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    Fast Contest Black Friday's Giveaway. Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. TWO WINNERS will be chosen tonight Friday, 23th November at 11:59 PM (GMT+1). 1st place prize : 200 xats. 2nd place prize : 100 xats. Good Luck!
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    Guess what?! Bryan and I are dropping an album!! BRY X LEM. Pre-order: 02.17.2019 🔥🔥💘
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    FEXBot Uno contest @ Game chat for prize: GESTURE @ 7:00 PM EST!
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    Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslim from everywhere https://imgur.com/ARG2uo0
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    A user asked me if I go to the gym. Hello? I'm Witness not Fitness.
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    PSA: Nobody needs to know that you're "reserving" a spot for a background contest!!!!!
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    I love you all and happy new year for all of us ❤️ I hope that your new year would be enjoyable. May the essence of this new year blend a sweetness in your life that stays forever and ever! Wishing you a very happy new year! @Fionamy twin @Camiimy honey @Eleabest sister @Neslymy kadayif @Pagemy Princessa @Sevdamy sister @Cupimmy Chef @6my best sister @Paul my Friend @Aleemy Bro @Arthur my Arthura @LaFleurmein Freund @Baumy Friend @Stifmy Friend @Crow and More
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    Updated my profiles in-chat and on the forum to look more Christmas-y! Now for the rest of the year I am Natey Claus!
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    I will give 10k for each user that comment here.
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    One of the winners has failed to message me claiming their prize. I have given them plenty of time and choose to roll the generator one more time in order for a new winner to replace them. Congratulations to ANG3LL (1515005001), they are now the new winner.
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    don't believe me people who accuse me WITHOUT evidence. Please. I am NOT guilty of this.
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    Information about 516: The power has been delayed due to the upgrade of nocara and will be released next week.
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    Another Smiley on Flash, not animated yet, coming soon. Click here to see my last power suggestion.
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    ''Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race'' Happy MJ Day <3
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    Me and the boys on my bday xoxo @Maverick @Thuk
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    Atrape A Pikachu !
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    Life is a challenge, live it, feel, love, laugh, cry, play, win, lose, stumble, but always get up and go on and remember that every day when you lift your body from the bed, do not forget to lift your enthusiasm for life ... I wish you a happy day ... Don't forget to smile ...
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    Creating something to learn is always welcome. We don't need to gain money with this, money cant pay all I have learned those days creating Mundosmilies which I spent a lot of money with best servers, domain renewed 3 times (3 years, 1month already). I have never added "ads". What I learned is more important than any money in the world. An example of this is how I've learned a lot if PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, PYTHON, DELPHI, RUBY, PERL etc... All this are coding languages. I had never get any cent with this, but I learned a lot, I'm now working in an company in my own house, married (that was found on xat) irl, now I beat one more goal, this is really great to me, the only real reason I still on xat, e.g when I got Game Maker, I have learned a lot of nodeJS, such of thing I had never created, I learned a lot with bot providers, my english also isn't the best but ppl can understand me, I can understand ppl, my spanish is good enough, also learned a bit of italian when I was member on La_Stanza, then I think, I don't need ads, or any such of thing from xat. I have learned a lot already in those 10 years (since I was 10 old). Well, my suggestion to y'all is: keep learning!
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    Happy Birthday!
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    thank you so much ❤ i hope i'll do a good work and i'll contribute in my way for that xat be developped more and more
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    Hi! You won't see me active during a pretty long period, since I have started some projects that require all my attention and time. I would like to thank everyone for the experience of being part of this community, you all have been very nice to me. Wish you all the best!
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    Thanks to all for congratulations on my birthday, I love you all (L)
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    Honestamente , y desafortunadamente os acompaño en el sentimiento Madrileños =))) Solo quedaros con esto BARCELONA 4 MADRID 0 Y para acompañaros en el sentimiento os dejo algo relajante Una vez más VISÇA BARCELONA
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    http://tradexat.com/trade-tea-talks-with-sydno/ 🌚🌚
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    I see it I like it I want it I check the price I put it back
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    Forgive, smile and move on. Karma will take care of the rest!
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    Happy Valentines Day to my girlfriends <3<3 @Thuk @Maverick
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    http://tradexat.com/trade-tea-talks-with-kaay/ 💯💯💯
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    How @Solange broke her computer in the first place:
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    EXCUSE ME, I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE. @Solange finally fixed her laptop!!!!!!!! If you scroll down without saying WOOT, you have no heart.
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    Come find what chat I’m on and win (aliens) power When you find me, PC me! First PC gets it 👀 Catch me if you can pens
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    https://imgur.com/a/jdNwbH9 Can someone help I’m stuck
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    Your ex mistakenly credited $10,000 to your bank account and asks you to send it back to them. What are your first 3 words?
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    Your new profile picture really brings the best out in you, love it! <3
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    Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone ❤️
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    Love your pic. You’re finally using a picture of yourself.
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    Has anyone ever thought about putting a dark theme on the forum? Save our eyes please!
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    Just a normal conversation @Zoom
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    Merry Christmas to all! Enjoy this wonderful day with family and friends. God bless you all! xx from Thuk
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    @Maverick new checkers game is one of the best and most intense game I have ever played on xat. Honestly the most intense match lasting 50+ minutes ever with @Arthur however it stands at 1 win each. :D
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    Once again, I want to thank all those people who were there for the event tonight. I also want to thank @Addict and @Angelo for making this possible! I hope you've enjoyed being there with us!
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    13th october. one year today. it never really got easier. i guess you just learn to live with the feeling. it still just feels like yesterday. i miss you a lot. there’s never a day that goes by where i don’t think about you and all the things i wish i had done differently. i love you, always.
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    This is how html5 on mobile looks like if you zoom xat https://imgur.com/a/kv8yhcy 😒
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    "It'sssss HelperNate! HelperNate! Always here to listen to a good m8!" -Arthur's modified intro for me just for Feedback chat
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    I was going to leave for a month but i decided to come back but i won't be as active due to work.
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