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  1. Geordie

    Why? / Because!

    Because my mom told me to be sweet Why does it have to freeze in England
  2. Geordie

    Why? / Because!

    Because soda taste so much better Why are you so awesome
  3. Geordie

    John and Christina's Holiday giveaway

    Geordie (1000061)
  4. Geordie

    WIN XATS/POWERS (On pause)

    Geordie (1000061)
  5. Geordie

    Almost the end of the year

    we got amazing staff on chat happy holidays to all
  6. Geordie

    Welcome New Contributors

    Congratulations @Addict and @Luig
  7. Geordie

    Sports Specialist

    Great Job @Alee I Love the drawings
  8. Geordie

    WIN XATS/POWERS (On pause)

    Geordie (1000061)
  9. Geordie

    Trade Main

    Congratulations @Addict, @Sydno and @Echo
  10. Geordie

    xat.com/Chat .. BACKGROUNDS

    @Sydno i tagged him for you
  11. Geordie

    xat.com/Chat .. BACKGROUNDS

    I really like that Background
  12. Geordie

    Why? / Because!

    Because the French bring the cuteness out of me Why you so loving
  13. Geordie

    Why? / Because!

    Because it must be the french blood in me Why you awesome

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