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  1. Watching : My Hero Academia(Anime)

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    2. Xhin


      I will give it 8.5 out of 10, its worth watching always gives you inspirations and goosebumps !!

    3. 6


      First and 2nd episode was very funny to watch

    4. Xhin


      Yea  , Even Naruto& Boruto are also awesome Anime

  2. Trick

    1. NepoznatDuh


      Frage.. warumm habe Ich immer eine blokade in groups powers.. dann ich nicht aktiviret ? lg 

  3. Going to meet some more new People! ;)

  4. hmm We dont talk anymore that we used to do.@ Shawty

  5. Black Clover (new Anime) awesome like naruto!!!

  6. Watching Dies Irae

  7. Your Lie in April

  8. Xhin

    Congrazts ;)  !

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