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  1. Collateral directed by Michael Mann in 2004. This is not the funniest film I've ever seen but it is a very good one. Technically speaking, M.Mann did awesome things in this one!
  2. Unfortunately everyone is not on the forum! I don't think volunteers will get more bothered with an on-chat identification. There is plenty of ways to know if a volunteer is online, and many users who are bothering already know who are the volunteers which means that with or without you it they would be bothered. Am I missing something ?
  3. Lang is my favourite. Using it is truly a way to customize your chat experience! It requires creativity, imagination... Don't you think Kpeng is cute too ??
  4. Does Robot Unicorn Attack count ? Shadow of the Mordor was cool!
  5. International chats are pretty cool (Chat <3)! Though my favourite chat is the first chat I discovered. It's now inactive but that was the place to be for french people!
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