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  1. I agree with @Austy this would be cool
  2. Happy Birthday Darling (blowkiss)

    1. Page


      ty honey ‚ô•

  3. Geordie

    Locked out

    Hello i requested a ticket to be open as im locked out just wondering how long does it take and is it still 7 days held
  4. Hi Marya im not Georgeorwell (1478591315) lol im Geordie (1000061)

    1. Marya


      @Geordie hi yh i saw now .. im  wrong  :p 

  5. I miss you :'(

    1. Ravey


      I'm only checking in. A lot of people do but i'm not going to come back to the toxicity. It's out of my life for good and i feel great. I have a job and someone who loves me for me. You still have me on facebook, if you wanna talk

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