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  1. Spoiler

    hello bro Sydno am I in good health ..?

    Yes, I do not have the opportunity to buy power, do I like it very much, but I could not, did you help me with any example?


  2. Reselling is not encouraged by xat although xat does have a list of recommended resellers for users to avoid being scammed. Keep in mind you always do it at your own risks. I don't think a special pawn or indication is needed on chats for resellers. If they want to prove their faith, they can show the wiki article to their customers. Whether they can sell or buy on official chats is up to chat managers only. Regarding the volunteer indication on chat, I am personally against. It gives us too much attention than needed and will most likely not reduce the scams at all, fo
  3. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who participated, we have had a LOT of entries of good quality and it was hard to decide! It was sooo hard to decide that exceptionally, the prize pool was increased again and we have added a 6th place! Here are the final results: 1st - @RobFerrari- 10,000 xats 2nd - @Ethan - 6,000 xats 3rd - @Toxic - 3,500 xats 4nd - @Nathy - 2,250 xats 5th - @Aliss - 1,250 xats 6th - @Guinho - 750 xats
  4. Entries are locked. We will do our best to select the winners within a few days!
  5. Entries will be locked in approximately 30h! Be sure to enter before the deadline.
  6. Thanks to Dimple, 4th and 5th place were added. You still have 16 days to enter!
  7. Sydno

    xat bank

    Don't worry, this is where I come! I'm working in banking risks as a statistician, specialized in credit risks. First off, thank you for your idea. For a long time I was thinking of something similar but I never went ahead. I am therefore glad to help you improving your idea with more banking insights. Before anything, I would like to remind that implementing this idea on xat would be very hard technically and may never be high enough in a priority list for it to be added, but I do 100% support this idea. In the example you gave, I think the user needs to borrow 100,000
  8. Sydno

    xat bank

    Before I go in an in-depth analysis, I have a quick question. Is the guarantee amount computed with capital + interests or just capital? How do you define the interest rate? What's a consistent maturity for this type of lending? One week, one month, more? Or no maturity and the user keeps the lended power as long as he has money to cover the costs ?
  9. please take into account that I am not guilty and that you are under control and to get rid of the trade because I am banned forever https://prnt.sc/10fwlrh

  10. General Information: Help is hosting a background contest. There is no particular event involved but you are allowed to use a special theme in your background (eg Easter). Details and Guidelines: Both an inner background and outer background must be provided. A matching button color must be provided. Don't make colors too dark / too bright or hurtful to eyes. Background must be publicly posted in comments. Be creative, but if you don't make a themed background, try using blue colors mainly. Prize pool: The total prize pool is +22,000 x
  11. you are my bro :$foreverChocolate Choco GIF by Ritter Sport

  12. is hard to find you online :c @Sydno

    1. ALEX


      He is with her married @TheYaguito (rolleyes) reserved?!?!

    2. Sydno


      Ahah yes


      I will try to be online this weekend for the prizes of my contest

    3. TheYaguito


      hahaha okk XDD

  13. With a day late, I have finally read all the letters. I am so glad you participated to the event and helped sharing some love up to Valentine's Day, because this is what Chat is all about, bringing communities together in a warmly and loving environnent. To share a little secret of mine many of you already know, I met my wife on xat, almost 10 years ago. This one of the reason why I feel I owe a lot to xat. I am glad to see I am not the only one for whom xat has actually changed real life. That being said, I was particularly moved by @Jev message, who theref
  14. Here are the results! 1st: @Fons 8,000 xats 2nd: @DonQuijote 5,000 xats 3rd: @RobFerrari 4,000 xats 4th: @Aliss 2,000 xats Everyone who participated will receive 500 xats! Thanks everyone, we have had a lot of great chat backgrounds! PM me on chats (Trade, Chat or Help) or on forum to set up a time for meeting to receive your prize.
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