearing glasses and headphones at the same time, children pushing each other around and into me... I could go on for a long time.
  14. Don't really have a hobby but during the summer I'm hoping to try out new things. I like badminton and tennis so maybe I'll get some lessons on that otherwise karate or taekwondo. Idk the difference but I guess I'll look into it...
  15. But look how happy it looks while dancing.. <3
  16. To be able to teleport to my boyfriends house without having to spend half my day in a car.
  18. Those pair of socks that grandma gives you. Socks.
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