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  1. Chat survey

    Besides a few individual cases, all the moderators answered the survey as well as some members. For consistency reasons, 2 answers have been removed. The survey was made to gather more opinions than usual about the Chat management. We also received a few suggestions that will allow us to update our future plans. Part I: General satisfaction 71% of the surveyed users spend more than 1h a day on the chat which makes this survey significative. On average, the surveyed users enjoy being on chat at an 8.8/10 level. These figures show that an important part of the staff is very dedicated to the chat and enjoy spending their time here. The general satisfaction of the chat management is 8.1/10 on average, even though the minimum answer was 1/10. Without this statistically extreme value, the general satisfaction would have been similar to the first 8.8 figure. We're free to say that, globally, the chat management is as appreciated as the chat atmosphere. Part II: Staff satisfaction The staff was surveyed on 3 items: efficiency, professionalism, and activity both for moderators and (main) owners. Since only members of the staff were asked at the moment, these results can be biased. 1) Moderators On the 3 items related to the moderators, the minimum answer was 1/5. These are, once again, statistically extreme values so I'll present both the results with it and without it in parenthesis. On average, the efficiency was given a 3.9 (4.1), the professionalism was given a 4.1 (4.3) and the activity was given a 3.6 (3.8). The general satisfaction for the moderators is 3.9 (4.1) on average. This shows us the staff is globally happy about the moderators' team, especially about their professionalism. However, the moderators could be more active while being on the chat. 2) (Main) Owners On the 3 items related to the (main) owners, the minimum answer was also 1/5. On average, the efficiency and the professionalism were given a 4.4 (4.7), and the activity was given a 4.1 (4.4). The staff seems to be very happy about the (main) owners behavior on chat yet shows that we could be a little more active. The general satisfaction for the (main) owners is 4.3 (4.6). Part III: Member policy and Staff changes 1) Member policy 80% of the surveyed users are happy with our current member policy, even though we're currently in a middle situation. Member isn't a proper rank yet you need to be trusted to earn it and most of the members are tempmodded. The users who are unhappy with the current membership policy (20%) are equally divided between making it a proper rank and making every active user a member. On this matter, we will try to find a solution even though the current situation seems to be an appropriate middle. 2) Staff changes The surveyed users gave on average a 3.9 (4.3 without 2 extreme values) on the recent staff promotions/demotions. A very few user are totally unhappy with our recent staff changes yet an important majority is satisfied. This will be treated on a case by case basis. The surveyed users were also asked what moderator could be a good owner in their opinion. The results are hardly significative and I should have asked users to answer 2 different names. However, out of 10 possible choices, only 6 were chosen at the end and only 3 of them received at least 2 votes. 46% of the surveyed users voted for the same moderator. Part IV: General Suggestions 1) Improving the staff Many surveyed users answered that the moderators should pay more attention when being online and should rather go to the staffpool if they're not watching the chat properly. It was also suggested to improve the communication between the moderators. 2) Chat atmosphere & Making the chat more lively Only a few users suggested ideas. This is understandable since most of the surveyed users answered they were already happy with the Chat atmosphere. Some users stated they would like to have some games on the chat. Conclusion: Besides a few individuals, Chat and its management seem to be appreciated by its staff, which is a very positive point. From now on, moderators should also either try to pay more attention when being online, either go to the staffpool if they think they will not be able to talk/watch the chat. A few games/events will also be hosted in the upcoming weeks. The survey will now be open to every user on the chat by clicking here.
  2. Chat survey

    I've made a poll in order to survey everyone's opinion on Chat. The link will first be given to the chat staff (members included) and may then be given to anyone willing to share their opinion on Chat. For the staff, send me a message on chats to answer the poll. I'll manage to send it to everyone directly as well.
  3. Messi scored way more goals than Ronaldo this year, yet he has never been decisive during important matches. His team failed in quarter-finals of the C1, failed to win La Liga... He lost numerous matches with the Argentina while the Portugal won almost all of their matches. I'm pretty sure Ronaldo has more chances of winning le Ballon d'Or this year.
  4. hello sydno, i'm following you :$

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      Thanks Felipe, it is appreciated lol 

  5. xat.chat Blog

    Thank you very much @Elea for making a picture for the prologue! You all are invited to read the story again to admire this!
  6. xat.chat Blog

    Here it is! History Prologue
  7. What is your favorite android/iOs Game?

    Cat Evolution, New Star Football

    Sydno (220711)
  9. xat.chat Blog

    Thanks Angelo for this brilliant interview of Steven! Also thank you, everyone, for your support on the interviews; thanks to you, we are able to move on and aren't afraid to offer more content...The xat.chat team was extended and we decided to launch new series! Crow recently posted an excellent Auction Powers Guide and other articles will follow. Thus, this thread will now be used to discuss any news regarding the xat.chat blog! Whenever a new article is made, you'll be told and all the articles will be available in the first post. Thereupon, I recently received weird emails... Those emails were written in an extra-galactic language and different files were enclosed. We looked into it and found what looks like a xat history. It's time for us to translate them and to share it with everyone. Be ready for Sunday, the first of October!
  10. Chat Background Contest

    This topic is going to be locked. If you haven't claimed your prize yet, come to Chat and pc me. Besides the winners, all the users who ENTERED the contest can receive a 200 xats prize.
  11. 459 FIREFX

    It would display the image correctly, yet the smiley name isn't "fireback%23" Could Admin fix that?
  12. 459 FIREFX

    You should check, it doesn't work better! The smilies are just compressed in a 20*20 box on mundosmilies while they are completely displayed on the wiki. By the way, I've fixed the hat on the wiki. I think we cannot do more if you don't see fireback correctly

    Sydno 220711
  14. WIN FIREFX (2)

    Sydno 220711
  15. Chat Background Contest

    Once again, thank you very much for entering this contest. Even though there will only be 3 winners, we may use all the different backgrounds on Chat during the upcoming year. We used 3 criteria to decide of the best backgrounds, aestheticism first and foremost and creativity and respect of the rules to a minor extent. We tested ALL the backgrounds before judging them and it had a huge impact on the ranking. To thank you all, I've decided to give 200 xats to everyone who didn't make it to the top 3. Now, time for the results: 1st place: @Elea 2nd place: @Guppy 3rd place: @Marshall Contact me on xat.com/Chat to receive your prize. Congratulations!