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  1. The reason I posted the way I did was to offer more views on the subject, not really for my own edification (at risk of sounding smug).



    To be clear, we haven't introduced any new restrictions. The guidance about when to award reputation is unrelated to this change. But since we're making an announcement about reputation, it was a useful place to post it.

    I would argue that it wasn't difficult to conflate the two the way it was originally worded, but understand your point. I see now that it has been adjusted.

  2. It may be useful to view this from the lens of asking ourselves why the system is being used or was set up "incorrectly". Consider the fact that we are using a one-dimensional system to capture a range of human emotions and responses.


    If we're attempting to define what merits reputation, it might be prudent to include a statement in simple terms [in addition to any abstract details] so that it's better understood and provides more coverage. That way, we may be mitigating risk of edge cases.


    It also begs the question what's really gained from policing all this and at what expense. Not sure how much bedlam is caused over all this.

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  3. The user now has a ticket open about this problem. When you receive a response, you will be emailed a link to your ticket as well as a copy of our reply.

    Be sure to utilize the link contained in the body of the email message from info@xat.com to navigate to your support request; do not reply to the email to answer security questions.


    Once and if we verify you as the original account owner, authentication will be removed for your account.

    Since this issue has been adequately addressed, I will close this topic and set a best answer.

  4. Unfortunately, you will need to continue waiting -- the issue is still being investigated; you are not being ignored. We will try to return a reply to you as soon as possible (as indicated in our last reply to you).

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. 1. 358517432 still exists.

    2. Emails are unique.


    If you need an email hint, you will want to open a ticket using an alternate account that you have full access to. The help topic that should be selected in this instance is Lost Access. In the ticket, be sure to include the username or identification number (ID) of the account you need help with. You will receive an email notice containing a link to your ticket at the email of the alternate account. It should be noted that there is a logged in requirement for this particular department. This means that you must login to said alternate account prior to attempting to open the support request, or you will be met with errors.

  6. Mihay has indicated by private message that the fixes to the outstanding bugs will be provided to the administrators soon.


    Furthermore, a reminder was sent regarding (bfled).

    If it's not done in the near future, it's likely either on the backburner or the idea was dropped.

  7. When you pay with Openbucks, you are buying a xat certificate worth the given value. They are treated like cash.

    How the funds end up with xat is a more in-depth answer, however a cursory search online should provide you with this information.


    On 5/7/2018 at 8:44 PM, Potato said:

    I thought I posted this under general discussion, if a mod will be so kind as to not close this and move it there, thanks

    Your topic was moved out of General Discussion because it was determined that it cannot lead to any productive discussion. Since this is a xat-related question or concern, it was sent to General Support (the more appropriate forum). Questions that have been adequately addressed are closed (in this forum) => it's still going to be locked.


    Hopefully this is all clear.


    Since this has been resolved, I will now mark an appropriate response and close the thread.

    If you have any further inquiries, feel free to use the following link:


  8. Since it appears you have a ticket open about this problem (appropriate course of action), I will now close this topic and set a best answer.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to start a new thread.

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