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  1. If there is some sort of score at the end or some kind of way to judge, then yes you can do single player suggested games. (As long as they don't cost money)
  2. Perfect amount of time, so thanks for that. Reserved.
  3. Poop was an April Fools to begin with, it was kind of obvious that it wasn't going to stay in stores & possibly change to something else.
  4. I dunno if this will work at all but good luck regardless.
  5. We'll announce this weeks games soon.
  6. Second post after maintenance lol!! 

  7. Agreed, we need 100 before I'm fully satisfied.
  8. Also, if you have some games to suggest for the future, leave a comment below!
  9. These all look great so far. You have around 2 more hours to enter so good luck to those who do! This contest has ended, winners are known and will be announced soon.
  10. Gamerace Tourney did not end up working out today, so currently we are playing just regular gamebot games. As for next week we will have these games: SATURDAY, MARCH 26 The game filled with murder, deception, lying and mob hysteria "Town of Salem" will be featured on this day. We will have people go on a website that will be provided when the contest starts, there everyone will be put into a party. The mode will be "Custom". The roles will be chosen by the host. We will be doing only 1 round of this game. If things manage to go swell we might do a 2nd round. As for
  11. Candy Crush started not too long ago!
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