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  1. Sydno

    Contest #14: Win the NAMEGRAD power!

    Sydno (220711)
  2. France is the new champion, congrats sydno (applause)

    1. Sydno



  3. Alexa's ranking is not correct. Not sure how they found this but I'm 100% sure there aren't 5.4% of xat users coming from France.
  4. Probably Turkey, Hungary or Romania. These communities have the most active chats. Brazil and Spanish countries have a lot of active users too.
  5. Sydno

    Ayuda - Changes

    Hello everyone, I usually do not make public announcements but today is important for the Spanish community. As you may have noticed, all the communities aren't equal on xat. Some communities are decreasing, others are increasing and we are everyday trying to assist users the best we can, through the ticket support and through helping chats. The benefits of a helping chat is that users can be assisted in their own language, by other native speakers who are helping us daily and who are not expecting any reward. Your help is greatly appreciated. It was recently decided that Ayuda's main owner will change. Before explaining more, I wanted to thank @Deyvid for the work he has accomplished on the chat. Thank you for keeping the chat up and for doing your best. I wish you the best for your future on and off xat. It was also decided that I will manage Ayuda temporarily. I will also be assisted by Cupim. Even though I am not a native Spanish speaker, I have decent skills and I will be able to discuss in Spanish, therefore to manage the chat properly. The idea is to keep the chat under a volunteer's control and to train a new main owner in the upcoming months. I come prepared and I have a plan of action. First of all, the chat will be reset on Saturday. Current owners will be made moderators and other chat members ranks will be decided on a case-by-case basis depending on their last month activity. Ayuda current owners have been told about it first. One may disagree or find it unfair but Ayuda needs to change and I want to give new opportunities to new people. Current chat members will easily be able to re-earn their rank if they are active, I'm sure, and others users will also be able to show their dedication. Last but not least, I'm inviting any Spanish speaker to come on Ayuda. If you think you have a decent knowledge of xat, come and help us, if you would like to learn more or if you need help with xat, come and be helped! We want Ayuda to be more active and we want it to be a place of discussion! Thank you for reading this. Even though Ayuda has not been as much active as in the past, it is an important part of xat. Users like Joombly and Wiki played a huge role there and the Spanish community is important to us.
  6. Sydno

    Users upgrade

    I sometimes want to switch profile and start using other colors, pawns. But then I realize I would need to enable/disable quite a few powers and I'm too lazy for that. This would be perfect! A simple click and you're done! This is a modern feature. Where would the information be stored though? On xat databases? Currently, I think it's on your local storage and your "new users" vanish whenever you clear some internet data (unless it was changed).
  7. Sydno

    502 ESMILE

    I've noticed a few, not sure you were told. 1) (smile) test - won't work whenever text is added after the (smile), yet test (smile) will work 2) (smile) (smile) (smile) - only the last (smile) will be replaced if you post multiple ones By design?

    hello could you help me with a doubt?

    1. Sydno


      Sure, ask me.


      If you feel this should remain confident, then send me a Private Message.

  9. Sydno

    Update resellers list

    Admin regularly update the resellers' list depending on who's reliable enough. Please note that only a very few users can be considered to be listed there. Nonetheless, reSELLers are meant to sell xats first and foremost. Reselling includes, of course, buying xats from users but this isn't a requirement (some of them buy xats directly from xat). You should always remember when buying xats that you may never be able to sell them back. xats are a virtual currency and reselling is not encouraged. That said, I do not think that adding someone able to buy xats from users at any time will ever be put on the table. Thank you for your feedback, however.
  10. I feel like those people quitting xat and coming back 2 weeks later but... Internet is back home!


    Feel free to PM me for anything related to the OST! :)

    1. myow


      (maniac)if i quite xat no one will remember me . 

    2. Mystic


      yeah I know what you mean! In my early days of xat, I used to take a lot of small breaks and come back. I can understand why you would feel that way since you can't have proper connection at your home for a while.

  11. Sydno

    Myers–Briggs Type Indicator

    I've taken the online test and had a MBTI course with a specialist a few months later. Got the same results so I feel confident saying I'm an INTJ! Also I suggest everyone to look deeper into the MBTI stuff, that's not only about those 4 letters and you may learn a lot about yourself! (Also do not let the results build you, be who you are and analyze the result; do not try to behave differently than what you are just to fit the results, the test can be wrong!)
  12. I have internet connection issues at the moment. I will not be able to access the ticket system for a few days - please contact another volunteer if you need a ticket to be opened.


    I will still be able to answer your forum PM and guide you, however.

    1. Mystic


      That's alright Sydno! thanks for telling us and hope it gets resolved. It's great you can still use forum to still help us if needed. I really hope your connection gets fixed soon and you can be able to access the system again. I know I have dealt with connection problems before and it's always quite a hassle to handle.

    2. zed




      u best volunteer 

    3. myow


      my connection is bad too :s

  13. Sydno

    The King of the Forum

    I protect the Dukedom.
  14. Sydno

    The King of the Forum

    I am the Duke of the forum. Please protect the Dukedom! @Angelo @LaFleur @Cupim @Mystic @Stif @Lemona @HelperNate @Brand @miaa @Thuk

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