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  1. Maxo

    Hello how you doing ? everything is fine with me, thank you so much for your help

    1. zw


      Ah, I'm well. Glad to hear and no problem!

  2. debz

    Happy The Hills GIF

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    2. debz


      good thanks and you ??

    3. zw


      Everything is okay around here :D

    4. DUYGU


      Good morning Muffins  (hug) 

  3. DUYGU

    Hi Muffins (hug)  how are you? I miss seeing you on the forum.

    1. zw


      Doing alright. Am around, just busier these days. How are you?

    2. DUYGU


      Good morning  (hug) Muffins, I'm fine too, thank you.



  4. i dont love you anymore :(

    1. zw


      I'm sorry to hear that. If something is on your mind, I'll drop you a quick line.

    2. theFlower


      :$lol joking dear i love you of cours.im sad to  not see you in xat chats and messages here at forum are disabled:'( we missed u alot :((hug)

    3. zw


      Aw, okay. <3
      I try to check in when I can.

  5. It was definitely an oversight on our part. There are constraints present with the current wording of the rules that we did not factor in when judging. For what it's worth, the entries that were reviewed were not criticized according to things not possible with the gif image format. Wholly sympathize with your concern.
  6. Hello Brother ,  i am back (goo)

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    2. zw


      We're 1:1 with review of applications submitted, but not all verdicts have been handed out. We'll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

      Will have an internal chat.

    3. DUYGU


      Happy Sunday Muffins (hug)


    4. zw


      Appreciate that. Hope your Sunday goes well. :D

  7. zw

    Hope you have a nice birthday, man.

  8. Lemona

    why you not doing your hair properly anymore! (ugh)

  9. why you not at xat anymore! 

  10.  i love you dear (blowkiss)

    1. zw


      You're too sweet. (L)

  11. zw


    All applications sent in have been reviewed, however not all verdicts have been handed out. Should be handled soon.
  12. Is this working for you now? @theFlower Server was rebooted.
  13. The reason I posted the way I did was to offer more views on the subject, not really for my own edification (at risk of sounding smug). I would argue that it wasn't difficult to conflate the two the way it was originally worded, but understand your point. I see now that it has been adjusted.
  14. It may be useful to view this from the lens of asking ourselves why the system is being used or was set up "incorrectly". Consider the fact that we are using a one-dimensional system to capture a range of human emotions and responses. If we're attempting to define what merits reputation, it might be prudent to include a statement in simple terms [in addition to any abstract details] so that it's better understood and provides more coverage. That way, we may be mitigating risk of edge cases. It also begs the question what's really gained from policing all this and at wha
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