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  1. Don't worry, Boruto is about to start... lol I've also been watching and reading Naruto when I was young. What you said about it is totally accurate... Very nice design!
  2. Even though wat smilies are well designed, I feel that they would need to be reworked in 3 dimensions for it to work. Actually, (if I understand well) yaw spin would show you the back of a smiley, which isn't designed yet, I believe...
  3. Where to start... The graph isn't updated every week or month for obvious reasons. In the past months, the wiki wasn't much translated in pt-br, however, it still is 81% translated (+ 6% of outdated strings that simply need a small revision). By the way, is this still worth telling the wiki translators are doing it voluntarily? It takes a lot of time and not everyone can spend their days translating (especially when 100% of the current Brazilian translators are xat volunteers). As for the applications, we received one recently. The user picked "Other" as language and wrote Brazilian-Portuguese. Reviewing a translation and picking a new translator also takes time. Concerning the typos, I can assure you everyone would make some after doing 5000 strings of translation. Instead of pointing out there are mistakes, suggest us how to fix them. Also do not ever say the wiki translators are incompetent, they spend a lot of time translating xat in other languages and all do their best. EDIT: For the 'half' translated pages, some strings were simply invalidated due to the original version being updated. In other words, they were translated before but the translation tools display the original version until it is translated again (or simply revised).
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  7. I just checked and the Portuguese answers are displayed
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  10. Ravenclaw, definitively!
  11. 17-9 = 8 You had 8 years old when you discovered xat?! Since you like writing, would you show us some stories?
  12. @Admin
  13. Currently there is no way to embed twitter stuff on xat. This is, however, a good suggestion. xat could easily made a BBlike code for embedding tweets with the page name and the ID of the tweet, yet I wonder how to make BBlike codes for entire pages and timelines.
  14. Ideas Bugs/Fixes: -Fixing offline pawns (EveryPower) - (hat#hEx) instead of (hat#Ehx) for emerald pawns. (EveryPower) Improvements -Exclusive kiss, hug and/or gift (Ruby) -The Ruby's name effect to be more optimized or sparkly as it looks too similar to nameflag (Ruby) -Make Emerald silver/platinum (Everypower) -A custom code that allows emerald shapes to bedazzle in your name, while allowing the name itself keep its original text and color.