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  1. On 3/15/2016 at 6:05 AM, Crow said:


    And a Mewthree (Source: uncle works at Nintendo). ;)

    Who wouldn't want this dreamy hunk of a pokémon?


    On 3/15/2016 at 12:51 PM, Communism said:

    I'm kinda with Muffins here. I don't think I could enjoy doing one type of work for the rest of my life, so my "dream job" is just to do a bunch of different things that make me happy.


    Once I graduate university, my game plan is to work as a programmer for a few years while saving a lot my income, then start to build my street cred by doing some freelance or consulting type work on the side and possibly go full-time with that for a while. Eventually I want to ditch that gig and try something completely different, like maybe teach English abroad. I'd also like to learn about agriculture and a bit of a skilled trade at some point, but I'm not sure if I could make money out of that.


    Completely agree.


    I loved the last bit of your post; there's really something empowering about the whole "do-it-yourself" ethic.

    I've always found working on cars / car repair a little fascinating and would love to put that under my belt some day even if it doesn't pay all the bills.


    I've known a few people that have done their fair share of dabbling in a little of everything the world has to offer, and they are genuinely happy people.

  2. 5 minutes ago, 6 said:

    Pokemon trainer and own all the pokemons in the world. (maniac)


    It's a true shame that the only reward you get for owning them all is a diploma :$


    I think it would be cool to execute on any big dream.

    Two years ago, in my Spanish class, we watched a video about an eco-friendly community in Costa Rica called Finca Bellavista.

    It was started by a couple that I vaguely knew through connections.


    To me, the idea of molding something like that into a sustainable future is truly amazing.


    My ideal set-up would be developing software in a comfortable setting, preferably accompanied by a tentative schedule.

    I'd love to be able to work from home, and also oversee meetings with potential customers.


    In this particular frame of reference, I can't be sure I will continue to pursue this.

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  3. 8 minutes ago, TrueRedDevil said:

    Ibiza sounds terrible; I've been to large and "popular" clubs in the south before, good luck getting in with any money in your pockets unless you are a supermodel..

    Much prefer smaller clubs or bars. But I guess thats also up to your tastes (I can imagine the music in Ibiza being far better though)


    I won't really know until I go; I've never been to any of that scale.

    They have quite a rep., and that's what sort of piqued my interest.

    Agreed, I imagine they throw down with nice tunes.

  4. @Communism

    I know... He told me how one of his friends that had gone before convinced him to do it.

    He did have to do a fair bit of scheming, but fortunately some of the amenities were provided by the hostel he stayed at.

    He came back a changed man; shaved his head bald and everything.

    (He actually did that; I still don't know why... (hmm))


    It's funny you mention that; he's going to Montreal for about a week in 2 days for our spring break.

    I completely agree with you on the long-term Canada trip.

    I've been there once in my life and was too young to appreciate it at the time.

    I'd love to go back for an extended period and see different parts and get immersed in a different culture.

  5. I've always wanted to go to Ibiza for holiday.

    It's the best of both worlds; beauty and tang.

    The clubs look crazy fun and it has some nice touristy spots.

    Sadly, I've heard the trip is an expensive move to pull off.

    Nonetheless, it's still on my bucket list.


    Alternatively, I've thought about going to Tanzania.

    My roommate went to Africa for about a month over our past winter break to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

    He spent time in a hostel and did the climb in the better part of a week.

    For the remainder of his time there, he taught African kids English, went on a safari, and visited a small neighboring island with a tour group.

    Hearing about all of the stories really sold me on the idea.

    It was very doable, and wasn't too costly.

  6. Back when I was in the competitive gaming scene, I visited sites linked on GameBattles team profiles.

    Most of these teams used the xat chat client as it was a good way to communicate and connect.

    The very first chat I visited was not a group at the time.

    As I spent more time on xat, I eventually gravitated towards Help & xatTrade from these random chats.

  7. I don't game all too much anymore, and don't have a specific favorite, but I'll list some that I like a fair amount:


    I enjoyed 'Tak and the Power of Juju' back in the day.

    It was a fun, laid-back game.


    'Mortal Kombat' is a classic also...

    It's still fun to go to arcades and play this!


    'Quake' and 'Doom' I'll joint-list as quality games.

    The campaigns of both games have a great mix of jump-scares and thrills to make them worthwhile.

    Additionally, I used to have a dedicated server for 'Quake' and I would play that with my friends after school.


    I've always enjoyed 'Call of Duty' franchise a bit; I think maybe that's just a little adrenaline junkie coming out, though. :$

    The other reason I have an affinity towards it is the social aspect; I love to listen to tunes and talk with friends while I play.

    Only get to free up the time to play over break it seems, though.


    'Pokémon' was a good chunk of my childhood.

    The game is slow, but it helped get me through a lot of car rides as a kid and cure boredom.


    'Ratchet and Clank' was tons of fun.

    I think what made it for me was the cut-scenes and awful one-liners


    Could go on more...

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