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  1. Top 5 favorite anime couples

    I don't think I have a top 5... 1. Shikamaru and Temari in Naruto 2. Naruto and Hinata 3. Gajeel and Levy from Fairy Tail 4. Lelouch and Kallen in Code Geass

    Sydno (220711)
  3. 455 SILENTBAN

    No they don't, unless they refresh the chat. I believe this is fair.
  4. 455 SILENTBAN

    I assume another difference between mute and silentban is that the user is aware he's banned when he's banned silently while he isn't when he's muted. If a user was moved to the banpool after being muted, he would realize he was muted, which defeats the purpose of the power. I doubt there is anything to fix on that side.
  5. Connect The Smilies.

    I received the prize.
  6. Connect The Smilies.

    http://prntscr.com/g7vei7 Tooth - todoctor Seaside - flipflops Me - coding Songkran - tuktuk Ghostmon - gmwave Sparta - spartan2 Lunar - oranges
  7. We are hosting a background contest on Chat. REQUIREMENTS AND LIMITATIONS: You must provide both an inner and an outer background. You must provide a matching button colour. You should avoid using too much CSS. The entries have to be posted publicly in a message here. You are encouraged to, but not forced to, use the chat description and the sentence "xat's Official International Chat". The background should look like it welcomes people around the world. Obviously, don't make anything hurtful to eyes. You may, however, use any colour that you like. Be creative, and always remember Chat is an international lobby. All the backgrounds, regardless of the final result, may be used in the future. Deadline: 1st of September TOTAL CURRENT PRIZE: 10,000 xats I am the prize holder. There will be a prize for the three best backgrounds. 1st - 6,000 2nd - 2,500 3rd - 1,500 We do accept donations for now. Thank you @Lemona for donating 2,500 xats on August the 13th. Thank you @6 for donating 2,500 xats on August the 15th. Last, but not least, good luck to everyone.
  8. Co-Manager Sydno

    Thank you very much : )
  9. Dub or Sub?

    Same as Meow, some animes sound better dubbed but usually, the Japanese voices are the best making the subbed version the best. I guess it depends on the actors/language a lot... French dubbers are known not to be very energetic Here is an example:
  10. Zoro is the coolest character for sure! I also love Robin She has a unique and moving story

    Sydno (220711)
  12. Best Dragon Ball Sequel

    *SPOILERS* I liked GT and was disappointed by Super for the same reasons than Crow. GT was getting back to the roots of Dragon Ball itself before Goku was an adult. We find old enemies with Pilaf and discover there is a counterpart in over-using the dragon balls. Chasing over the universe 7 super powered ball dragons was really nice. GT also fits particularly well with Uub sequence at the end of Z, which is now a complete nonsense if we look at Super. Pan is well developed and does great things, such as a real young saiyajin. On the other hand, the GT version of Trunks was really deceitful... Where is gone this ambitious boy training with Goten and how is Goten only interested in girls and completely forget about the epic fights??? I understand this Trunk didn't have to fight during his whole life but come one... I've always liked GT, more than the popular opinion, yet I was expecting a lot from Super. I also loved the Zamasu Arc but the power scaling is insanely bad and it looks like Earth is the only single planet of the whole 7th Universe... Having Freezer in the team is pretty nice, but why couldn't they have both the new Buu AND Freezer? Moreover, I feel Super is very childish and even though they're fighting for the life of an entire universe, it looks like they do nothing more than usual. Last but not least, what will happen after the current Arc? The remaining universes will be the stronger ones and no one powerful should be able to challenge Goku and his friends. How would they find new enemies? Waiting for a new episode each week is exciting but at the end, I feel they destroyed the original series. I'll wait for the end of Dragon Ball Super to decide which one I prefer. Right now, I feel there isn't any proper sequel...
  13. Best Dragon Ball Sequel

    WARNING, IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED DRAGON BALL SUPER AND PLAN TO DO SO, THIS TOPIC MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. I'm sure many of us are following Dragon Ball Super and have been fan of Dragon Ball years ago. Dragon Ball Super was pretty hyping but also went really disappointing because of the graphism and some poor story choices. So here is a very controversial question, is Dragon Ball Super really better than Dragon Ball GT? What is your favourite Dragon Ball sequel and why?
  14. Definitely Lelouch from Code Geass. Cringe but I also like Gildartz from Fairy Tail lol
  15. Looking for leaders and moderators

    Not specially looking to moderate here but happy to share my anime experience. My favourite animes are Code Geass, Avatar the Last Airbender and Death Note. Most watched: probably the longer ones aka Dragon Ball, Naruto or One Piece. My first anime was Dragon Ball <3