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  1. Congratulations Crow! You're the best!
  2. I would say 600 points to have something linear: 75 points from Excellent to Exceptional; 75*2 = 150 points from Exceptional to Distinguished; 150*2 = 300 points from Exceptional to Outstanding; 400 more points to reach Elite rank. We could do something even more linear from the bottom to the top but that's good enough. That's a very good improvement.
  3. Basque is not an official language in any country. It is a regional language spoken by users who speak another language at first (Spanish and French mainly). At the moment, it wouldn't make much sense to add regional or dead languages to the wiki. Moreover, I don't think there is enough basque speakers on xat to consider it having a "community". Although, it only is my opinion and maybe the others think differently on the wiki. What could be considered is translating the xat application in basque since we're looking for more than just xat current communities.
  4. Jedi meant that xat was paying to send mails. Perhaps they are not likely to pay more just to send more mails.
  5. Congratulations again!
  6. Do we really need a translation to understand Roberto? I remember having great debates with him... To be absolutely honest, I picked an interviewee but wasn't answered so far. I'm now wondering between 2 profiles and would like anyone to help me to decide. Would you rather like a wiki translator or a volunteer to be interviewed? I'm not asking for names because I already have my ideas. Although, if you would like to see another "profile" to be interviewed, feel free to suggest.
  7. I would use 100k for gifts and put 900k on a bank account. I would maybe use some to open my own company but not even sure. What's sure is that you can almost live a full life without doing anything with 1M.
  8. Congratulations @Vale! After all this years on Trade, that's good to see you as a main!
  9. What if you want to borrow borrow power?
  10. oh !! a facebook post about it!!
  11. You mean advertising a group if it hosts a special event? I highly doubt that would be available for any group yet the twitter xat page used to tweet for some events and I don't see why not doing it on the facebook page for official chats.
  12. Just, why??? I don't think this is absolutely a bad idea but why???
  13. Excellent suggestion. Twitch uses a similar system and that would be a real improvement for xat. Although I'm afraid you would need to use another letter than h, right now I assume /h would be taken as a hush. EDIT: Maybe the h letter isn't even an issue though.
  14. Here is the interview! Enjoy!