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  1. verify that you are human

    why not use the xat app?
  2. 458 PUPPY

    its now unlimited (well will be)
  3. 455 SILENTBAN

    Is the silent ban working ? I'm getting mixed messages
  4. 455 SILENTBAN

    new version up soon, may or may not help ...
  5. 455 SILENTBAN

    gcontol makes no difference ?
  6. 455 SILENTBAN

    everyone agree silentban gcontrol broke ?
  7. (?) button on HTML5 chat

    naturally xat.com/_help , right ? Are the help chats compatible with this now or do they need improving ? Is _help up to date ?
  8. (?) button on HTML5 chat

    I'd like to suggest that the (?) button on the chat takes you to a help chat This will be more Interesting for users and they may even get help on xat before they give up. It will drive better traffic to help chats. Help chats could point users at other help chats in case they are quiet and also link or frame the wiki pages. Thoughts ?
  9. 455 SILENTBAN

    The mute stuff is not done yet. No timescale at present but it will come. Is the gcontrol stuff working ?
  10. 455 SILENTBAN

    do they see they get moved to ban pool ?
  11. 455 SILENTBAN

    Can someone make a list of what we'd like for gcontrol ?
  12. 455 SILENTBAN

    mute also has this issue ? does a muted user see they go brown etc ?
  13. 455 SILENTBAN

    provisionally (power can always change right up to point it is sold) piggybacks on mute I am receptive to other ideas, post here. needs testing, eg events is it silent blasts silent ? does it work with rapid and banpool
  14. Troll power

    post ideas here not just dumb beasts but http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=troll oh yea same thing ....
  15. 452 SLINE

    Is there a better name than SLINE ?