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    This is not an issue actually. The timestamp for pawns has expired and since HTML5 doesn't use this system, it works like a charm I emailed admins with explanations about this and should be fixed soon.
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    @Blacky The issue has been fixed now. Thank you for reporting.
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    @Leandro oh, so you are talking about html5 not flash, my bad yes there are some issues that still have to be fixed, we're aware thanks
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    The Hat power currently have some issues with the flash version of xat, many hats from powers aren't working, however you can still use the hat#t, hat#x .
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    Hi, thanks for reporting. Currently any extra hats that are outside of the (hat) power aren't functioning. Please be patient until this is resolved. Thank you
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    It will be fixed in a future update of the HTML5 chat.
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    This is not something new and a similar issue was opened by Leandro a few months ago. To answer you, this is a lack of feature which is NOT added yet and not a bug. Since it was already reported, I'm closing this thread.
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    This issue is already known, no need to re-report it.
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    Thanks for reporting this, @DJFUNNY. We're already aware of this bug and it should be fixed in the next update.
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    Hello, There is currently a bug with nameglow and namecolor which is forcing you to have HAT power to have both powers working. We are looking to fix it very soon! Thank you for reporting, you will be noticed when it is fixed.
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    Changed Status to Fixed
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    This has been fixed now. The fix is as follows: Using an old register link will redirect you to the new register page, containing the user id / k1 / k2 info in the link already (full redirect). So should just be able to register on the new web. Thank you for letting us know.
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    @Kaay your chat is back now. Sorry for the inconveniences.
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    Has been fixed now. @HelperNate
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    Thank you for reporting. This has been forwarded.
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    Ok, this information has now been added to the article: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Single Other editors can review before it's marked for translation, if they want.
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    This is not a HTML5 bug. @Angelo The bug he reported is when you add a "<3" on status, it will change your name (for other people) to "nope" which was done by purpose. Since this is not a HTML5 bug, i'm closing this thread.
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    Ok, catch it. Seems that CSP is blocking something to be loaded correctly. When logging storage isn't being fully stored. What I did: I've logged-in using Google Chrome, copied all HTML5 data storage and replaced on Firefox, it worked fine. I've checked both and seems that Firefox's data isn't being stored "k3". Firefox shows "0", on Chrome shows correctly.
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    @xLaming what is this about? happens on new web too?
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    This was fixed on the new web registration. Thank you.
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    It has been fixed on the newest version of the HTML5 chat.
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    We have found out that this is related to a chrome pop-up setting. If you click on a link while linkvalidator setting is enabled, Chrome will show up the "pop-up" blocked message indicating that the linkvalidator page is blocked from being opened automtically. The problem is that linkvalidator is already being opened regardless. So if the user chooses "Always allow pop-up", clicking any links will open the page twice henceforward. That being said, we do not think this is a bug related to the HTML5 chat. This rather seems to be a Chrome Browser issue, especially since no other browser is doing this behavior.
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    Both (hearts) and (switch) should be playable now.
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    This should now be fixed (pending one more upload to fix default en to default international).
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    Yeah, other users are experiencing this too. LaFleur has told it's due a websocket and they are trying to fix it.
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    I've tried something. Please let me know if the problem persists. @LaFleur @Leandro @SLOom @6
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    Ah this bug on Firefox! I see. But we are already aware about this bug already! Thank you for reporting.
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    Thank you for reporting. We have reported already this bug on our board. Info about this bug: Extras pawns are not implemented in private chats yet.
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    Changed Priority to Priority: Trivial This a known fact and will be implemented in the future. Thanks.
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    Update: This is happening on Windows as well by now. It could be caused by a Google Chrome / Chromium update which was rolled out slowly
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    Changed Status to Fixed Fixed on an upcoming release.
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    Hello, We are fully aware with the issue on Edge and the homepage. I'll mail the administrators to take a look at that. Other issues are already reported on our bugs board. We do not have official dates for when it will be fixed. Thank you.
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    Can we get another update? These games are some of the best multiplayer games offered on flash and can be beneficial for hosting game events while HTML5 is still being developed. We need something that can entertain us in the meantime. @Admin
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    We will need more evidence or details before we’re able to proceed! Thinks such as event logs could be useful, perhaps. Are you sure the tempmodded users weren’t kicked/dunced/yellowcarded etc ?
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    Changed Status to Fixed
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    Paysefcard is now fixed. Please test @Bau
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    Thanks for reporting @Bau, we will fix this shortly.
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    It didn't happen again. This can be closed.
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    Any news about this ? Did it happen again? Or can we close?
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    Didn't know he reported this. I never followed up on him asking if this was intentional or not. @xLaming
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    @LaFleur I don’t remember them all but xat.com/Kaay is one. @Kaay
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    This is still happening and is very very very annoying also happens when replying to a status
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