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  1. I don't fully get the rational for users to have more than 9,000 days. 9,000 is equivalent to more than 24 years and 6 months of subscription while xat chat itself has been alive for less than 15 years (let alone the day when days were introduced). Even if you giveout all of your days to 100 different users, each of them would have more than 2 years of subscription time... Individuals definitely do not need more than that, besides competing at who's the wealthier in days. I understand why it can be an issue for bot providers but given the current userbase, I
  2. The group could not cope with all the discussions at the time and the consensus was that contributors were dealing with too sensitive topics. It was a nice run with you and a nice experience overall but yes, enough is enough.
  3. Thanks for opening this thread, this will be the ideal occasion to get this clearer for most users. If you traded a power for your xats, the power should NOT be removed. If it is, reply back to the ticket and say you traded the power for xats. It was most likely not seen. However, if you buy stolen powers or stolen xats with real money, then all of it can be removed, even if you weren't the scammer. The reason for this is that xat does NOT support reselling. If you buy xats from another user (unknown source), it is at your own risks, if they are stolen, they'll be given
  4. I hopefully did not keep all the promotions I've had on official chats Thumbs up to Sergio for his promotion on xat_test the month I was main! :D Here's two screenshots I've kept, that were lately sent by my old friend Ulquiorra/Kou, who's sadely now dead. The first one was on my old popular anime chat: https://prnt.sc/h92hpy He modified the screenshot to prank another user but this was clearly visible! Here's another one when I was Commerce's main owner (the French Trade chat): https://prnt.sc/h92f78 I was messing up with him
  5. Thanks for the clarification but perhaps it would have been interested to better communicate this information. No one was made aware of what was allowed and what was not and the wiki was never updated accordingly. For security reasons, we have always been told only swf radio files could be approved, until now.
  6. Even though I would like to congratulate you because you've done an excellent job, aren't you supposed not to upload something else than radio swf? Was an exception made for you by xatRadio while approving your file?
  7. First: @xPaulo for his second entry. Second: @MagicDesing Third: @Ethan Shizuo has computer issues at the moment and will eventually contact the winner for a resize, regarding Ethan's wise remark. You can come at xat.com/Chat to claim your prize!! Thanks everyone for participating, results were very close and you all did a great job, even if you couldn't reach top 3!
  8. Thank you all for your entries. We will now decide which are the winners. We will come back later this week to announce the winners, stay tunned!
  9. Sydno

    complain about ban

    As I told you through private message, I didn't have time to review this. Making a forum post was maybe not necessary. You were banned for being disrespectful and making drama on the chat - which is a fair ban reason. I do support my staff on this instance. Nonetheless, you were banned for 6h, that was nearly 5h ago so you should be unbanned in around 1h. Hopefully, this helps you now! Thanks for still coming on Chat.
  10. All prizes were given. Thanks for the contest and thanks to the contestants! Congratulations again to the winners. This thread will now be locked.
  11. Sydno


    That's brilliant! Do you have any animation skills? Are you able to reproduce your drawing skills on a computer? I would love to see these smilies designed
  12. It may be sold if unused for 90 days, that's the current rule. We just don't enforce it out of respect for the users who bought a shortname.
  13. I can confirm I am holding the prize. Good luck to every contestant!
  14. Sydno


    This is an interesting initiative, let's see how this goes. To be fully honest, such an idea has already been discussed in the past. It was never implemented officially for the following reasons: 1) The users that contribute the most to xat are already recognized often by being a contributor, a volunteer, or having official positions within official chats or on the wiki. 2) The users choosing are most likely biased either by lack of information or because they have their own preferences, friends. 3) Ultimately, besides creating a fanbase around a very happy fe
  15. Sydno

    Stop the days

    I think xat system is confusing on that matter because we are able to sell days, which are supposed to be solely a subscription feature. I mean, no one would ever suggest to Netflix to have a "stop" feature that allows you to temporarily not be able to watch your favorite shows because you're in holidays in exchange of a discount in your bill. That's the exact same for days on xat. Having 10 days means you are subscribed for 10 days, whether you use your subscription time or not. If you don't want to lose days, sell them before you go on a hiatus, this is th
  16. Is it possible not to take a door? I don't regret anything and don't want to revive my past. However, I don't think 15 years of my life is worth $50M. That's a lot but I can't afford to lose 15 years. I also doubt I would be able to use it all after anyway.
  17. I can confirm I am holding the prize.
  18. Sydno

    Error in name

    The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  19. 291214 Isn't it supposed to be 7+ digits only, though?
  20. Its not just a boy, its Megaman son!!! (Plus we have Aprincess and other girly stuff too)
  21. Hello everyone, In this last day of 2018, I wanted to make a quick recap of what happened this year on xat, to pay tribute to the ones who left us, to the new active members of the community and to everyone else who keeps using xat on a regular basis. First of all, many of us have been saddened by the loss of old friends this year, or in the past 2 years, more than we used to be ever before. We are not forgetting them and we will not forget them. xat is a big community and, despite all the criticisms, a thankful and a generous one. Despite all our differences, xat gathe
  22. Congratulations guys, well deserved! Glad to have you both aboard
  23. Hello, Sadly in your case, the short name transfer feature is a paid feature, meaning that only paid users can request for their sort name to be transferred. There is no bypass to this and if you absolutely need your name to be transferred, then you need to be a paid user (having bought at least the $5 package on the buy page). Please note that if you are considered a paid user on one account, then open the ticket with the corresponding account and we will handle the transfer. For any further information, please send me a private message.
  24. Merry Christmas everyone! My fiancee bought me a Nintendo Switch 😍
  25. Very nice interview, it was interesting to read!!
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