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  1. 2048, what a game (2048, game... am I funny...)
  2. Received, thanks Chelly for hosting this contest! I hope @Mark's rap becomes a meme
  3. This is shorter than it was supposed to be but I started writing it too late. Regardless of the contest, I may continue this little story, especially if people find it interesting PS: Don't kill me if it isn't fun at all and lacks imagination -------------------------------------------------- History Guide of xat Kingdom Years ago, in the cosmos of Internet, primal tribes based on languages were all unified in a kingdom located on the xana alpha teta universe, better known as the xat universe. There, planets were gathered in galaxies; portals were made to list all the planets of a galaxy: each galaxy has its own language. The xat King called those planets "chats". Anyone can freely fill in a form to the kingdom administration in order to settle down their own chat. They only have to be a xat citizen, which is granted by being 14 years old and by respecting the general terms of the kingdom, which are available at the bottom of every planet. Some planets are directly under the xat administration. The king and his ministers may appoint any citizen they trust to rule a planet. Those are called the official planets, they are owned by the king yet maintained by honored citizens titled Barons. The so-called Barons although have to enforce specific rules printed by the World Indispensable Knowledgeable Intercessors and approved by the ministers. Miles away from these polished planets, some are free of any rules. They usually are colonized either by pirates or citizens willing to be free from anything. Most of the planets were colonized by citizens just willing to calmly live their life. The History of our universe starts with the history of our almighty King. Not only a person he is but an entity made of three. His cosmos reunification happened on the 1996th year of the old calendar, better known as -10 of the xat calendar. From 2, 3 and 7, they went to a unique 42: the trinity force that maintains our universe. Before creating the kingdom, they pictured it and show their capacities to the other in the cosmos. 10 years later, the xat universe was launched and people coming from the whole cosmos decided to stay here. Most of us living now even born in the universe. Year Zero. The first ever planet was colonized by 42 themselves to welcome new guests, it is called Lobby. Mike, one of the current minister, was one of the first to settle down, landing into illusion. The rumor has it that guests needed a place to marry in order to start a family and required the King to create Flirt. This is not historically proven yet. Nowadays, many citizens are still looking for love on Flirt, the only official planet without a Baron, without rules. Written by a member of the World Indispensable Knowledgeable Intercessors.
  4. Those are listed as Flix!
  5. Can wiki editors participate? Just kidding, good luck to everyone participating and thanks Bella and dimplef for hosting this! Hope you'll all check the wiki more often
  6. This is an admin made page, we should avoid promoting fun gossips related to users in my opinion. xat facts would be fine if they are serious and not related to users directly. I'm kinda afraid we don't have enough xat facts to publish every week for a year, though
  7. Thiem is definitely a beast, though. If he does the same for the semi-final, he may actually win against Nadal; I wouldn't be surprised Thiem becomes the new world best tennis player in a few years. Still happy I had Djokovic, still my favorite player <3
  8. The contest ended 2 months ago and we currently are looking for more content to publish on the page. We thought that would be cool to ask you about it! We currently post on the page: - new powers - reminders of old powers - xat news (technical changes that affect users) - special promotions (new owners of official chats, forum mods, wiki editors, volunteers) Ideally, we would like, at least, another weekly concept. Suggest anything you would like to be added to the page! And if you haven't liked it yet, here's the link: xat facebook
  9. Best players are most likely to win, obviously, it works the same in every single sport! Yet, I wouldn't be that sure for Djokovic or Murray. Nadal is incredibly strong this year and Thiem is a beast as well. We can also be surprised, Raonic is already out yet was considered the fifth best player!
  10. Playing the game expression simply meant that designers should actually participate to the chat and not refuse to get in. It was a positive comment.
  11. Good luck reviving it! Really hope it works and everyone plays the game
  12. Of all time or it needs to be a current player? I would say Marco Verratti. He's definitely not a striker but he's carrying so much on the midfield!
  13. Just to be sure I understand how it works, the first line means LUNALA has Cilic as a player? Good luck everyone anyway!
  14. It's also on French national TV for free.
  15. Sydno (220711)