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  1. I agree that it would give a potential phisher a /one-up/ on the security questions if these transaction-related security questions are preserved for certain departments, but I ultimately came to the same conclusion as @Andre and lean in favor of it. I would hope that these transaction-related security questions wouldn't be a deciding factor if it were in any way "dicey" when deciding to authorize a change. As Andre mentioned, people can be forgetful with respect to transactions.. * and this particular type question should only hold a small amount of weight, IMO I thought @Je
  2. Yeah, it was on the list of missing flags
  3. Was brought up on the old forum. I agree, it should be added.. Haven't checked how many got added from this thread, but hope it happens in the near future.
  4. zw

    ENERGY, new FX

    I wouldn't mind another FX power. Even though it's been done before, maybe adding a mutable number of streaks coming out of some of these energies might be nice, for another FX option. You can disable smiley animations with $sanimate=off
  5. Looks good. Supported it on the old forum, as well..
  6. Was thinking along the same lines as Crow. @Paya You might have a change of heart after watching "What We Do in the Shadows". I liked how they were portrayed in this film.
  7. I think it would sort of be human hubris to think we are the only ones out there. I would suspect there are other biochemistries too -- not just carbon-based I think what @Mark mentioned was important. Sometimes popular culture will feed us an idea that leads us to have certain preconceived notions. We might think of "Little green men" or "Zeta Reticulans" as silly, but I think it's important to step back and realize the breadth of the question being posed.
  8. zw

    blocked account

    Did you select the "Lost Auth" Help Topic at ticket...? You don't need to be a paid user, as stated on your previous thread. > Example ticket < I'm assuming it's asking for a 6 digit code at login. If this isn't the case, let us know.
  9. zw

    blocked account

    Did you follow the instructions given by @Stah on your previous thread? I'm not sure if they were two separate concerns, but I'll address "both": a) If you need your token code reset: **As always, make sure the subject of your ticket is 5+ words in length. **Make sure that the email field in the ticket UI contains the email that has auth active. You can test this at http://xat.com/login by trying to login with the email in the username field. b) If you're struggling with the security check, E64: Check the e-mail associated with your xat acc
  10. I don't think they would want to remove the filter entirely, but perhaps they will update it in time...
  11. zw

    Travel Mode

    Strong points, Arthur; I support this to an extent. Despite the fact that the scale accepts a large margin of trades as fair, I think this should be considered. Since it crunches store values, it's not the fault of the system. It minimizes any potential loss (I believe ~33.33% worst case) and gives more degrees of freedom while you're out traveling. Here's just an example of what I mean in regards to accepting a large margin: (The following depicts an even, "fair" trade, i.e. balanced scale)
  12. Speaking of, I just watched the latest episode of the OVA that came out a week ago.
  13. zw


    I've done a color run before; it's really a nice experience. It was introduced to me through school in a way. You end up pretty messy by the end, but it's worth it. I agree with you, @6, this really captures the spirit of summer. Hope this gets made; you have my support (=
  14. zw

    Goat Power

    Greatest Of All Time power? I think this could be a nice addition if they give the emotes lots of personality and get creative with it.
  15. Who wouldn't want this dreamy hunk of a pokémon? Completely agree. I loved the last bit of your post; there's really something empowering about the whole "do-it-yourself" ethic. I've always found working on cars / car repair a little fascinating and would love to put that under my belt some day even if it doesn't pay all the bills. I've known a few people that have done their fair share of dabbling in a little of everything the world has to offer, and they are genuinely happy people.
  16. It's a true shame that the only reward you get for owning them all is a diploma I think it would be cool to execute on any big dream. Two years ago, in my Spanish class, we watched a video about an eco-friendly community in Costa Rica called Finca Bellavista. It was started by a couple that I vaguely knew through connections. To me, the idea of molding something like that into a sustainable future is truly amazing. My ideal set-up would be developing software in a comfortable setting, preferably accompanied by a tentative schedule. I'd love to
  17. Lifting weights, watching movies, spending time with friends, listening to music.
  18. I won't really know until I go; I've never been to any of that scale. They have quite a rep., and that's what sort of piqued my interest. Agreed, I imagine they throw down with nice tunes.
  19. zw

    Happy Birthday, G'

    1. Guinho


      Thank you, Muffins (hug)

  20. @Communism I know... He told me how one of his friends that had gone before convinced him to do it. He did have to do a fair bit of scheming, but fortunately some of the amenities were provided by the hostel he stayed at. He came back a changed man; shaved his head bald and everything. (He actually did that; I still don't know why... ) It's funny you mention that; he's going to Montreal for about a week in 2 days for our spring break. I completely agree with you on the long-term Canada trip. I've been there once in my life and was too young to apprecia
  21. I've always wanted to go to Ibiza for holiday. It's the best of both worlds; beauty and tang. The clubs look crazy fun and it has some nice touristy spots. Sadly, I've heard the trip is an expensive move to pull off. Nonetheless, it's still on my bucket list. Alternatively, I've thought about going to Tanzania. My roommate went to Africa for about a month over our past winter break to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. He spent time in a hostel and did the climb in the better part of a week. For the remainder of his time there, he taught African kids English,
  22. Back when I was in the competitive gaming scene, I visited sites linked on GameBattles team profiles. Most of these teams used the xat chat client as it was a good way to communicate and connect. The very first chat I visited was not a group at the time. As I spent more time on xat, I eventually gravitated towards Help & xatTrade from these random chats.
  23. I don't have a particular favorite genre, but lately I've been cycling jazz, oldies, and R&B songs. It's an eclectic bunch, and my mood normally dictates what I end up listening to.
  24. zw

    Suggest Hats

    On the old forum, I suggested a deerstalker hat and a chullo. Porting this over* I think a circlet would be nice, as well.
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