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  1. Can you get a vol to coordinate this ? Then I might do it.
  2. Next version of the chat (1.55) will add a new pawn color. - celebrities: cyan pawn (#00FFFF) - influencers: sky pawn (#5ab9ed) Influencers are users who have notable space on other social network communities (and some xat volunteers) They must be popular enough in their own area, and it would be helpful if they hosted their own xat chatroom, or mentioned xat during their presence on other sites. Contributors will suggest new influencers. xat will look at each suggestion carefully to see if the person matches to our criteria - depending on their area of influence the numbers of followers won't matter as much as their activity and actions may count more. xat will make the final decision if the pawn gets to be added added or not. The pawn will be free (will not require days) - so it should NOT be lent to other users (don't share your account) For now other sky pawn users are ticket volunteers, developers, smileymakers and resellers who buy from xat. The pawn can be removed without warning or reason.
  3. Is it working for all? There was a glitch earlier ...
  4. It's been proposed to change mobile groups list to look like this (not to use group backgrounds): Thoughts ?
  5. Admin


    No I mean why would it look like in the chat (Once its been posted ie how all will see it)
  6. Admin


    Can someone do a mock up of what it would look like please ? (Picture worth a 1000 words)
  7. Admin


    What would this look like in the chat ? (a picture is worth a 1000 words)
  8. The idea is that it is no longer just a tickle tab, it is a notifications tab. (And yes it only does tickle for now!) So in future more things will be added and there will be much more space on the left to hold it. Longer term the plan is to be able to break out tabs as separate windows so you can decide what things you can see at the same time and make better use of a desktop screen(s).
  9. Can some kind person fix it please ?
  10. awe dreamy hearts ily seeya EDIT --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This power allows you to send Valentine's Cats themed stickers. The power LUVCAT is only available for the HTML5 version of xat. You need to own the power and have days to use stickers. Sending a sticker To send a sticker, simply use one of these codes: (LUVCAT.SEEYA) (LUVCAT.AWE) (LUVCAT.DREAMY) (LUVCAT.HEARTS) (LUVCAT.ILY) Custom text and color You can add a custom text to your sticker. To do so, change the content after the ‘#’. Example: (LUVCAT.DREAMY#INLOVE!#FFE0E4#CC2F2F) Thanks to Illuxat.com for the information. If you notice any problem with the power, this is the right place. EDIT --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: Thanks Abrahan for summing up the information.
  11. Admin

    570 KING

    If some one is offering ....
  12. Admin

    570 KING

    Note the plan is to remove the Christmasy stuff in 2020
  13. oops try: https://xat.com/content/webM00bdb485/direct.php?n=xat5
  14. Latest Beta is here : https://xat.com/content/webL8693dde0/direct.php?n=xat5
  15. If I do Checking the token's validity by sending a request with no room and no info (?u=12345&k=deadbeefcafebabe) Specifying multiple chats in a single request (?r=123&r=5 or ?r[]=123&r[]=5) Using chat names instead of id (?r=Chat or ?r=xat5) but not this: Specifying no chats to affect every chats the user is currently connected at Is that good enough ?
  16. > Checking the token's validity by sending a request with no room and no info (?u=12345&k=deadbeefcafebabe) Why do you want this? > Specifying no chats to affect every chats the user is currently connected at Hard
  17. Should work all over now. Job done.
  18. It only works on xat_test It only works with flash chat (so far)
  19. Can you list your top things that don't work plz?
  20. I'll have a look at this
  21. You can have a foe section ? PS Thank you Maverick for identifying security issues with this power.
  22. When I get round to it. Keep nagging.
  23. Or something similar has been suggested. Can you suggest what this power could be ? What sort of patterns ? Any other wear ?
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