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  1. Prize received: http://image.prntscr.com/image/9b83c3cd7b844839af5fd74446120b44.png
  2. La pregunta o preguntas en este tema han sido respondidas y una respuesta ha sido marcada. Este tema está cerrado Si tienes cualquier otra pregunta, por favor, abra un nuevo tema.
  3. Congratulations, Sergi !! It was fun seeing all the Fermi estimates. Thanks for hosting, Communism
  4. If you're curious, bots pull from http://xat.com/json/ad.php Definitely not the first time the ad hasn't reflected the proper data I'll bring this to the admins' attention. Perhaps the info. from the JSON file is getting cached if the banner is showing that it's on sale still
  5. I've received a PM from you. We'll sort it there.
  6. zw

    Free smiley.

    There's (summerflix) power, but the smiley isn't catching any z's That was the first thing that came to mind.. @6
  7. I'll send you a PM so we can work this out.
  8. Beautiful stream of consciousness there. Thank you, Nubs.
  9. Cómo abrir un ticket: Limpia tus cookies y ves a http://util.xat.com/support/open.php Introduce tu dirección de correo asociada con tu cuenta de xat, después asegúrate de que tu ticket está en el departamento de "Locked Out". En el asunto (subject), escribe que tu cuenta está bloqueada y no puedes entrar en ella. **Recuerda que el asunto debe ser de 5 palabras o más. La sección del mensaje es opcional, pero puedes incluir más información sobre la razón por la que no puedes acceder a tu cuenta, por ejemplo si has cambiado de ubicación o has cambiado de proveedor de inte
  10. Just when I thought there was no holiday parallel to Festivus -- "The Holiday for the Rest of Us" --
  11. Just going to comment briefly (slight rehash): I'm a little glad this thread was made. I'm also happy to see a general consensus that people aren't pointing fingers.. Even though volunteers have discussed this extensively, I think this will make some people feel a little less out of the dark and less distant. Despite the fact that it may be hard to give an authoritative answer, as there are many reasons for the department delays, I think users will be able to extrapolate from this and take from it that the volunteers are hacking away at it and working to get back to a state
  12. zw


    There seems to be a little crossover with the (circus) power.. We already have (clown), (juggler), (firewand), (balloonart) As others have pointed out, the post seems a little incomplete as is; perhaps you could revise and detail your post more.
  13. zw

    BATHROOM Power

    Pretty neutral on this, but it might be nice to have some emotes to describe morning ablutions. Maybe a singing in the shower emote?
  14. Sounds like a nice way to express a formality! ty or bye
  15. The default avatar is 150*150 pixels. It looks like the visible portion of the profile header used for the cover photo is 1211*200 pixels. (The full profile header is 1211*265 pixels) You could probably use that as a relative basis. I wouldn't worry too much about it, just keep the file size constraints in mind.. If you look at the cover photo upload, /?do=coverPhotoUpload, max is 1MB For avatar upload, /photo/, max is 0.2MB You can always stretch and play with it. If you look at @ELiE's profile, for example, his current profile cove
  16. Nice idea! When I first read this, I was picturing a jolly whistle or a not-so-innocent whistle, but I like your take on it also. We currently have from (worldcup) power, but maybe we can rework the name or use a number for one of the emotes.
  17. xat wiki's finest: http://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=User:TurkeyLeg #factoid
  18. To add a little to some of these answers: There are a few errors / things that could be tweaked on the powers page. I'm fairly sure some of them have been emailed in. I've talked with Brandon about this before. I'd shy away from creating a thread on this type of issue. You can simply private message a volunteer if you eye something off-kilter; they can forward it to the admins if it needs fixing An example of this can be seen at the (kickall) entry: "miss used" instead of "misused" Re: the particular instance in the thread:
  19. From a reverse image search, I'm seeing something similar here: http://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/martin-berube/animal/256/snake-icon.png Re: the suggestion: I think it would be nice if you could give us a little more into your vision for the idea. I think others might have a love for this, provided the emotes get more than the standard faces / expressions slapped on them. This was a recent criticism on this thread Some ideas for possible emotes: Do you picture a snake basking out in the sun? Perhaps a snake being charmed? Hope
  20. Unfortunately, there's been some delays in a few of the departments. They are working to get through all the tickets. Keep waiting patiently for a reply.. We can't really expedite the process here on the forum. For reference, see this post <
  21. http://forum.xat.com/topic/220-potato-power/ Something similar was suggested quasi-recently.. Perhaps you could take it in a different direction and have different types of potatoes incorporated, if you're really into it.. Might be better received. Just food for thought. Example: "Campfire potatoes", could be a potato dressed up like a camper with cheese and bacon on it..
  22. zw

    Paypal Unavailable

    To answer your first question: You can only purchase with PayPal once every 2 weeks. By private message, you told me you tried making two payments.. I'd check and see if the first one you tried submitting was declined as well as the second.. Check out this thread to see why your payment may have been rejected: http://community.xat.com/forum/community/tutorials/24175-when-i-pay-with-paypal-it-s-rejected-why-here-a-few-tips If the issue persists (cannot use the option), open a ticket under the Payment Problems help topic and they can look into t
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