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  1. Happy day to waste money(victory)

    1. Sydno


      Happy Valentine's day to you too! (smirk) 

  2. It may be sold if unused for 90 days, that's the current rule. We just don't enforce it out of respect for the users who bought a shortname.
  3. I can confirm I am holding the prize. Good luck to every contestant!
  4. Sydno


    This is an interesting initiative, let's see how this goes. To be fully honest, such an idea has already been discussed in the past. It was never implemented officially for the following reasons: 1) The users that contribute the most to xat are already recognized often by being a contributor, a volunteer, or having official positions within official chats or on the wiki. 2) The users choosing are most likely biased either by lack of information or because they have their own preferences, friends. 3) Ultimately, besides creating a fanbase around a very happy few, it contributes to nothing but potential drama and envy. Good luck for going through these points maxo! I can't wait to see who's your first pick!
  5. Sydno

    Stop the days

    I think xat system is confusing on that matter because we are able to sell days, which are supposed to be solely a subscription feature. I mean, no one would ever suggest to Netflix to have a "stop" feature that allows you to temporarily not be able to watch your favorite shows because you're in holidays in exchange of a discount in your bill. That's the exact same for days on xat. Having 10 days means you are subscribed for 10 days, whether you use your subscription time or not. If you don't want to lose days, sell them before you go on a hiatus, this is the best way to "freeze" your subscription time.
  6. Is it possible not to take a door? I don't regret anything and don't want to revive my past. However, I don't think 15 years of my life is worth $50M. That's a lot but I can't afford to lose 15 years. I also doubt I would be able to use it all after anyway.
  7. I can confirm I am holding the prize.
  8. Sydno

    Error in name

    The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  9. 291214 Isn't it supposed to be 7+ digits only, though?
  10. Its not just a boy, its Megaman son!!! (Plus we have Aprincess and other girly stuff too)
  11. Hello everyone, In this last day of 2018, I wanted to make a quick recap of what happened this year on xat, to pay tribute to the ones who left us, to the new active members of the community and to everyone else who keeps using xat on a regular basis. First of all, many of us have been saddened by the loss of old friends this year, or in the past 2 years, more than we used to be ever before. We are not forgetting them and we will not forget them. xat is a big community and, despite all the criticisms, a thankful and a generous one. Despite all our differences, xat gathers ourselves together. I am pretty sure that whoever you were to meet in real life, you would look at them differently if you knew they were using xat. This is to say, we will always be here to support everyone in a loss or a difficult event. On a brighter note, 2018 has been a year of change within xat. The new HTLM5 browser version was released and is now in use by default on embedded chats and on the website. This is not perfect yet, we get that. However, Admins have been doing a fantastic job at keeping the old vibes that kept all of us here for years and modernizing the design. They have been able to move forward thanks to a dedicated technical (and volunteering) team that we should all thank for their hard work. In 2018, delays were also terminated. A very few and specific cases may still be delayed due to being complicated to handle or to investigate, however, most tickets get a reply within 3 days and are completely solved within 2 weeks. Truly, we are doing our best to keep it clean and we should be doing good in 2019. Side note, you may be experiencing a few unusual delays this week due to the holidays, the end year celebrations and some internal changes. Now, this gets a bit more personal. When I was added to the volunteer OST team in January 2018, there was a huge lack of trust in the volunteers. We were called corrupted, biased and often threatened privately (just for being in the group). This was most likely due (but is not excusable) to delays and to communication mistakes. I am extremely happy to see this has changed within the past 12 months. Actually, and this is worth noting down, it is very hard communicating what we do, and why we do so to you all. Most of these are meant to be private, including our internal way of working. We are often seen either as lazy folks who spend their time chilling on chats, either as hard-working nerds who spend their life answering tickets. Hopefully, we have all found an equilibrium, it's neither. 2018 has been a turnover year for the team. Many experienced volunteers left the team or stepped down from their chat positions for personal reasons, I am thinking of Brandon, Kyle, Muffins, Rida, and Vale. Meanwhile, new dedicated users joined the team. We tried our best and will continue to do so in the upcoming year. Last but not least, the contributors' team has also changed a lot. We all heard your criticisms and we tried making it more diverse, in a good way (i.e not adding people from small communities for the sake of diversity). I do believe we now have a vocal and diverse group. We don't have much to discuss, as you may see on the monthly logs, but we are open to suggestions so feel free to give us some feedback to discuss! I may have forgotten a few points I wanted to raise, but I would rather have this message honest than overly worked and edited. When replying back, please make sure you are not instigating drama. I want this post to be positive because now is the time to celebrate what we have done in 2018, to thank everyone for still being here. Happy New Year everyone!
  12. Congratulations guys, well deserved! Glad to have you both aboard
  13. Hello, Sadly in your case, the short name transfer feature is a paid feature, meaning that only paid users can request for their sort name to be transferred. There is no bypass to this and if you absolutely need your name to be transferred, then you need to be a paid user (having bought at least the $5 package on the buy page). Please note that if you are considered a paid user on one account, then open the ticket with the corresponding account and we will handle the transfer. For any further information, please send me a private message.
  14. Merry Christmas everyone! My fiancee bought me a Nintendo Switch 😍
  15. Merry Christmas, Sydno. Have a great time with you family and friends!! Also thanks for being a good friend <3 Love you!

    1. Sydno


      Merry Christmas to you too darling!

      Have fun with your family and thank you for being here since the beginning :p❤️

    2. Maxo


      merry christmas @Sydno :p and @Blossoms

    3. gladiador63


      Hello everyone, today I am here to tell you that the trade fund is very well the power and the writings look and read very well


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