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  1. I don't game all too much anymore, and don't have a specific favorite, but I'll list some that I like a fair amount: I enjoyed 'Tak and the Power of Juju' back in the day. It was a fun, laid-back game. 'Mortal Kombat' is a classic also... It's still fun to go to arcades and play this! 'Quake' and 'Doom' I'll joint-list as quality games. The campaigns of both games have a great mix of jump-scares and thrills to make them worthwhile. Additionally, I used to have a dedicated server for 'Quake' and I would play that with my friends after school. I've always enjoyed 'Call of Duty' franchise a bit; I think maybe that's just a little adrenaline junkie coming out, though. The other reason I have an affinity towards it is the social aspect; I love to listen to tunes and talk with friends while I play. Only get to free up the time to play over break it seems, though. 'Pokémon' was a good chunk of my childhood. The game is slow, but it helped get me through a lot of car rides as a kid and cure boredom. 'Ratchet and Clank' was tons of fun. I think what made it for me was the cut-scenes and awful one-liners Could go on more...
  2. PCIgnore. Just kidding. I'd have to go with (xavi)
  3. A little embarrassing; I use a solid black background... No widgets.
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    I think the (coy) smiley would make for a nice addition. http://i.imgur.com/UgAdkde.png
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