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  1. Hello everyone, As you may have seen, Help manager has now changed. I will temporarily be managing it. This may last a few weeks, a few months or even longer, depending on whether a permanent manager is found. The chat was not hard-reset because stability is extremely important. However, you may consider this as a new era for Help. Owners positions were reset for now and everyone will be given a chance. The point is that, if you have spare time and are willing to help other users, you are welcome. If you want to spend time on Help and learn about xat and its
  2. The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  3. Hello Valstein, If what you say is true, then it is considered fraud. Could you send me the details of the report on forum message? I will check them in the upcoming days. I will now be closing this thread and marking it resolved, thank you.
  4. For anyone who recently contacted me in private and did not get a reply yet, sorry.


    I have had a rough week. I will do my best to reply asap to all of you.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Angelo
    3. Sydno


      Appreciate everyone (hug)

    4. theFlower


       i love you bad brother :p    miss u (blowkiss)

  5. Hi Syndo,


    I've been trying to send a ticket, however it is not letting me do so for some reason. Could you please send the ticket for me? 



    1. Stif


      Which under department you need a ticket opened in?


      Please remember that to open a ticket on your own, you must be logged in, the subject of the ticket must be 5 words or more and you cannot open a ticket if you already have another ticket open.

  6. Sydno

    HTML5 Bugado

    Changed Status to Fixed Changed Device to N/A
  7. You can PM me on the forum to schedule a time for receiving the prizes.
  8. I see too many issues with this being implemented, especially on trading chats, or regarding cuss words. You could mention apps where this is possible but there are also apps where it isn't (Messenger, Twitter DM, Snapchat) so Skype and Discord having it isn't much of an actual reason to do it. If you think you may feel discomfort about making typos (this is just a typo come on) then read your message thrice before sending it?
  9. It's called recommender system. It would be cool but it's not that easy to do, it usually involves dimension reduction, matrix factorization, markov process... And data of course, which are most likely not available.
  10. I confirm I am holding the prize!
  11. There's quite a few questions already ! Dont forget the one iSanty likes the most will get 500 xats! Keep it up, we will try and reply to all questions next week
  12. Next interviewee for the ATA interview is @iSanty, the newly added Smiley Maker! If you don't know what an ATA interview is, you may look at the main thread. In this thread, please ask anything you would like to see iSanty answer! You can also suggest who the next interviewee will be. As a reminder, iSanty's favourite question will be rewarded 500 xats PS: Once the interview is ready, this thread will be merged with the main ATA thread.
  13. Here it is: https://xat.chat/ata-sydno/ I hope you'll like it! The next interviewee will be announced on a new thread. The winner of the 500 xats is @Keiner for his second question!
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