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  1. The default avatar is 150*150 pixels.

    It looks like the visible portion of the profile header used for the cover photo is 1211*200 pixels.

    (The full profile header is 1211*265 pixels)


    You could probably use that as a relative basis.

    I wouldn't worry too much about it, just keep the file size constraints in mind..


    If you look at the cover photo upload, /?do=coverPhotoUpload, max is 1MB

    For avatar upload, /photo/, max is 0.2MB


    You can always stretch and play with it.

    If you look at @ELiE's profile, for example, his current profile cover photo is 2560*1600 pixels

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  2. Nice idea!

    When I first read this, I was picturing a jolly whistle or a not-so-innocent whistle, but I like your take on it also.

    We currently have GetStrip5.php?c=S_whistle_18_18_c.png from (worldcup) power, but maybe we can rework the name or use a number for one of the emotes.

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  3. To add a little to some of these answers:


    There are a few errors / things that could be tweaked on the powers page.

    I'm fairly sure some of them have been emailed in.

    I've talked with Brandon about this before.


    I'd shy away from creating a thread on this type of issue.

    You can simply private message a volunteer if you eye something off-kilter; they can forward it to the admins if it needs fixing


    An example of this can be seen at the (kickall) entry:

    "miss used" instead of "misused"


    Re: the particular instance in the thread:

    It can probably be construed both ways mentioned.

    I agree it might be more clear to some if it were to say "Big smilies"

  4. From a reverse image search, I'm seeing something similar here:



    Re: the suggestion:

    I think it would be nice if you could give us a little more into your vision for the idea.

    I think others might have a love for this, provided the emotes get more than the standard faces / expressions slapped on them.

    This was a recent criticism on this thread


    Some ideas for possible emotes:

    Do you picture a snake basking out in the sun?

    Perhaps a snake being charmed?


    Hope that fuels you a little.


    For reference, see:




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  5. http://forum.xat.com/topic/220-potato-power/

    Something similar was suggested quasi-recently..

    Perhaps you could take it in a different direction and have different types of potatoes incorporated, if you're really into it..

    Might be better received.

    Just food for thought.


    Example: "Campfire potatoes", could be a potato dressed up like a camper with cheese and bacon on it..

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  6. To answer your first question:


    You can only purchase with PayPal once every 2 weeks.

    By private message, you told me you tried making two payments..

    I'd check and see if the first one you tried submitting was declined as well as the second..


    Check out this thread to see why your payment may have been rejected:



    If the issue persists (cannot use the option), open a ticket under the Payment Problems help topic and they can look into the issue for you.


    If you continue to get declined, consider calling PayPal, as well.

    1 (402) 935-2050


    Second question:


    From xat.com/buy page:

    "Skrill, PayPal, Credit card and phone payments are subject to a transfer reserve. PayPal payments should be to one xat id only"


    So, if you had gone with either method you mentioned, a portion of the xats would be set aside for reserve.

    It happens with non-guaranteed methods for cases of charge-back..

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  7. I agree that it would give a potential phisher a /one-up/ on the security questions if these transaction-related security questions are preserved for certain departments, but I ultimately came to the same conclusion as @Andre and lean in favor of it.

    I would hope that these transaction-related security questions wouldn't be a deciding factor if it were in any way "dicey" when deciding to authorize a change.

    As Andre mentioned, people can be forgetful with respect to transactions.. * and this particular type question should only hold a small amount of weight, IMO

    On 4/25/2016 at 11:59 AM, Jedi said:

    Can't you change those questions ? :p

    I thought @Jedi put it well; I don't think this would be such a devastating loss in the pool of security questions to cherry pick from.


    In the past, I've wanted to peek at my trade logs, and I agree with @Stah re: appeal to probability.

    There doesn't seem to be a huge vector for this..

    I think a lot of users would enjoy this addition.


    When I private messaged @Jedi he proposed a sort according to various things in the logs page:

    - amount / date / powers

    I think those should be added, along with @Stah's suggestions.



    After talking with @Elie by private message, he brought up a point that I think is worth noting:

    "You are able to find out the email through the ticket system which increases the scope of the issue."


    To put it succinctly, if a phisher is able to get control of the victim's email, the number of unknowns drop, and really that leaves only 2 other security questions (that are being used) to test on.


    21 hours ago, Elie said:

    The other two hold an even smaller amount of weight. We can't just come up with other questions. Once the phisher has access to the email and account, there are only three pieces of information they can't get. Adding this would reduce it to two, and the other two you can bull on tickets.


    This could be mitigated if old tickets were hidden from the user, which would lower the number of phishing victims with their email's known, but of course it still doesn't completely cover all bases..


    As @Jedi already mentioned, perhaps they could add another "universal" security question..

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  8. I wouldn't mind another FX power.

    Even though it's been done before, maybe adding a mutable number of streaks coming out of some of these energies might be nice, for another FX option.


    3 hours ago, LaFleur said:

    Offtopic, isn't there a option on xat, like to disable all effects of every smiley, which users with lag can activate?

    You can disable smiley animations with $sanimate=off

  9. Was thinking along the same lines as Crow.


    4 hours ago, Paya said:

    ...and it's probably a good thing that they don't. These romantic depictions of vampires shown in things like Twilight or in animes probably aren't that accurate considering vampires are pretty much walking corpses that feast on your blood and 'life essence'. Even if they were, I very much like being able to go about my day without some edgy, sparkly being waltzing around my university giving me weird looks from a distance, watching me sleep and pretending that doesn't make me want to stake them. 


    You might have a change of heart after watching "What We Do in the Shadows".

    I liked how they were portrayed in this film. :$


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  10. I think it would sort of be human hubris to think we are the only ones out there.

    I would suspect there are other biochemistries too -- not just carbon-based


    I think what @Mark mentioned was important.

    Sometimes popular culture will feed us an idea that leads us to have certain preconceived notions.

    We might think of "Little green men" or "Zeta Reticulans" as silly, but I think it's important to step back and realize the breadth of the question being posed.

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  11. Did you follow the instructions given by @Stah on your previous thread?

    I'm not sure if they were two separate concerns, but I'll address "both":


    a) If you need your token code reset:


     Open a ticket with the "Lost Auth" Help Topic using the email associated with the account that has authentication active. If you see the "username" and "password" boxes instead of the "email" box, then clear your cookies and re-visit the open a ticket page.

    **As always, make sure the subject of your ticket is 5+ words in length.

    **Make sure that the email field in the ticket UI contains the email that has auth active.

      You can test this at http://xat.com/login by trying to login with the email in the username field.


    b) If you're struggling with the security check, E64:

    Check the e-mail associated with your xat account for an e-mail from info@xat.com

    This e-mail will contain a login link with a pin attached that will verify you.

    It will look like: //xat.com/web_gear/chat/register.php?Pin=...

    All you need to do is simply login as normal using the login link given.


    If you're still having issues, reply here and screenshot if you can.

  12. On 4/3/2016 at 4:16 PM, Arthur said:

    I do support this suggestion but let's work this out:


    How about making it so users can only do fair trades (like when your account has a reserve) instead of a 5 days hold?


    When you enable the Travel Mode, you would be able to enter the amount of days you'll be away from home.

    e.g 5 days. So it'd go back to normal if you login at your home location within the 5 days. If you don't, then it'd put you in a 5 days transfer hold. 

    Strong points, Arthur; I support this to an extent.


    Despite the fact that the scale accepts a large margin of trades as fair, I think this should be considered.


    Since it crunches store values, it's not the fault of the system.

    It minimizes any potential loss (I believe ~33.33% worst case) and gives more degrees of freedom while you're out traveling.


    Here's just an example of what I mean in regards to accepting a large margin:

    (The following depicts an even, "fair" trade, i.e. balanced scale)


  13. I've done a color run before; it's really a nice experience.

    It was introduced to me through school in a way.


    You end up pretty messy by the end, but it's worth it.

    I agree with you, @6, this really captures the spirit of summer.


    Hope this gets made; you have my support (=

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