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    Hello everyone, xat Family has decided to give a new powers randomly to forum user. YOU ALL - Just respond with your USERname and your ID in this topic to participate. - Do not use other accounts to try to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified - The winner (s) have to contact me within 69 hours after posting the winners to receive their prize, otherwise another winner will be randomly selected, If the winner is held for any reason, another winner will be selected randomly; (It is a joke, there is no time to receive the prize ). Time END Deadline for publication: 23/02/2020 | The winner will be chosen in ARCbot xat wih ARCbots BOT {Random} Enjoy, Good luck xatFamily! Why is ID added and not the name of power, or what is this ID: This number is ID to the new power that will be, it is in test and therefore has no name. . .
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    Hello everybody today I come to suggest a power of hats a collection of international hats from some cultures may be missing much more from each country but we can all publish the hat that represents each country and thus be able to make an international hat3 the idea is that it can be used as the hat and the hats but that it can also be used with the yellow faces Ushanka-Russia Kufi -kenia Raccoon fur hat-EE.UUCork hat - australiaTyrolean-AustrianTarbush or fez - morocco Chullo - peruNewsboy cap-IrelandBombin - BoliviaRastafarian hat - JamaicaDeerstalker - Englandh Scout - CanadaBeret - FranceGondolier - Italytoquilla straw - ecuador and panamatopi - NepalChupalla - ChileCharro hat - MexicoNon lá - Vietnamupturned hat - colombia I don't know if anyone already had the same idea but well since xat is international what better than a hat of each country is like a flag but in a hat that represents the country of each one with your help you can leave in what comments hats represent your country.
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    Im sorry to tell you but cuz friendship your reports wont be taken by main owners in official chats, thats the truth. Anyway you can send info@xat.com you may have 1% chance to have your email replied!
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    Not many people know this but I haven't been on xat a lot however I've been working hard on my graphics to improve more and more. I know some people might like to talk to me and ect about this so my discord is Heartless#5147 I'm on 24/7 anyway let me showcase some of my recent works!(My deviantart is LittleLostScared) I finished this one just now This next set is just some recent works. I still do 2D gifs/animated avatars anyway nice keeping in touch with you guys!!!
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    As I was too tired to post this after the contest ending, here are the final results: 1st place: @Rui 50,000 xats 2nd place: @Coolingman 2,000 xats 3rd place: @DjDanny24 1,000 xats Since the maximum amount of xats were given away, another contest of this game will likely not be planned in the future. Thanks to all who came out to play, even the backup players who filled in for those who had to leave mid-game!
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    omg no no no no dont tell me its same game that i test it before its bad and hard do other game
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    i wish see this power in trade This powers its collection power Includes Fairy angel Butterflies kangel kduck pets Beautifly kbee Seasons Seaside Fairy power pawn =http://prntscr.com/r6kzoc http://prntscr.com/r6l0wl angel pawn = http://prntscr.com/r6l1aw butterflies =http://prntscr.com/r6l1xr And another powers pawn same etc... https://www.imgbbb.com/images/2020/02/21/19_ch1_663369_fairy_moon_low_res.jpg.800x0_q90_crop-smart_upscale.jpg https://www.imgbbb.com/image/LbXKYO
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    i wish every one like Supername and can called (supercolor) Epic pawn power (collected) this power will be same this picture https://ibb.co/3BBmst8 https://ibb.co/khL9Q9d https://ibb.co/ykS5LWL By This power u can control your name can u make it move and put Glitter on it u can see the pic and decided if u like it
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    I suggest Superpawn its pawn power It is in a new and different form, especially when you have a Power Flash Rank. The color of the force will change only in the snake's eyes, and it will change according to the color of the force that you have. https://ibb.co/R63cz2y
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    Hey, It's now available in Italian, thanks to @AlexiusZeta for the translation. Try it at https://mundosmilies.com/lang/it or clicking the button "Language" at the top.
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    >>IDs for Sale<< - 6 Digits (272727) reglink available / reglink disponível Negotiable. - 7 Digits (1000505) reglink available / reglink disponível Negotiable. - 9 Digits (162593035) reglink available / reglink disponível Negotiable. - 9 Digits (170348171) reglink available / reglink disponível Negotiable. - 9 Digits (224909853) reglink available / reglink disponível Negotiable. - 9 Digits (236422055) reglink available / reglink disponível Negotiable. - 9 Digits (250567573) reglink available / reglink disponível Negotiable. - 9 Digits (252030623) reglink available / reglink disponível Negotiable. - 9 Digits (256359333) reglink available / reglink disponível Negotiable. - 9 Digits (291078764) reglink available / reglink disponível Negotiable. - 10 Digits (1523919392) reglink available / reglink disponível Negotiable. - 10 Digits (1523919404) reglink available / reglink disponível Negotiable. - 10 Digits (1528113853) reglink available / reglink disponível Negotiable. - 10 Digits (1523919461) reglink available / reglink disponível Negotiable. I can be found at xat.com/Loja or /f1529294060 . You can also send me a private message here, or comment and I will return the response. (También puede enviarme un mensaje privado aquí, o comentar y le devolveré la respuesta) I accept offers Acepto ofertas. Thanks
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    Hello !! As i mentioned in my previous status, i see there are some new members joined the forum xat, first welcome guys i hope you'll enjoy times here with us especially there are a good things to discover and to learn at the same time, there are a features and advantages too ... i like to make this post in order to show you some links which will make it easier for you to enter the forum and learn some things : You can make a simple status here http://prntscr.com/r2j35i such as greeting, something on your mind 1) In the forum xat we have a rules / guidelines to follow you can see them here : https://forum.xat.com/rules/ to maintain the stability of the forum and not to make mistakes. 2) If you have a xat issue, and you need a help you can post it here https://forum.xat.com/forum/4-general-support/ specifiying what's exactly the problem is in english https://forum.xat.com/forum/5-soporte-en-español/ here you can post an issue in spanish language https://forum.xat.com/forum/6-suporte-em-português/ here you can post an issue in portuges language 3) You can make a suggestion here https://forum.xat.com/forum/7-suggestions/ respecting the rules of making a suggestion specified in Guidelines. 4) general discussion of topics relating to xat's HTML5 version of the chat here : https://forum.xat.com/forum/223-html5/ 5) Every new power created by the designers / smiley makers is announced here https://forum.xat.com/forum/28-new-power-testing/ with its informations, smilies, pawns ... etc 6) Starting a discussion, talking about a topic here https://forum.xat.com/forum/17-general-discussion/ Playing a forum games here https://forum.xat.com/forum/21-forum-games/ 7) Here the announcement of an events organised by users ( members, adv members, contributors ... ) https://forum.xat.com/forum/18-contests-and-events/ where you can participate of course The same thing for Giveaways here : https://forum.xat.com/forum/302-giveaways/ 8) If you are interested by graphics you can see works presented by a professional users in design, you can present yours too if you make a background photos for exp : here https://forum.xat.com/forum/19-graphics/ 9) Here is the forum of IDmarket place https://forum.xat.com/forum/20-id-marketplace/ it's for trading ( selling and buying ) xat ids. I think those are the important links / forums you need to know, i want to say welcome again new members, if you need something don't hesitate. Thank you !
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    Hi all! As mentioned in this discussion, I will be bringing Press Your Luck to xat! In this game, players will have the opportunity to win some xats + FEXBot time! To recap, here is a brief summary of how it works: (scroll down to below the video to see prize information and contest day + time) Summary: Multiple players will play in 2 rounds. In the first round, all players will have a turn spin by spin to win some xats and spins for the final round. They get unlimited spins, however if they choose to freeze, or they land on a Whammy, they are out of this round. This round ends when everyone has either froze or landed on a Whammy. In the final round, the earned spins are applied every time a player decides to press their luck. Turn order in this round is determined by players with the least amount of earned spins. If there is a tie, the tiebreaker goes to the player with the lesser earnings. If there is a tie there too, the breaker goes to the player with the least amount of Whammies. If multiple players are tied in all 3 statistics, I use the !choose command on the bot to choose a player. Players will keep spinning as much as they want until they either land on 4 Whammies, they use up all of their earned spins, or decide to pass their spins to the lead player. A player that has passed spins MUST be taken either until they make it through all of their passed spins Whammy-free, or they land on a Whammy. To conclude, after the final round, the player with the most amount of earnings wins the game, and is the only one that gets to keep their earnings. The final round ends when there are no more spins left on the scoreboard. BONUS: To win the GOLD power, land on 1/2 GOLDEN KEY space twice to unite the key without landing on a Whammy and win the game. When done successfully, you will win whatever xats you have won + GOLD power. The concept is pretty much the same as the regular game show, but in my version, there will be minigames, a Mystery Roulette, and other types of wacky events. Video of the original game show: Prize information: 1st place: however many xats + xats in bot time were earned up to 50k + GOLD POWER if golden key is united 2nd place: 2000 xats 3rd place: 1000 xats If the lead player has 2000 xats or less, the prizes for 2nd and 3rd place will be modified on the spot to something less. I may decide to host this again at another day + time to accommodate for users in other parts of the world if not a lot ends up being given away. Countdown ← until the event starts! I will post again when time gets closer! Note: To avoid making things too complicated on my part, I will allow no more than 10 players to participate in both the main event + test runs. I will do random drawings with the bot to see who will participate. This game requires everybody's full participation, as you may be called anytime. I may bump a player when it is their turn. Hope to see you there! If you want to learn more about how this game will be hosted, come see me @ Game chat whenever I am online and I will be happy to host a test run if I have the time to do so! The main event will take place @ Game chat on February 22 @ 10PM PST / February 23 @ 1AM EST / February 23 @ 6AM GMT
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    The main event starts in 24 hours @ Game chat! Countdown ←
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    I see everyone what you like I feel free to say what i like Frist point the idea is good I like it So this is what i like why not https://prnt.sc/r5yv9c
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    like @Goku I support the idea too, through it we're seeing a different cultures from some countries, this is nice, and I DISAGREE with @Anas cuz an idea can be in a new topic or post why not
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    I will support this suggestion cause is very interesting.
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    Nice idea, we need many kinds of hats like this!
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    It's a nice idea but not like a another power of hats, just increment it on Hats and this Mexican hat that's looks like the hat#W and this from Chile looks like hat#S. Anyway i liked your idea.
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    I support this idea, we really need to have russian ushanka! Others are cool too...
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    hi , well im at xat for long time but i see staff (vol ,mainowner ,owner, mod .....) some of them they broke rules thats weird if you are as staff and you dont respect!!! as i said this post is not for repport its just to talk about that problem that sometimes happen in xat world
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    @Crow about mainowner// or any staff not all of them accept the repport sometimes they ignore you sometimes busy sometimes they say we can do nothing sometimes those poepels are theire friends so they wont ban them sometimes u can see the main is rude or he broke rules so
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    Welcome @NIC0LAS bro, we're here for helping
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    what about 4 bots lol its normal what about 4 bots lol its normal you can ask masha about that @Masha !!
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    At the beginning of a new month, someone from the Contributor group will post a topic providing a summary for discussions that were discussed in the Contributor section during the previous month. This is to allow the community to be more informed and have a better understanding of the Contributor group. If you have any concerns or suggestions that you would like to be brought to the attention of the Contributor group, message any of the Contributors. You can see our previous logs here. Concluded Discussions These topics are concluded and are no longer being discussed. If you have any concerns about the conclusion of these topics, feel free to send a message and I'll see what I can do to help you. Re-opening Ajutor chat Redirecting Pomocy chat Language-specific FAQ pages Minimum activity rule for official/tribute chats New manager on Assistance chat Ongoing discussions These topics are currently ongoing. If you would like to offer feedback and/or suggestions, feel free to send me a message, and I'd be happy to convey it to the rest of the group. You can also post a comment if you would like to offer feedback and/or suggestions. Tribute chat applications Spam Limit International Forums New Image Providers
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    Tenet, will be released on July 17, 2020. im waiting curiously too. There is a theory like this. This theory is that the John Wick series is a prequel to Matrix, where John Wick is an earlier simulation for Thomas Anderson aka Neo. The Matrix franchise established that there were other simulations prior to the one featured in the films, and some fans believe John Wick is one of them. In this scenario, the robots created a world where John/Neo had a different purpose, but it would still lead to him eventually figuring out this life was a lie. and will be released on the same day in two films. John Wick 4 and Matrix 4.
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    TENET you mean? I'm excited as well. Out of the list you have given, Once upon a time in hollywood is the worst for me. I can't describe how disappointed I was with it. The best one probably is Joker, considering the actor got an oscar for it and due to good ratings but I haven't seen in yet. My favorite one is The Irishman. Loved everything about it; the actors, the atmosphere, the plot. Simply phenomenal. John Wick 3 was very exciting as well (as always), not the mention Keanu Reeves, probably the best out of three John Wick movies yet. I'm still waiting for an Inception/Batman Dark Knight level type of movie though. Hopefully TENET will be such a movie. Big expectations!
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    I want to some Sun & Rain.. weather here right now -16
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    Hi @NIC0LAS Firstly ; of all these movies are awesome but my favorite avengers series. I love Thor , Captain America and ect. I prefer effect films. I need to extra time for watch Joker & Parasite & The Irishman.. I think Nice topic ^^ good luck
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    It has been raining all day and tomorrow sun and heat, I don't like it, I prefer the cold
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    The upcoming power is a COLLECTION for Valentine's day! A total of 21 pawns have been added and 5 smileys. The smileys: superlove slheart slarrow slbroke slpair Here is the list of the pawns: hat#h#vrose hat#h#rose hat#h#arch hat#h#wedding hat#h#ring2 hat#h#serenade hat#h#hearthands hat#h#loon hat#h#box hat#h#lovegift hat#h#lovestar hat#h#loveletter hat#h#lm2 hat#h#firelove hat#h#lovetest hat#h#bucket hat#h#halo2 hat#h#flyheart hat#h#heartbreak1 hat#h#heartbreak2 hat#h#heartbreak3 And the list of the required powers: Valentine Floral Lovemix Lovepotion Wedding Marriage Lovefx Heartbreak Romance Lovemix2 Lovetest This list may change. wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Superlove
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    We fight .. i can see that .. And same i can see how ban is coming =)) NOOO . Barça win .
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    Hello everyone. I had an idea, what about a search field in the friends list so you can find your friend by his/her regname or ID? It would make the process of finding a friend a lot easier for those who have a lot of friends on the list, mainly because the list of friends is no longer in descending order by ID in HTML5. Thoughts?
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    You mean in public topics and discussions?
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    This is a tool for xat users, with it you can do a lot of external tools for you own usage, actually there is some like showing the current time in your PC, current date etc. Available commands: > date > clock > steam > randomavatar > setname > setavatar > setstatus > setgame Required: > Power BOTSTATS and STATUS > Your API key Getting API key: > Log in, scroll down > Check the box "Reset/Display API key" > Update settings, and you will see your API key Version: > 1.3 Download: > Windows (x64/64 bits): https://github.com/xLaming/xatbotstat/raw/master/app-x64.exe > Windows (x86/32 bits): https://github.com/xLaming/xatbotstat/raw/master/app-x86.exe > Linux/Mac: https://github.com/xLaming/xatbotstat/blob/master/source.py (requires Python 2.7+) Information: > Github: https://github.com/xLaming/xatbotstat/ > More info at: https://xat.wiki/Botstat It was compiled for people who don't know about Python, but you can still use the source file.
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