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  1. Excellent suggestion. Twitch uses a similar system and that would be a real improvement for xat. Although I'm afraid you would need to use another letter than h, right now I assume /h would be taken as a hush. EDIT: Maybe the h letter isn't even an issue though.
  2. Here is the interview! Enjoy!
  3. I tried never to be a specialist anywhere to be good in different areas. Hence I have studied a lot of different subjects. However, I can say I'm a statistics specialist!
  4. How would it work on mobile? Even though I like the idea so much, it has to be stopped by noaudie power, otherwise that would be so disturbing
  5. The next fireside interview is almost ready! The interviewee is... @Jedi ! Please by hyped! The interview will be published on Sunday.
  6. Bring back xat smilies on facebook now
  7. Congratulations Isa! Make Ayuda great again!
  8. These are translated! The french words are the same (note that Indicate became Indication)
  9. You still have more than 24h!
  10. You're missing French but you are right! Technically, the terms have already been translated in different languages. Maybe it will directly be linked to each languages!
  11. thanks to you
  12. (ostrich) power with (ostangry) (ostrun) (ostredface) (ostcry) (ostglare) (osteat) (ostswt) (osthead) (ostheart) (ostwave)
  13. That would be more diverse in my opinion. xat had developed special powers to add new animations for divorcing and marrying and it could be interesting having a power (or even a normal feature) to be differently linked to another user. Some users also maybe use BFF because they don't have a better choice and would use a Sibling link instead if that was developed.
  14. Buenos días, Acceder a la app mobile de xat es possible y gratis. Puedes leer para consiguelo en el App Store o en el Play Store. Ya no te necesitas el power (mobilebeta), es una beta pública.
  15. I don't think anyone would bother editing the comment of someone else to correct him just because the other was the first one willing to help. Why would volunteers do it? This isn't a training place for new people willing to help... I've also read a guideline would help, how is setting up a new guideline (which requires more moderation from volunteers) is easier than simply learning from facts at a users side?