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  1. Inner Outer Button color : #6A9B90 Inner Outer Button color : #FEBA19 Inner Outer button Color: #700000
  2. I had tickle before trying that quiz, I have completed quiz twice, I didn't get the tickle and its removed now. so how to get it back now? any solution!?
  3. Inner Second inner Smiley bar by : Navith Outer
  4. Hello, Inner Outer Button color : #041c49
  5. Roka

    430 RUBY

    I wish that everypower could have more two options that allows users to use the old ruby glitter effect and the new emerald glitter effect which lets users to use the effect they prefer, (Emerald or old glitter effect) with new pawns colors , the old glitter effect will look like Ruby pawn but in different colors that have been added Pink, Blue, Purple, and Gold. it's as Verite's idea I like and appreciate it too much http://i.imgur.com/pAqoTzM.jpg. The users who can use these pawns must have everypower to be able to use them.
  6. Roka

    430 RUBY

    I like new pawns especially the Blue one, it looks good, but I would like to suggest, if they are the same ruby's glitter effect, not as the new glitter effect (emerald) probably it would get more appreciation
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