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    Ho ho ho! Christmas is just around the corner and xat Ayuda wants to end the year doing a contest with you! The contest will be based on Christmas backgrounds. Let's begin! Requirements for the backgrounds (please read carefully): You have to provide both inner and outer backgrounds. Please, include a matching button color too. You can add this sentence, if you like: Chat Oficial de Ayuda en Español. (Official Help Chat in Spanish. Please, don't use English sentence!). Make it look jolly and Christmassy. You must add the following tips to the outer background (you can see an example here: https://prnt.sc/pqwkny): - No compartir datos personales en xat. - Ningún voluntario ni administrador de xat le pedirán la contraseña de su cuenta. - Los problemas que ocurren en xat solo se resolverán vía ticket. - Ningún voluntario le dará privado informando que su cuenta ha sido bloqueada. - xat solo envía emails en el idioma Inglés. Nunca te pedirán dinero, powers, xats y/o days o le dirán que entres en chats de xat. - Los voluntarios actuales los podrás encontrar en xat.wiki/volunteers/es Other information: You can post as many entries as you want. Your entry must be posted here. Be creative. Do not steal or modify backgrounds created by other contestants, or you will be automatically disqualified. The winners will have 48 hours after the announcement of the results to claim their prize. The winners will be announced on the forum and on Ayuda in a scroll message. To claim your prize, please go to xat.com/Ayuda Prizes, prize holder and judges: There will be 3 winners! First place: 6,009 xats Second place: 3,009 xats Third place: 1,009 xats Prize holder: Junior Judges: Sydno, Junior and Blacky Deadline: December 10th, 22:00 GMT+1 Thanks to xat Admins for donating the xats! Donations are accepted! May all your days be happy and bright and may all your Christmases be white. Merry Christmas! Good luck and have fun! Spanish: ¡Ho ho ho! ¡La Navidad está a la vuelta de la esquina y xat Ayuda quiere terminar el año haciendo un concurso contigo! El concurso será basado en fondos de Navidad. ¡Empecemos! Requisitos para los fondos (por favor, lea cuidadosamente): Deberás de proporcionar el fondo trasero y el fondo delantero. Por favor, incluye también el código de color de los botones. Si quieres, también puedes añadir esta frase: Chat Oficial de Ayuda en Español. Haz que el fondo se vea alegre y navideño. Deberás de añadir los siguientes tips al fondo trasero. (Puedes ver un ejemplo aquí: https://prnt.sc/pqwkny): - No compartir datos personales en xat. - Ningún voluntario ni administrador de xat le pedirán la contraseña de su cuenta. - Los problemas que ocurren en xat solo se resolverán vía ticket. - Ningún voluntario le dará privado informando que su cuenta ha sido bloqueada. - xat solo envía emails en el idioma Inglés. Nunca te pedirán dinero, powers, xats y/o days o le dirán que entres en chats de xat. - Los voluntarios actuales los podrás encontrar en xat.wiki/volunteers/es Otra información: Puedes publicar tantos fondos/entradas como quieras. Sus fondos/entradas tendrán que ser publicadas comentando este tema. Se creativo. No robes ni manipules ningún fondo que haya sido creado por otros concursantes, o serás automáticamente descalificado/a. Los/as ganadores/as tendrán 48 horas después de que se haya anunciado los resultados, para reclamar sus premios correspondientes. Los/as ganadores/as serán anunciadas en el foro de xat, y en xat Ayuda mediante el scroll. Para reclamar su premio, por favor, ve a xat.com/Ayuda Premios, prize holder y jueces: ¡Habrá 3 ganadores/as! Primer lugar: 6,009 xats Segundo lugar: 3,009 xats Tercer lugar: 1,009 xats Prize holder: Junior Jueces: Sydno, Junior and Blacky Fecha límite: 10 de diciembre de 2019, 22:00 GMT+1 ¡Gracias a los Administradores de xat por haber donado los xats! ¡Más donaciones serán recogidas con los brazos abiertos! ¡Qué todos tus días sean felices y brillantes y que todas tus navidades sean blancas! ¡Feliz Navidad! ¡Buena suerte y diviértete!
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    ID: 569 Name: Energyfx Status: Unlimited Smilies: energy1, energy2, energy3, energy4, energy5, energy6 Hats: hat#hL, hat#he, hat#hn, hat#hr, hat#hg Price: 212 xats Smilies: Pawns:
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    Thank you all. Yes there will be added more electricity new smilies soon. We release those kind of powers (FX) with a low amount of smilies because they are a bit different as a simple yellow smilie. So, much more work on fx smilies. A power with 10 or more smilies doesn't means is very good. We like to create smilies so users will create nicely combinations.
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    Background Ayuda: xat Box Ayuda: Color de Botón: #d1be9a
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    I will be donating 27 xats to this contest. Good luck to all! 😁
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    Chat Box: Chat Background: Button color: #e1ddb1 #db0c02
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    just an aclaration (added on the main post as well) people with everypower will not win nor participate on any on my contests. how are you so greedy? good day.
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    Amazing work, Mr @Mihay (even for the pawns!!)
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    hi guyssss, - I designed this kind of power to represent when children are important and how happy they make us during the day! - in the next days I will add many smileys also because I am very in the mood to draw, if you have a desire for how you would like the baby you can suggest! - as hats I had thought about bags or for example the bunny ears the hair and the cat ears, the biberon and hair of baby barbie and the heart and the vocal cord..anyway.. I hope to surprise you with the new smiley tips ...
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    As promised avia here is the xatspace code. https://pastebin.com/jNwyJWWd online xatspace xat.me/elzobsantos JASON xat.com/centraldosplayers
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    Energy4 and energy6 can be used like (d#energy4) and (d#energy6)
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    4 new smilies were added to the power. And 2 new pawns:
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    4 more smilies and 2 more pawns will be up soon!
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    Hello Abrahan! Please, remember to include the tips previously mentioned in your outer backgrounds, otherwise we will not be able to validate your entry! Thank you in advance!
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    Yes. Please. I need a bean power. I've talked about a Bean power for 3 years. This is exactly what we need.
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    Our next interviewee is @Booh ! Disclaimer: His answers were written in poor English, but I could understand what he means. I will re-word his answers to better English in this post. Hi Booh! Thank you for your dedication to Game chat, and agreeing to be interviewed! I am going to ask you some questions regarding your experience at Game chat. Please answer as honestly as possible. 1. Tell us a little about yourself. What is your real name, where are you from, how old are you, and what are you studying? My name is Franklin. I'm 28 years old, I live in Brazil, and I work in a paint-making factory for all Axalta customers. 2. When and how did you discover xat Game chat? I used to go straight to the Game chat. I remember at that time, if I'm not mistaken, that I became a member who was registered for xat. 3. What about Game chat stands out to you? The game that highlights me a lot, which is Uno! 4. What is your favorite/funniest memory shared in Game chat if you have one? I like it when the users make jokes with one another. 5. What do you think of the contests hosted here? Do you have any suggestions on how they can be improved? Not really, but they're very cool and I really enjoy it. 6. Do you have any new contest ideas for xat that you would like to share to the public as of now? Yes, I have my idea that people can't disturb someone who is talking, as this can cause conflicts. 7. What is your overall impression of Game chat? I don't really have an answer to this question, but I think Game is a great chat. 8. Overall, how well are you treated as both a staff member, and a regular user at Game chat? I am treated very well. 9. How long do you think you will stay active around Game chat? Honestly, I don't know how long I plan to stay committed to Game chat. However, I would very much like to return to the xattrade team. 10. Where do you see the future of Game chat? I see a good future for Game chat. 11. We have come to the end of this interview. Do you have any special message to end this interview? Yes I do! Never give up on your dreams, because everything in life has obstacles to be challenged! Good weekend everyone!
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    Thank you to @xLaming @Drika and @Stif Congratulate winners ! (Confirm Prize!)
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    How funny... I knew it was suggested in the past, but didn't remember I was the one who suggested it. Sorry guys, it's been a tiring day... . Anyway, I guess both suggestions can co-exist. At least I wasn't wrong after all.
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    http://prntscr.com/pus0wg prize received !
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    prize received thanks @Leandro
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    Prize received. Thanks @HelperNate @Bau https://prnt.sc/pug0eg
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    This power has cool effects, however I also think that they should add more smilies. Anyway, it has been released a few hours ago, so I think they might add more smilies later, we just need to be patient.
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    Hey, We're going to open a new contest, all you need is to share halloween/scary themed smilies. You have 14 days (2 weeks) for post all your smilies (HALLOWEEN/SCARY obvious). HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Create your Mundosmilies Account; Log in using your account; Confirm your account using the command "!activate [YOUR CODE]"; Go to "Add smiley", and share it. Make ONE comment here with all your smilies shared (just to keep your credits) RULES: You may confirm your Mundosmilies Account, using your main xat account (xat ID you will receive the prize if you win); Be always creative and do not steal other' users; Winner will be announced when countdown ends; You need to make a comment with all your smilies shared on the site. This is for your own protection agains't stealers. PRIZES: 1°: 8000 xats 2°: 6000 xats 3°: 4000 xats 4°: 1500 xats 5°: 500 xats JUDGES: Mundosmilies staff DONATIONS: @Drika // Myself PRIZE HOLDER: @Stif COUNTDOWN: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/1535669/ms-contest-ends-on I'm going to share 2 lists with halloween / scary themed smilies: https://mundosmilies.com/powers/super/superscary/ https://mundosmilies.com/powers/super/superhalloween/ Good luck 4u all.
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    ENERGYFX is now available in store.
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    The partners are right, it would be a good idea, but there are other issues now that we need to focus on and then leave that 2 flat. Good job @Bau
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    This if it should be done should be implemented only for HTML5, xat is working hard to finish the new version before flash dies, it makes no sense to work on something that will not last long. Currently in HTML5 in trade mode there is a bar ''search'' and button ''add all'' it would be good if we look for a power as in your case BIRD we can click on ''add all'' and only the results will be added. It is a very good suggestion, if you receive good comments or other constructive suggestions to implement it could be taken into account, I invite you to xat Feedback to have a better feedback on the subject.
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    Hello AishaOfficial Something similar has been suggested by me and Samuel in the past. This idea is good, the example is a little strange, but the idea was understandable. It looks better than many of my exemples.LOL Regards Bau.
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    The wiki has now been updated. Thanks! https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Energyfx
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    I did on purpose so users come early and won't be stuck on other pools. Thanks for you for the event, was real fun even tho i fell asleep.
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    Delight of music !!! 🔊🎶🎤📀📻
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    It was fun, I enjoyed the time... Thanks for the event...
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    Thank you Bryan and Lemona for being gracious and entertaining hosts. Oh, and thanks for the prizes too <3
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    I like how to draw, they would be good smiles for xat. Congratulations.
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    The power is very good, I liked it, it has perfect special effects for power combinations. I hope they continue placing new smilies Nice job.
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    I really love this suggestion, we really do need more suggestions like this! Good job and i love your drawings of the power. Well done.
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    hat energed I liked it. i JUST THInk a bit of smileys
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    thx Crow...however I explain some smilie at least it seems to me to be a little more correct, _ the first smilies is a kind of alien with the scythe of fiery death, where on the left have the dragon-style fire and the fire envelops the same scythe - taurus I would like with the golden horns and the violet eyes, on the pink, the pitchfork has the fire and a small cloud at the bottom - the angel is a female with wavy hair, blacks, and the scorpion braid, maybe a vampire color can look good on it, it doesn't fly but has fire on its wings - the fourth a demon cat, where he has black, shaded eyes, and with a finger (demon) lights the flame - the others are on fire except for one where he has a demon hand and a vampire's teeth (I think you see it anyway) this does not depend on me, I have only designed what can be a type of power in my opinion(prototype if you want to call it that), even having fun and fantasizing, however, this depends only from xat .. sorry for my english!! (and I give you a preview of the new design ..)
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    I don't know about this power, why rushing to release a new power? I meant thanks for the power but seriously, we can get better that this. only 3 smilies? I don't know about you guys but we should be think about to calm down and not rush to release incomplete powers. Please calm down guys!!! nothing wrong with the power and it's a nice power and it's effects are cool Best Regards! Dj Funny
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    My smilies: - (carvescream#y#f#burningheart#000001#gmpossess#bats#gmcheer#ffccff#worldhand#000001) - (superhalloween#umfem2#wofire#f#skualert) - (carvegrin#r----#carvegrin#fefcb4#f#ruby#fwings#ffccff#candyfx) - (gcauldron#fireback#000001#owlnurture#tohypno#sfeet#000001#gmcheer#ffccff#gothwings) Good luck at all !! Aleee (101834553)
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    @ @Welcome Members! What do you think about this? @Bau @Danne @Cleon @Harrison @Blacky @Fiona @Queen_Sofia @Flake @Stif2 @Shake @Zoomey @Calvin @rikardoaaron @Dachoque @Marek @muffins @iJuanR @DUYGU @FreeCash @AlexLopesAltero @Thuk @iMoHd @Skatel @Laming @YuanWang @deletedaccount1233 @Kriz @SirCharlie @Morenako @Geordie @Arthur @CrazyReaperChick @Camii @Booh @iPia @theking__ @Encrypt @Solange @pityus @Micheilon @MatiSPW @jessibe1 @Taylor93 @Danvers @Henrique @Sevda @Debs @Christians @Light_Yagami @Danny2024 @Ritual @TheDemon61 @Holmes @truemart @Peru @Haey @BRABO @ANdre23lx @Mandy @Beacska19950305 @nazareescritora @SlimShady @alejan @Sataz @DjCrazy @thatgirlXD @Dreamer @venyn @Shizuo @Jefferson @Gambler @Mighty1 @Aredhel @RealMadrid @princessemalgreL @iSanty @Teddy @BOY$ @Spawn @mekan34 @Vritme @Math @G0dC0mpl3x @Mammoth9898 @Only @welington @XxjokisxX @JacobC71 @Paul @Mariaenid @Sonic @Samuel @Gerig @handleit @InfirmumVermiculus @BenabdaLLah @Tigreza- @Glorious @Airtime @iWild @silverblxss @Cedric @pedro007 @paulobelmarconi288 @Kent @Ady @JomyLove @Tiger_Gamer68YT @Florecita @426495 @DouglasJr @Addict2 @Ruzo @Costy @pip176 @Bleiz @depriv3dd @myow @prestij @THE_HaWK @Madian1 @iNicolas @andreycrysty @kyle1985 @Dimple @David22 @Gucio @Piluchy @Mustafaaa @Queen @SOetR @Uuuhhhh @TheLostKoi @ScottHall @akebi @Enge @RaFs @dacramone89 @abdelos @R3DDS @miaa @AdonisTH @Tero @Ravey @Jine @JeanTM @Fanel @dante95 @Mcht @akaDrewski @Caiio @bribrii00 @janfranco @Anas@DenmarkPakky1 @iMano @Rhea @MagicDesing @J0hn @mariafernanda58 @iDan @oandreybarros @leiyimar @gostododesejo @SrLoko @SethTI @Loyal_bolu @Pheebz @rodolfo @Kumarn @Caucasiankiki @SethTI @Brow @McKrystiann @JockerAndrew95 @ib2k @Viber @T3M0 @Gyulus @Suee @DjDanny24 @motherofdragons @drezzasouzaa @anxbeg @MisteR @Fons @FREO @maxo @SEANORAMA @AngieOuO @SEDA @Cross @KLIERA @wtrmln625882 @mary17 @Page @iWitness29@ShatteredSpirit19 @pablo@Pabloo @Secret_Ghost @Nove7 @Icantthinkofaname @Low @Xhonsel @Mitsuha @Born @ANG3LL @cfr_tobias @iGuinho @VAN3SSA @AND3 @SaMuKaO555 @Santademonia @Skatel @Dallas @Christina @Borbo @JoseSergioJr17 @Marya @Pudinzinho69 @Luig @Bruxinhotrade @-Daniel @i1Category @xiFaahx @Daniel @SHAW @op1 @AR91 @Ronal @Zoom @Blossoms @UchihaFelipe @Gravity @Meru @SLOom @Bobocica @finii @MustHaveCoffee @DcrXy @deni @lemona @exotic @maria13 @GDragon @SREric @TeaBagging @Mino1 @NADYA @iiNiicolee @SigurdBrynjar @Zark_D @Mehdi @Ashley199152 @iCecy @Envos @AguaDulce @iiAriel @CommanderCSY @Deymian @Erick @iiiR4M4iii @Maverick @JOOZ @IRINA @Bear_00 @WwJeff6929wW @Alesoo0812 @Mihai @jose1 @L3OZ1N @Amyyyy @DJFUNNY @Ch3rry @xRavennn @Davidss1001 @zed @Vevrok @Siz @Defne @Hissizlestim @elya @India @CAROOL @alex @Emptydreamz @GEMY @Chapinleno @HUSE1N @VoceaTacerii41 @Ayberk @iiPityus @Arctic @Gingo @xrocket @stitch14 @Mahmoud97 @Felipe2112
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    Hi all !! I don't know if this had been suggested before or not, i'm bringing this idea and designers can make its design, i thought for a COLLECTION power by the name of SUPERFX power, including all FX powers, i mean : Glitterfx, Spiralfx, Phasefx, Spacefx, Slimefx, Easterfx, Energygx, Valentinefx, Swordfx, Portalfx, Patrickfx, Illusionfx, Firefx, Splashfx, Lovefx, Fireworksfx, Sparklefx ... For the hat's codes it could be : hg, hs, hp, hS, hss, he, hE, hv, hsw, hp, hP, hi, hf ... What do you think ? @Mihay and others
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    I think they didn't understand haha, just say: why not? I think this would be better than a power of human organs that were suggested in the past.
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