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    Markdown - format your messages and quote others! xat has now released a new markdown system which will allow you further customization in your chat messages! What is Markdown? It is a markup language that allows you to format your messages with a plain text syntax. On xat, it will allow you to make your text Bold, Italic, Strikethrough and even do quotes or hypertexts! How does it work? There are several ways of adding markdown to your chat messages, either manually, keyboard shortcuts or using the context menu, which will be explained below: Manually: You can simply add the markdown using your keyboard with the following syntax: Italic: Enclose your text with one asterisk (*). e.g.: Hello, *how are you?* Bold: Enclose your text with two asterisks (**). e.g.: Are you **really** sure? Strikethrough: Enclose your text with one tilde (~). e.g.: I ~like~ hate flash. Blockquote: Start the text with >[ and end with ]. e.g.: >[I ~like~ hate flash]. Hypertext: Enclosed the text with brackets ([]) and then add the link next to it in parentheses. e.g.: Visit the [best chat ever!](https://xat.com/html5) Keyboard Shortcuts: You just need to select the text you want to format in the text entry field and then press ctrl + the corresponding key to the markdown, which will be detailed below: Italic: ctrl + i Bold: ctrl + b Strikethrough: ctrl + u Blockquote: ctrl + q Context menu: To open the context menu you just need to select the text you want to format and then right click: Quote Icon: You can also quote messages sent by users by clicking the quote icon next to their name. If you click a quoted message, it will scroll into the message's view. Combinations: You can also do combinations between all of the markdowns. e.g.: I ***love** this markdown system. **~Flash is so old fashioned~**. Note: You can only add markdown to text with at least 3 characters. Plus, smilies won't be displayed inside block quotes. We're looking forward your feedback! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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    Main - Group Power (200 xats - Unlimited) This new (main) group power was made for the new editgroup and allows you to set custom permissions when adding a new main owner. You can select from these permissions: appearance, tabs, settings, grouppowers The tabs “main owners” and “miscellaneous” cannot be selected as these are only available for the group manager (when logging in with the group password). Without this power, you will only be able to add main owners with full permissions. Read more about the new main owners tab here. Please note: The old edit group has now been replaced with the new one. More information on the new editgroup here. The information regarding the status and the price of the power will come later!
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    Hello, synonymouses: RTL = Right to Left LTR = Left to right. First of all the Arabic language is a RTL language, and like some other languages it has its own numbers as shown here: The problem: When I write Arabic in the chat, it shows English/European numbers (That actually descended from the west Arabic ) by default and I don't mind it, but the problem occurs when I write an Arabic paragraph starting with a number . Example: RED (wrong): When I began with a number, the number stuck all the way to the left no matter what I write because the number is English (LTR) and the rest of the paragraph is Arabic (RTL). Green (Correct): When I started with an Arabic letter before the number, the whole paragraph continued as RTL because the beginning was an Arabic letter. Video Example: https://i.imgur.com/A6l76rD.mp4 *Same issue occurs when you start with an English word then continue with an Arabic paragraph, it will be stuck all the way at the left which would make the whole paragraph hard to understand. Any Arabic user can relate to this issue. Suggestions for a fix: Use an Arabic font that uses the Arabic numbers when written in the text box which would solve the RTL problem. Using javascript to detect if a character in the message box is RTL, and if it detected any it should convert the whole text to RTL automatically. Reference Not only Arabic, there are 8 languages that are being written from Right to Left, hence why its important to look into this matter! Regards, Stay safe.
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    Hello everyone, are you an f4 master and do you want to prove it by playing and maybe winning as well? maybe this is for you We have decided to carry out a championship, such as football, and only the best will win to make the idea even more fun we decided to make special prizes available will be played from Tuesday to Sunday, in the challenges there will be round trip HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Join the Contest indicating Regname and ID in a comment here and on the club, indicating "I participate in the 4 in a row Championship!" Participate as much as possible in the Concourses chat Chat and have fun without brakes! RULES: The Four in a row championship has a maximum of 20 participants, of which: 20 members of the club The championship will have a maximum duration of 1-2 months Every participant in a good race must post the screenshot on the club Respect for others is the fundamental rule, who will not be expelled from the championship False screenshots are not allowed penalty: disqualification The main project of this game is to have FUN If someone cannot play on that day he can move the game, but the player and the staff of the chat concourses must be notified the challenge of f4 develops like this: 3 points for victory 1 point for the draw 0 points for defeat START AT 10 PM FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP TO OPEN :(GMT+2) TUESDAY 14/07/2020 We look forward to seeing you at xat.com/concourses PRIZES: CLASSIFIED 20K + SPECIAL POWER CLASSIFIED 12500 XATS CLASSIFIED 5000 XATS CLASSIFICATO 2500 XATS THANK YOU ALL THE CONCOURSES STAFF: @Lemona @Luana @Abada @Alexius_ @Demonattack @Sara
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    The old create group, edit group and events page has been abolished now. #chats is now live everywhere!
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    Hello. We are in need of a Portuguese translator for the web and the bot commands. If you are one or you know someone, message me or @xLaming. You'll be paid in cookies.
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    This post will be modified when there are new updates. It contains all the updates that have been made over the months. 12/Jul/2020 OpenBOT is now using a CDN to provide information 100% uptime Translations Spanish, Portuguese and Italian uploaded for bots User powers wasn't showing disabled powers, it's now fixed Tool for listing staff members for a bot ID Spam of tickles/clicks is now fixed Caching for requests on website Remade translations system Minor bugs fixed Older changelogs
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    A new version is available. Changelog updated.
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    Sometimes we don't want to see people we don't like in xat rooms, we don't even want to see them in name lists, but sometimes when we ignore people we don't like or don't want to see, we continue to see the people we ignore on the contact list on xat. In my opinion, such a power of ignore should be created, which should bear the concealment of both ignore and invisible power, that is to people we ignore should be a blocking power so that the people we do not want to see should be blocked in the contact list and it would be very good if this power with superior blocking is created. According to the rules, we should automatically block the people we cannot ban with a power of our own. For this, a separate ignore button can be added. When we click on the person whose block we want to remove, we must have the option to unblock the person we blocked. this power must max have an enhanced max property of blocking and invisible power.For this, I suggest the "Maxignore" xat power. Since an advanced maximum ignore power has not been created yet, I see the people I ignore in this picture below and they see me in them.They still appear in the contact list in the xat room. they are not hidden in the picture.
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    Hello Friends ! We have a giant proposal for xat (banned users) Why should we open a new chat on xat ? 1. bad user accounts torch 2. number of non-compliant users 3. and there are many more reasons can we put banned users into prison ? I am sure that this topic will attract most people Blackchat , international banned chat area ( new xat banned chat room ) < what will this room be used for ? very simple , access to this room will be provided by prohibited users you will be allowed to access the official BlackChat page when banned in any xat chat room , you will be there for as long as you are banned, for example 24 hours or forever , This is not permanent, imagine that you are banned forever on a page, this will always give you access to the BlackChat page, but do not mislead you, you will be able to enter xat pages that you are not normally banned from. (that is, you will have the right to access here briefly while you are banned.) "note1: Remember: same being a chat to bad users (there stil will have rules) (this chat will be as xat/chat (diference: that will be to all bad users or anyone on chat, but especifically who join on this chat that ins't staff member is considered BAD USER) "note3" staff members are picked up for different languages and not necessary help on chat, they're picked up random. (trusted users) "note2: this will make with that them all think about theirs actions." the goal is to free people, to offer them a deep web environment a special volunteer should be selected here , election can be made across xat as a result of a vote this idea offers a completely new system , our goal is to make people more free, not to drive them away I think this will be an active chat area, because the number of banned users will be continuous RULES ? of course this room will have rules 1. Thoughts of hacking etc. will be banned 2. privacy will be limited 3. Swearing and slang words will be released (because if he gets banned here he will risk his xat account) 4. pornographic content will be forbidden , or a specific section can be published these are not strictly rules here our goal is to free them you can think of it like the deep web or like heaven and hell , imagine that a system that could be the back of this xat will be more free at the moment. Flirt, even if you know this page, it is not even entered with promote , Flirt will be official and free Enter : BLACKCHAT (when you are banned, such a message will come here is a secret chat area) REMEMBER: VOLUNTEERS CAN MAKE MODIFICATION IN THIS IDEA.
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    Hi everyone I thought of a powers stickers. The name of this powers is gabibbo, this powers is named after an animated puppet and I would like to propose it to you. it is a useful power for all communities because it is fun as powers, the characteristics of this powers are: This image can be perfect for a sticker because being a puppet you can insert a phrase like I go on space even this image would be perfect as a sticker it is a very cute puppet so to make it even more beautiful it must be composed of funny phrases it is in this image we can put an infinity of funny phrases I leave you with one last example which is what I like best, in this image we can insert any sentence, I wanted to clarify that the stickers I call them funny and I think that a puppet animated as stickers is perfect. also on this image we can make an infinity of sentences
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    Hello, I would like to suggest a new power I don't know how to name it, i just made. Smiley makers can name it as them wants. Some examples of it: Hats:
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    Sea calfs are very cute animals known for their it cutested. If a cute animal power was created within the Sea calfs, it would be very cute and great. I want a cute ''seacalf'' powers and I suggest ''Seacalf'' power for that. I added drawings and images to this suggestion showing the cutest looks of seacalfs and the cutest smiley emoticons of ''seacalfs''. I should also mention that the power I proposed will be different from the powers suggested and created before, because I will add the most interesting and very different emojis to this suggestion.
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    The markdown should be applied in the message box also, so that you can see what you're sending in visual terms. This should probably only apply to bold, italics and strikethrough as the way the others are implemented at the moment would be confusing. This is also useful when combining them (i.e. italic and bold) or seeing mistakes as you can see the formatting before you send it. i.e.
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    I added 3 alternative photos , and as you can see, entering symbols or some letters is not allowed , i think it should change https://prnt.sc/tfsiy4 , https://prnt.sc/tfsj7x . https://prnt.sc/tfsjci
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    Will underline be added? It struck me that ctrl + u is more suited to underline than strikethrough.
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    Hello everyone, xat Family has decided to give a new powers randomly to forum users. YOU ALL - Just respond with your USERname and your ID in this topic to participate. - Do not use other accounts to try to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified - GET the prize xat: ARCbot, HTML5, Assistance, feedback, MundoSmilies, or Bau Poll: Choose what you think it could be best. [You can choose one answer or both] Time END Deadline for publication: 17/07/2020 | The winner will be chosen in ARCbot xat with ARCbots BOT {Random} Enjoy, Good luck xatFamily!
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    In the new xat you can give main owner to your friend without sharing password (more secure) And with the new main power, you can decide what your main owner friend can do. Edit only pages? Edit group powers only? etc.
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    Nice theme to become a power.I like it.thnx
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    Enter : BLACKCHAT (when you are banned, such a message will come here is a secret chat area) , it offers an environment open to innovation , of course it is difficult to implement but when it is done it can offer people a new xat world
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    @Cupim @Angelo @LaFleur
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    I have prepared an interesting, entertaining and informative new topic that I think you will like. people wonder about the famous things of the countries and want to get information about the famous things of the countries. With this subject, we will actually get to know different cultures of different countries. Also, when we plan to travel to a country in the future, the cultural ideas shared here will inform us. It is beneficial for other people if people from every country share their cultural knowledge and famous features of their country here. informs people. It also helps people who do not know about cultures.What is your famous things in your country? It is famous in baklava and turkish my country. It is famous in baklava, lokum and turkish coffee my country.
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    My habit is periodically returning to xat and deciding to make a couple forum posts before forgetting about it again.. I'm just bored.
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    My favourite coffee is mocha because I'm gonna make a mochary of myself haha
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    Hi everyone, when I stayed at home, I drank lots of coffee and I like drinking coffee. You are drinking coffee when you go to a coffee shop, a restaurant, a patisserie, a mall or anywhere. You must have had coffee or you prefer to have coffee at home like me. has a favorite coffee type? What is your favorite type of coffee? Turkish coffee? Nescafe? Espresso? Ristretto? Americano? Latte? Cappuccino or Cortado or Macchiato? So what's yours? I like Cappuccino. Mine is cappuccino.
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    My favourite singer is Steve Harwell because somebody once told me the world is gonna be roll me. I'll continue the lyrics in my next post, coming next week to a forum near you :)
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    My dream is to get advanced member, I'll get there one day. One post at a time, I will make my dreams a reality. I hope you all will support me on my ventures, ty goodbye:)
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    The most precious thing is life, family and last but not least friends, You must not forget these things.
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    you can’t send hyperlinks if you aren’t member. It works just like regular links. edit: only allowed links (like xat.wiki) are allowed for guests on hyperlinks, other ones are blocked.
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    Wow really nice ideaaa duyguu this is so adorable i hope it will work agaaain
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    a nice proposal finally, the geomitric figures can be a nice solution to the classic pawn
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    Beautiful ideaaaaaaaaa good duyguuuuuu
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    I have given examples of beautiful and cute sea calf that I think you will like. I tried to show the loveliest facial expressions and loveliest movements and humanistic features of the lovable sea calf. While I was giving ideas to power designers, I tried to help power designers with my ideas to design a new power. The cute sea calf examples I have shared here will look really cute and great when designed as a new power.
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    I will show you an example on how it should look, and how it looks currently. The correct text when I write it using the right to left format in Microsoft Word: The arrow indicates how we read the text in Arabic. What shows in xat due to the automatic Left to Right format: (I wrote the number 2 first and then began typing Arabic) To make it more familiar in English this is an example: 2 People went to the park (Which is correct!) What we see in Arabic when we write the same thing but we begin with a number: People went to the park 2. (Which is confusing due to the automatic Left-To-Right in xat messages) Arabic text(Just add a number before you paste the text & you will reproduce the aforementioned): ذهبوا الى الحديقة http://textsnip.com/vfsc28 You can use these tools to switch between RTL & LTR in Microsoft Word:
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    At the beginning of a new month, someone from the Contributor group will post a topic providing a summary for discussions that were discussed in the Contributor section during the previous month. This is to allow the community to be more informed and have a better understanding of the Contributor group. If you have any concerns or suggestions that you would like to be brought to the attention of the Contributor group, message any of the Contributors. You can see our previous logs here. Concluded Discussions These topics are concluded and are no longer being discussed. If you have any concerns about the conclusion of these topics, feel free to send a message and I'll see what I can do to help you. Appointment of new chat managers: PS: This is my 3rd year in a row posting for June.
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    Congratulations to the winners! 📌 xNathy (1530989552) 10.000 XATS http://prntscr.com/tbt8wd 📌 Ereskigals (856652556) 1000 XATS http://prntscr.com/tbyy9d 📌 Piiinky160 (1513916216) 14.000 XATS http://prntscr.com/tc0ikp 📌 DjFunnyeLmejor (161735814) 6000 XATS http://prntscr.com/tc1bpj 📌 sergioherrera1974 (167217619) 10.000 XATS Y 100 DAYS http://prntscr.com/tc3l99 📌 dosmiLveinte (1536508184) paid the value of the big https://prnt.sc/tc3sxw 📌 xMayc (304525034) 20.000 XATS https://prnt.sc/t9kqsw 📌 xHabiibiix (1536565980) 3000 XATS http://prntscr.com/tbx2wp 📌 Piiinky160 (1513916216) 1500 XATS http://prntscr.com/tbx3j7 📌 Mercenarie (1506047406) 500 XATS http://prntscr.com/tbxedr 📌 Piiinky160 (1513916216) 100 DAYS http://prntscr.com/tbymq7 📌 iiCrazyBoyii (1286325891) 50 DAYS http://prntscr.com/tbzsrm 📌 iJuanR (41007792) 20 DAYS http://prntscr.com/tc1ni6
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    I admire the rotational movement of this flower, its magnificent rotation in the air and its magnificent appearance. it really would be an extraordinary flower power if the flowers that made such magnificent turns were designed as an smilies of xat power. Pay attention to the magnificent opening movements of the leaves of the flower, it looks very flashy and attractive its leaves on when leaves open and close.
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    I have added new flower drawings to this suggestion to give powers makers new ideas.
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    Thanks Mihai! I have not completed this suggestion yet. I will add new ideas and new emojis to this suggestion. I will try to contribute to the development and change of xat with new ideas and new suggestions. keep following me.
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    I like these flowers, they're nice like you @DUYGU you're a cool person
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