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  1. Sydno

    xat market is Crashing

    This did happen a lot in the past months but I can guarantee you this does not happen anymore. If you look carefully now on help chats, you won't see users complaining about the delays, which is pretty logical since the delays were terminated.
  2. Sydno

    xat market is Crashing

    After all those years, we know that for sure as well. But most of the time, still it doesn't work. There is no miracle solution and sometimes these suggestions are just never brought up to the table. I understand your position on this: "if they do not hear you, then you're not saying it enough". Sometimes we're just not listened.
  3. Sydno

    xat market is Crashing

    You answered it yourself: Last time we brougt up the suggestion of a "function" power was in February 2017. It was implemented in early 2018. Other suggestions were left out and/or ignored.
  4. Sydno

    Biggest phobia?

    I wouldn't call it a phobia - because I don't think I have an actual phobia - but I'm very regularly doing some weird dreams that freak me out. First of all, I have sleep paralysis which often leads me to see shapes of people sitting on my bed and staring at me during the night while I can't move, or moving around... I'm somehow used to it but that's awful. Then, there's this weird dream where an airplane crashes on my house. It's very regular. Sometimes it's me when I'm a kid and the airplane crashes on my grand-parents house. Sometimes it crashes on my mother home, sometimes it crashes on my flat. It's a kind of phobia because I'm starting to be afraid of taking an airplane. I just feel/have nightmares of people screaming around in a flight and then crashing on my house, before a long silence and where the landscape is completely destroyed.
  5. hello , my account in blocked with the error (55) can you guys please help me with this ?

    1. Bau


      Hello kelvindominguez - E55 - Account was deleted. (Open a ticket.)

      The account has been deleted for breaking the xat Terms of Service. A ticket will need to be created under Help Topic "Account Block" using the email associated with the account to have this error solved.

      OR System problem (55): Your account is held indefinitely. Blocks all outgoing trades and transfers.

      ticket must be created under "Account Block" Help Topic to solve this error.

    2. kelvindominguez


      i understand , the problem is that i have 2 old ticket of 2016 and it does not let you send a new one  , i need someone to delete then.

      i also asked for help on the old tickets but they do not respond

    3. Stif


      Excuse me, are you getting E55 while attempting to login or system problem (55) while attempting to trade/transfer?

  6. Sydno

    xat.chat Blog

    Today's interviewee is... @Angelo! https://xat.chat/xat-angelo/ @Solange made the interview! She'll be making fireside interviews alongside Bella!
  7. Sydno

    Compliment the person above you!

    @miaa is my bffl and one of the best person I met on xat this year!!!
  8. Sydno

    I’m not able to create a ticket.

    A ticket was opened for the user as he could not open one for unknown reasons. For future references, follow the instructions given by Samuel. The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  9. Sydno

    Only volunteer or Admin answer me

    Are you experiencing yourself this 'unfairness'? If so, please tell us on what account/ID you are experiencing it. This is what Andre asked. If you did not experience it yourself but have heard other users complaining about it, I would suggest you to tell them to send us a private message with their ID/account. Sorry if it is not a satisfying answer, but there isn't much we can do. These decisions are taken on a case by case basis.
  10. Sydno

    Power: Dailyspin

    Correct me if I'm wrong but in CS:GO crates, everyone is betting a weapon or money and the winner takes it all? This is gambling and is not legal in UK. In this suggestion, you would buy a power to access to a spin that gives you free rewards regularly. There is no gamble, you buy something and you regularly win something. There's no loosers, no bets, no risks, hence why it is not gambling and should be totally legal.
  11. Sydno

    Power: Dailyspin

    I really like this idea! Although, how is it worth for xat if you can win at least a day everyday? This sounds like an eternal subscription feature that would only cost 1,000 - 1,500 xats. I suggest the spin is daily but you only get rewarded once in a week. Or the spin is weekly if you have been online every single day in the week. This would allow loyal users to be rewarded and would balance the rewards. Even this way, rewards are too high. On average, you win 63.8 xats per spin, i.e almost 5 days. It's a lot, even weekly. If the average is 50 xats a week, then it looks more balanced. Supposing you are active every single day, then you win 2,600 on average in a year. This is not negligible. There is also a problem with multiple accounts, this would easily be abused.
  12. Sure not. None of us did that. I have my own idea on who did, and I think you know well about it. I think Glitch knows too. You're lucky to have common interests. Social if an official chat, its purpose is to be an ENGLISH lobby. Allowing another language not only is against promo rules but also defeats the purpose of Social chat itself. Not to mention that most Spanish user base is either on Noticias, or on Chat already. You are just allowing Spanish users who already spent most of their time on English chats to speak their own language, i.e. that is exactly the same user base and you are not uniting anything. Nonetheless, whatever happened with past staff members, what was done has just achieved to divide the comunity a bit more... Not sure you hit the target correctly. There is a reason why we have rules in this world. If I want to do something does not mean it is good to do it and that I have to do it. This is exactly why law exists. The freedom of one stops where the freedom of others begin. On the short-run, of course users would enjoy flaming, making fun and cussing. On the long-run, I question the ability of such rules to "welcome" new users. Social and Chat are the first chats new users see when they enter xat website. Do you really think it gives a good image to allow cussing? I do not call it professionalism. Although I admit you're listening to my feeback and trying to find an equilibrium. Once again, we've discussed plenty of times in private, Mike. I'm not trying to make plans to destroy your goals. Just be fully honest and act accordingly. If you do mistakes, we all do, admit you did them and fix it, don't imply it is others fault. Also keep in mind that the best way to be accepted as who you are is to act positively, fully.
  13. Sydno

    Win Namegrad and Namecolor

    Sydno (220711)
  14. Sydno

    xat.chat Blog

    I bet you did not see that coming. Fireside interviews are back! @6 has interviewed Luca on https://xat.chat/xat-luca/ Fireside interviews will now be focused on volunteers and contributors while short interviewees can be anyone! : ) Enjoy!
  15. Sydno

    508 SLIMEFX

    Come on, you already posted this meme! For the yellow, something melting and bouncing/exploding of slime would be terrible, disgusting but awesome.

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