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  1. Good Morning, I'd like you to answer my ticket, I've got it, I've been robbed. I have the evidence of who robbed me, and I also have proof that I bought my powes. This person robbed me of my account. I was stolen by marijuana. he invaded my mail and I have evidence since I thank you for your attention and I hope you take the action in this respect help me please

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    2. Arlequina0


      good night I would like your help and your length I would like to know if I moderera of xat help can act like this since the day that I was stolen he only comes mistreating me with words unpleasant and that day he himself offered me a xat lotador with vps charged me 6 ke I bought and the other day he changed the password nor did I use the program so you are superior of xat.com you think he is acting and using the post of moderera to do bad for the people and that Woe to the prints I'm sending to you

    3. Arlequina0


      When you read this, please call me private so I can send the prints of this delay.
      I tried to send by private more not able to please so you can talk to me

    4. zw


      Sorry for the late response!

      I've recently disabled my messenger. Would you like to discuss this in chat?

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