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  1. At university, when the class is boring Mobile definitely is an improvement for xat, yet what is done is invisible for most users and people don't see it advancing. Whether it advances or not, it looks like nothing changes when nothing is communicated. Meanwhile, bugs and improvements are suggested; they may be on the admin to-do list but we have no idea of what's in it. Users don't necessarily need to be told about everything but more communication will be a huge step forward in my opinion.
  2. xat.wiki/Earth Hug preview will be added asap.
  3. I discovered xat as a tiny chat embedded on an anime website. The website had about 30k views per month yet only a few users stayed talking. I believe a lot more would have stayed if the chat was better looking. This is exactly what we need for xat!!
  4. I remember a user asking for some Help for his ticket. They were saying they opened the ticket 3 months ago and that the issue still wasn't solved. In fact, the volunteers were answering in less than 5 days for each reply and the user didn't answer for 10 weeks which obviously lead the issue unsolved for 3 months. Most of the people saying they have been waiting for more than a month, in fact, haven't answered themselves for a long time or haven't opened the ticket under the appropriate help topic. I assume everyone is aware that some departments are really delayed, yet, I don't think the whole ticket system needs to be reworked. Also remember that each volunteer do not have an access to all the departments and that almost half of them was added in the past year: only a few volunteers are able to handle the delayed departments.
  5. The wiki page is up. xat.wiki/Ribunny
  6. Hello! I guess we don't have a pick a team, if we do, I would pick Juventus Turin.
  7. I unfortunately think it wouldn't change anything. Gold currently is considered limited but its price isn't higher. Making a power limited would simply "force" people to buy the powers on Trade chat, yet they are already buying these on Trade since the prices dropped. All these powers remain epic even though their prices dropped: 17k for Purple still is a lot more expensive than the high majority of 250 xats smiley power.
  8. @Jedi did something similar years ago, it was called xatid. It didn't work for many reasons. This is something that should be developed by xat in my opinion, yet it would take lots of time!
  9. 13 27 42 Sydno (220711)
  10. senpai notice me

  11. Don't worry, Boruto is about to start... lol I've also been watching and reading Naruto when I was young. What you said about it is totally accurate... Very nice design!
  12. Even though wat smilies are well designed, I feel that they would need to be reworked in 3 dimensions for it to work. Actually, (if I understand well) yaw spin would show you the back of a smiley, which isn't designed yet, I believe...
  13. Time to wear sunglasses :d 

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