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  1. 2017 Christmas Chat

    Yesterday's winner is @i1Category! Today's question: What is your favourite Christmas music?
  2. 2017 Christmas Chat

    Yesterday's winner is... @T0x1c! Today's question: With who are you going to celebrate Christmas this year?
  3. 2017 Christmas Chat

    Thanks to @MisteR for his 2000 xats donation!
  4. 2017 Christmas Chat

    Yesterday's winner is... @Mighty1! Send me a private chat to claim your prize! (Adeis haven't claimed it yet) Today's question: What's your favourite Christmas power?

    Wiki is up!
  6. 2017 Christmas Chat

    Yesterday's winner is... @Adeis! You were more than yesterday so keep answering the questions, remember that the more you participate, the higher your chances are to win the special prize! Today's question is: Who do you think would be the best Santa on xat? You can answer: on the forum, by commenting on Christmas chat first page, by sending me a forum PM, telling me the answer in a private chat and so on!
  7. Pomoc Official xat

    Pomoc was redirected to Assistance in March 2017. The reason it was decided was that, regardless of the chat manager and the auto-promotion, the chat wasn't gathering enough activity and didn't have enough staff. Supposing there is a lot of people in this community, then why didn't they use Pomoc help chat before it was redirected? People already had error 55 issues in 2016-early 2017. If you are unhappy with the help provided on Assistance and think you can better help users speaking Bosnian/Croatian, then feel free to help people on Assistance! I'm sure your efforts will be recognized. At the moment, I highly doubt Pomoc will be restored.
  8. 2017 Christmas Chat

    Winner of day 1 is: @Lunala Today's question is: When was your favourite Christmas? (what year) Please comment on Christmas chat! You may also want to post the answer here since the comments are buggy on the chat! EDIT: We are late on our schedule and we may ask another question in less than 24h, however you have 24h to answer after the comment was posted.
  9. 2017 Christmas Chat

    What is your favourite Christmas movie?
  10. 2017 Christmas Chat

    It's starting! Tomorrow, I will ask you a question here and through the status of the chat. All you need is to answer the question in the comments of the chat (what is located at page 1) WITH your regname/ID. Every day, a winner will be selected and will win 500 xats! There will be 12 different winners until Christmas day which means you can only win once. However, the user who participated the most may receive a special prize so keep commenting even if you won!
  11. A hoodie, 2 CDs or a special spoon for my Sunday teas! team 85 years old
  12. 2017 Christmas Chat

    Hello everyone! As you may have noticed today, Christmas chat is back this year! Feel free to come and celebrate your Advent Calendar openings, Christmas and even New Year! We will host a few events so stay tuned here
  13. Contributor Applications?

    For years, contributors have been suggested and the group has been criticized countless times for only selecting their "friends". Even though I don't think contributors picked their "friends", I must admit that we probably missed a few interesting profiles. The reason we missed these profiles is that we're more likely to suggest people we know rather than people that we've never seen before, at equals contributions. By allowing users to apply, we'll not miss these interesting profiles and we will be able to select users we wouldn't have thought of before. Let's suppose there is a biased contributor who wants to have his friend added to the group - and I definitely think there isn't such contributor at the moment. Then, what do you think is better? Let him suggest his friend and have contributors voting, or forcing the user to apply and to answer some questions before the contributors are voting? In both cases, the user has at least the vote of their friend. However, in the second case, contributors have more information about the user. In other words, this can only be better than the current system. We've been attacked multiple times for only suggesting/selecting our "friends", and now that we want to allow everyone to apply we are being told that this is going to be worse and that we will only select our "friends". I don't really understand.
  14. Contributor Applications?

    Currently, if you know a person who you think is representing the community and deserves to be a contributor, you can suggest them. This is bias: you can only suggest the users you know and the fact you think they deserve it doesn't necessarily mean they do deserve it. If you think you contribute to xat but you don't know any of the current contributors, it's impossible to be added because there are high chances that you will never be suggested. This is the issue we are trying to fix. Both users who know current contributors and users who don't know current contributors will be treated equally. This will also prevent situations where a user thinks he contributes but doesn't know what to do to be suggested and end up participating unthoughtfully in the general discussions just to be noticed. With this system, just be normal and if you think you deserve it, you can fill in the application. Another good thing about it is that users who filled in the application may receive a personal answer: they may know what is wrong with them and what to do to improve their contributions. This is exactly why we will still vote for the new contributors. If a user says he wants to contribute yet never did it, he will be rejected. If a user has contributed for a long time on xat and we didn't notice him before, then he will be able to apply and might be accepted. As stated in the log, the general idea was just accepted. We may still have to wait a month before knowing exactly how this will work.
  15. Contributor Applications?

    I'm not willing to convince you totally, but here are a few counter-arguments about the flaws you listed. That's true, yet the contributors would still vote. The contributors will verify who the applicant is and if what he said is true. They can lie, but if they do, the chances of them being accepted are null. On the bright side, this also allows users that contributors may not have noticed before to apply. If you consider this a current bias, then it just won't change anything. Currently, a malicious contributor can suggest his random friend who's never done anything, hopefully, the other contributors will have to vote which makes it almost impossible for the friend to be added. They will be able to fill out the application, yet they will be rejected. A user who broke the terms has no chances of being accepted (besides extreme circumstances). Contributors would still be nominated. Receiving 50 applications doesn't mean we will take 10% of contributors. If no one deserves it, then no one will be added. Once again, this new system only allows us to see users we didn't notice before. In other words, we're trying to fix the "only suggest the users you know" bias. This is very different. Contributors are meant to gather ideas from the entire community which means they need to somehow represent the community and to be interested in giving inputs. Volunteers don't have to be representatives, they have to answer tickets and they have way more responsibilities than contributors (who basically only discuss a few subjects).