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  1. Thanks for your comment. I agree. I plan to make a new thread for each new person so it is clear who you are asking questions too. Once an interview is published, I will merge threads together, recreate a new thread for the next interviewee and so on. PS: Question noted Everyone, thank you again for all of your questions (the 500 xats incentive was much more useful than I thought ). I have decided to close questions for now, otherwise I will not be able to reply to everything. I will answer them and post it on xat.chat blog on Sunday, I will also announce the winner of the 500 xats as well as the next interviewee. So far only a few names were suggested for next. You have until Sunday to suggest other users.
  2. Yes but make sure to edit your first message to include all the questions. If there are too many, we may only pick 1!
  3. Thank you all for your questions! To make it more appealing, I have decided to offer 500 xats to my favorite question and I plan to offer 500 xats at every ATA interview for the interviewee's favorite question. So if you would like to win 500 xats, just ask me anything (cool) If there are enough questions, I will answer them on Sunday and annonce the next interviewee. You can still suggest the next interviewee and ask me any question!
  4. I have decided to publish a new type of interview where the entire community is the interviewer. Basically, this is "AMA" format. AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. Hopefully, this will not just be about me, so here it is: Ask Them Anything. If you like the idea, you can suggest someone. If they are picked, you can ask them any question you'd like. The only limit is what the interviewee will answer (and of course forum rules and terms). Other than that, there is no taboo. The idea is to get the opinion of someone over something, it can be related to xat but it can also be anything else like they're favourite book and why, their best memory, or tips on how to become this or that. Don't filter yourself when asking something, the interviewees will do that by themselves Every weeks the following will happen: 1) An interviewee will be picked 2) You will ask them questions 3) You will suggest someone to be interviewed next For the first week, I will be answering your questions. So feel free to ask me anything! And to suggest who the next interviewee will be! This is community based so we're expecting a lot from you :D PS: Volunteers, Contributors, etc, everyone is allowed to ask questions PS2: You can ask questions below!
  5. As long as the customer is aware of the price before the designer gets started, it should be fine. If you are too expensive, no one will buy. It's not like powers that you could stack to increase its price, it's an unlimited ressource.
  6. I am bumping this thread because I genuinely think this is a good idea. There's two additional points/ideas I would like to discuss. Based on quantitative marketing, xat could be able to target users with special store promotions, similar to gacha games. You would receive a web notification that grants you a bonus if you decide to purchase xats within 1h. For example, purchasing a $40 package (6000 xats and 360 days) would come up with, for example, an additional Blueman power (~10% bonus), but only if you decide to make a purchase 1h after you received the notification. This would not be seasonal but rather based on your propension to pay, or proportional to the time you spend on chat rooms. The more you stay, the bigger is the probability of having this type of promotion. It would reward active users with a lower cost. The other idea would be to add a "Support" package that costs $10 a month, similar to a premium feature. You would get: - 31 days at the begining of every month ; - every power released within the month (besides epic powers); - permanent paid status ; - 12h of free promotion for your chat every month ; - a special chat recognition (small xat planet in place of the subscriber/registered star). If you pay for 12 months, you could get a discount as well, e.g $100 for subscribing to this package for an entire year (instead of 12 times $10). Or instead you would get a discount on all other packages purchased within the year. A weekly/monthly newsfeed could also be made and sent to users subscribing to the package. Special events hosted by xat could be organized were only these users could attend. There's tons of unique perks xat could add to thank users who support them by paying this $10-monthly package, you could suggest more below. I am pretty sure many users would be willing to pay $10 a month just to make sure they get the new power and enough days without going to trading chats. The 12h free promotion could also help you starting off your chat.
  7. Sydno

    Co-main ownership

    I'm not sure whether it was already suggested (I am sure it was because it's an extremely popular idea) but yes, this is a good idea. For now on, you can use manage power if you want to demote a main owner without resetting the chat. You can backup all your users, manually change the rank of the main owner you would like to demote, and restore the updated file in the edits. Eventually, managing main owners specifically should be implemented in HTML5.
  8. france bonjour GIF Greetings sydno 

    1. Sydno


      Guten morgen Mino :D


      Thank you

  9. Would anyone like to see some sort of AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread on forum or xat.chat?


    Pick someone and ask them anything, at the end of the week, the chosen one replies to everything. Can be any question.

    1. Stif


      Seems fun. :p

    2. Vevrok


      looks fun.

    3. theFlower



  10. Happy birthday Bryan!

    1. Bryan


      Thank you!!!

  11. Sydno

    589 FACE

    30 eyes, 30 mouths, 6 other, makes it 5400 combinations (including dummy ones such as cry2.cry2.cry2). Considering mouths and other are optional, that's another additional 900 and 30 combinations So if you include everything including the dummy, I count 6330. Hypothesis : You cannot have other if mouth is not filled in.
  12. Agreed with the previous replies, this is not a gain of time for us and this can't reasonably be added. On a side note, there are no important delays at the time. Most departments are entirely handled on a daily basis. You may wait up to a week in some special circumstances that require a delay (scam reports for example). If your ticket is in xAdmin and you experience delay, please note volunteers cannot help with that. You will need to wait for an Admin move, which can take up to two weeks depending on their schedule.
  13. As a neutral spectator and past host for this type of contest, I would like to remind contestants that quality is more important than quantity and that rather than fighting for a text font or color or style, they should aim to meet all the contest requirements. Reports should be made in private to the host. Last but not least, good luck to everyone, I hope some other designers try their chances. Nota bene: my comment does not require to be replied to.
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