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Status Updates posted by Sydno

  1. Have a good Christmas eve everyone!


    Buon Natale, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noël, Mutlu Noeller, Feliz Natal, Craciun Fericit!!!

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    2. David


      mery crisis

    3. Angelo


      Feliz Navidad, LT!

    4. Kaul


       Christmas Eve Smile GIF


                  Mutlu Noeller

  2. Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes.


    In a time of lockdown, not being able to fully celebrate a birthday can be hard; but in that loneliness, you were all here to cheer me up and to wish me hapiness for the next year.


    I sincerely hope you all will be able to fulfil your dreams later on. Thanks again, you all are the reason why xat is an awesome community!

  3. For anyone who recently contacted me in private and did not get a reply yet, sorry.


    I have had a rough week. I will do my best to reply asap to all of you.

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    2. Angelo
    3. Sydno


      Appreciate everyone (hug)

    4. theFlower


       i love you bad brother :p    miss u (blowkiss)

  4. Would anyone like to see some sort of AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread on forum or xat.chat?


    Pick someone and ask them anything, at the end of the week, the chosen one replies to everything. Can be any question.

  5. Happy birthday Bryan!

    1. Bryan


      Thank you!!!

  6. Thank you everyone for wishing me a happy birthday!


    I really appreciate all of your messages :p 

    1. Exin


      Happy Birthday  bro (hug)


    2. Calvin


      Happy b day syd sorry for the delay.

  7. I feel like those people quitting xat and coming back 2 weeks later but... Internet is back home!


    Feel free to PM me for anything related to the OST! :)

    1. Mystic


      yeah I know what you mean! In my early days of xat, I used to take a lot of small breaks and come back. I can understand why you would feel that way since you can't have proper connection at your home for a while.

  8. I have internet connection issues at the moment. I will not be able to access the ticket system for a few days - please contact another volunteer if you need a ticket to be opened.


    I will still be able to answer your forum PM and guide you, however.

    1. Mystic


      That's alright Sydno! thanks for telling us and hope it gets resolved. It's great you can still use forum to still help us if needed. I really hope your connection gets fixed soon and you can be able to access the system again. I know I have dealt with connection problems before and it's always quite a hassle to handle.

  9. Kou, Ulquiorra, Saïd. You're the first user I met on xat. We were both discovering this on an anime website, on Ratus13, in 2011. We became friends, I trusted you a lot, more than everyone else on this website. I knew you had that brain tumor but you fought pretty well. You first lost your memory, but managed to recover after a year... I promised you we'd meet one day, I promised you you'd be fine and able to focus on the future... I feel so sad about the times I told you I was too busy to talk... Good bye Saïd, you were my best friend here.

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    2. miaa


      I’m sorry for your loss, Sydno and Myow and his family/friends :'( you have gained an angel to watch over you 🙏🏽

    3. Guest


      ty @miaa i aprocciate your words . its big loss :(  

    4. JamesON


      Sincerly condoleances for ur lost 

  10. Bon anniversaire ! ;) 

    1. SLOom


      Merci Sydno ! ;) 

  11. Happy birthday, Dimple! You are the most generous and loyal user I know on xat. I wish the best to you and all your family (hug) 

    1. Dimple


      Ayieeee love ur message😘

      thank u @Sydno

  12. Sydno

    Happy Birthday Stifler!

    1. Stif


      Thank you Sydno!

  13. I wanted to thank you all personally but you posted so many status updates I can't find them all! Thank you very much, everyone. I promise I will do my best! And this starts today! 

    1. Bau


      I want to make a joke, you are lazy to write, because you found all the posts to like! (hippo)
      You´re welcome! Congratulations again xD! :p(hug) 

    2. Blacky


      You're welcome, Syd! Congratulations again (hug)


    3. Brabo


      Congrats :d

  14. I wish a Happy New Year to everyone! Hope you'll all fulfill your dreams and be in a good health! :d 

  15. Time to wear sunglasses :d 

    1. Chelly


      Yes :$  

    2. oj


      whoa welcome to the party

  16. Sydno

    Bon anniversaire ! (smirk)


    (happy birthday)



    1. Anar


      Merci mec! :p 


      (thanks dude)

  17. Happy Independence Day!

    1. JamesON


      Thank you dear , u2  4jy6KHA

    2. IDIMA


      You too<3

    3. Edit


      you too

  18. Nick and Rida are both spammed of status update, coincidence? I think not. (hello)

    1. Elie


      Well it's Rida's birthday.


      Idk why Nick is getting messages about holds lol

    2. Sydno


      Pff I was talking about romantic things, don't break our dreams :( 

    3. Elie


      Rida wouldn't date a bunny killer.

  19. I agree with the status update below.

  20. I like poop.

  21. Happy Birthday Guinho! :)

    1. Guinho


      Thank you man.

  22. Sydno

    Coucou :d

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    2. Sydno


      Il était trop vide à mon goût. Et J'avais besoin de de le faire, c'était vital. :d

    3. Jedi


      Il est sympa ce nouveau forum :p. Je ne sais pas s'il y a une version française.

    4. Sydno


      Je ne crois pas, sinon on nous en aurait parlé pour la trad ? Va voir tes messages privés sur xat, j'ai une expérimentation à faire :$

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