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  1. Sydno

    xat.chat Blog

    That's exactly what we are doing...
  2. Sydno

    xat.chat Blog

    This week interviewee is @HelperNate! Available on https://xat.chat/xat-nathan/ Thanks again @Blacky for the interview!
  3. Hey sydno, i need your help, im get E28 and i want to know why i get it. Im try to send ticket buy i have 2 tickets open right now. Can u help me ?

    1. Sydno


      I answered your PM.

  4. The prize was given! Congratulations to DonQuitote and good job everyone! You all made great backgrounds!
  5. Thanks for making up this thread! That's a very interesting one. I personally have been main owner of a very popular French chat back in 2011-2013. This lead me to meet a dozen xat users IRL! I won't list them all here but here are a few, by chronological order: Chisame & her sister: As stated previously, she is my fiancee. I met her on xat and we met IRL two years after (2013). It was near her mother's house 600km away from where I used to live. I was 16 so the trip was completely planned: I would sleep in her mother's house and stay for a week. I went by train (about 5h) and she was waiting for me when I arrived, so cute, I'll remember it forever in my life! It went pretty well overall since we were a couple for more than a year, we were both a bit shy at the start (and actually waited 2 days before a making a shy kiss on the lips) but this went all good. I also met her family - including her sister who was also using xat - and we went to the cinema together. We also visited the biggest city around. It couldn't be better and I'll keep good memories of it forever! Obviously, I'm still seeing them both more than very regularly now! Miew and ShikamaruTom: These are 2 users I also met in my chat. Miew was a good friend and ShikamaruTom was a user she knew well. The main reason we met was that she was living 20km away from my house! We went to Lyon (2nd biggest French city) in order to meet ShikamaruTom who took the train from far away, especially for the occasion - meeting other xat users in Lyon. We just spent the afternoon hanging around in a mall and talked about a few things. That was nice although we took different paths and I don't think I'll meet them ever again. Kon: Another user I met on my chat. He was studying in Lyon and my father had to go there for some professional stuff. We simply met and went to a pub in order to discuss a few things. He was a funny mate! This didn't last very long but that was cool to meet someone from xat again. Inoya: Inoya is my age and we met more recently. She went off xat for a few years but we somehow manage to meet again on another website - the French Internet is a small word, isn't it! Nonetheless, she's not living very far from where I study now. She actually had to come with a friend of her to the city I study in so we didn't miss the occasion. We ate a kebab and then went to the cinema. Everything went as expected! If I had to conclude this, I would suggest anyone not to be shy and try to meet IRL their xat/Internet friends. Beware, this doesn't meet you should meet the first stranger you see on the Internet!!! It can be disappointing or a big surprise but that's always a good experience. There still are a few people I met on xat I know I'll end up meeting IRL, most of them aren't using xat anymore, unfortunately.
  6. Sydno

    Google Authenticator

    La pregunta o preguntas en este tema han sido respondidas y una respuesta ha sido marcada. Este tema está cerrado. Si tienes cualquier otra pregunta, por favor, abre un nuevo tema.
  7. Sydno

    Google Authenticator

    Ticket opened!
  8. Sydno

    xat.chat Blog

    This week interviewee is Masha! She's a contributor but not many people know who she is, I'm sure you'll learn a lot if you read it! Available on https://xat.chat/xat-masha/!
  9. Sydno

    A suggestion for the forums

    Thanks for sharing your opinion here and thank you for trying to suggest new ideas. However, I don't share your mind on this and let me answer why. This is a fair point. However, if you feel someone else has the same main idea but you disagree with some details, then you should answer back to the first thread and describe how you would implement this yourself. This allows the community to compare the different versions and perhaps to say which is one is the best. By making another thread, you just make things more complicated at the end. If the main suggestion gets added, then the first one who suggested it will get credit. Most of the times, details are decided by Admin anyway. Keep in mind that suggesting new features/powers should not a way to be rewarded but a way to improve xat. The reason this rule was added was mainly that it actually had a negative impact. The forum maybe isn't insanely active but creating a new thread and answering back to a previous thread gathers the exact same activity. You should aim the less complex solution: if a very similar idea was suggested already, then answer back to the thread and say how you disagree and how this could be better. The more activity there is in a thread, the more chances there are for the Admin to see it.
  10. Sydno

    xat.chat Blog

    @Blacky was added as an editor on xat.chat blog! He'll make more regular and shorter interviews about xat users! As a start, we plan to interview xat Chat members but we'll eventually check other places! : ) His first interview will be posted on Saturday! Stay tuned
  11. Sydno

    Background contest for Cambio

    I can confirm I am holding the prize.
  12. I can confirm I am holding the prize. Good luck to everyone! Also please remember unthoughtful posts such as "good luck" or "do your best" are not allowed!
  13. Sydno


    May the fourth be with you for xat watch.
  14. Sydno

    April Staff Meeting

    2am to 7am is night time and there usually is Masha and Nathan. Although we may miss staff on some timezones. Adding new members to the discussion list.
  15. Sydno

    April Staff Meeting

    I plan to make a staff meeting next week, perhaps on April, 6th at 8pm CEST (France time). Feel free to suggest anything you want to be discussed.