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    ID: 550 Name: Swimming Status: Limited Price: 219 xats Smilies: Pawns: Wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Swimming
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    good evening to all those present the next proposal is to see if they can add more emotion to the married and the bff as I will show you in the following image Also to suggest in the married an emoticion as it shows the rings with the heart on when the married is placed the rings are joined and little by little the heart appears all three together when the pawns join with the married. For the bff I would like to suggest the following as I will show in this other image previously the bff was used as a symbol of brotherhood no longer, now the bff is instead used now as a symbol of commitment. My suggestion is that the bff is symbolized as friends and for someone from xat.com want a commitment and join should make or create an emoticon for the peon as a symbol of commitment of bridal a ring tied to the pawns with a heart in the middle of the The ring identifies the commitment of brides since for the married in the pawns is the heart that is what identifies being married. I also want to add to the people who join with their same gender either on the cross or heart symbolize the cross of colors of the symbol lgtb and the heart also of color with the movement either on the cross bff or heart with the colors of the lgtb symbol . Well it would not be a bad idea to make a few small changes to these options that I have come to propose. As I said before years ago the bff was no longer respected, now it is used as a courtship and world xat should have in each of these different options that represent the union of brotherhood, the union of spouses, the union of people of the same sex It would not be a mistake to want someone from the xat to join another person and each one identify with something of the different emotions and in the pawns. Well, here I leave my humble proposal if it seems good or not you think thank you
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    Hello, This has already been suggested by Actavus in the past: In the future, use the search feature to know if something you'd like to suggest was already suggested before opening a topic. Thank you.
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    Invisible for main owners/owners makes the most sense as they serve a more managerial role and can essentially "spy" on their chat. The other ranks would likely just be using it to sit there and never talk to anyone. I suggest you use the forum search feature before creating all your suggestions:
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    Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest. Happy Birthday Leandro <33
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    Happy Birthday my broda!!! love you <3 <3
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    I love xat so much, why would anyone not take this website seriously?
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    http://prntscr.com/o16v64 http://prntscr.com/o16vat @Vituu has claimed their prize ALLHALLOWS! (16/17 winners)
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    Interested in such an animation, look for me. JASON xat.com/CentraldosPlayers
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    Happy Birthday bro @Marek
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    Happy birthday Marek!
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    Hello everyone. What do you say a little change with power invisible ?! - If you have invisible power and you are a guest in xat, everyone sees you. If you are a member, everybody sees you, except the guest. If you're a Moderator, everybody sees you, except for members and guests. If you are the owner and the main owner, we already know with everyone how it works. Who can see you in xat's Rank People Guest = Everyone Members = Moderators, Owner, Main Owner Moderators = Owner, Main Owner Owner = Main Owner Main Owner = Main Owner Who does not see you in xat's. Rank People Members = Guests Moderators = Guests, Members Owner = Guests, Members, Moderators Main Owner = Guests, Members, Moderators, Owners What do you think about this idea, write your comment or react with a smiley on this topic. !? Regards Bau
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    Welcome to the superhobbies.
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    Happy bday something later but.. this is the life
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    Prize received, Thanks @HelperNate
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    Hi all !! sorry for being late, here i want to announce the HONORED men selected by the HONORING CLUB, for this month of JUNE : He is talented, active, hardworking, helpful, he is someone that i respect personally, my HONORED men for this month of june is my freind: @HelperNate NATHAN
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    Tickle power can be obtained again. Complete the new security quiz to receive Tickle for free! Special thanks to all the people involved in this project: Sloom and Cupim (conceiving ideas), Toxic (graphic designing), Crow (proof-reading) and all translators. NOTE: Since we are changing the Tickle system, your Tickle may be removed in the near future. So eventually, everyone will have to take the quiz. Starting the security quiz To start the quiz, login at xat.com/login. Scroll to the bottom and click at: Click to run quiz and get free Tickle power (days needed). Once clicked, a new tab called “quiz” will be visible at the top navigation. Click on it and you’re ready to take the quiz. Quiz Details The quiz contains 19 questions. To get the Tickle power all 19 questions must be answered correctly. Each question has only one correct answer. If you select a wrong answer, you have the chance to re-select an answer. Once you answer a question correctly a green box will be appear, showing you more information regarding the question. We recommend that you read this carefully, it includes valueable tips. Furthermore, to proceed with the next question, you must wait 10 seconds. A countdown is displayed at the bottom right. If you completed all 19 questions successfully, you will be redirect to the main login page and the Tickle power will be given to you. Now, go and have fun. Think this way: Knowledge is power. So besides getting Tickle for free, you also get knowledge. 🧐
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    JASON xat.com/centraldosplayers
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    Happy Birthday Katie sis!
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    Happy Birthday!!!!!!
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    Happy Birthday @Marek <33
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    The deadline for the final winner to claim RED has passed. The next winner will be announced on Monday.
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    I receive messages every week with complaints to someone named HELP who asks to sell xats on an amount that can not exist: example: 100k xats for $50 If you do not buy, it will block your account. And now you say that everything is blocked, it is blocked, I did the test last night when I opened this suggestion. Always when I open a suggestion, maybe I do not explain well, but I check it often before I open it, maybe one or two people do not like it, maybe they use these names, I can not answer that. The next person making the complaint will be posted here, see what I'm talking about! HELP name "Can be used. (I can not explain it now, but I've seen it). Please be patient. YES, i like your suggestion Laming/Paulo, Thank´s!
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    I love when something new gets added, something else gets broken.
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    Winners, pc me on xat Help to receive your prize. @SH3LD0N received! http://prntscr.com/mva9ik @iCecy received! http://prntscr.com/mvaefp @Bruxinhotrade received! http://prntscr.com/mvbeoh @Vritme received! http://prntscr.com/mvkryd @Mighty1 received! http://prntscr.com/mvl433 @DonQuijote received! http://prntscr.com/mvpb1x
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    I have answered this question twice. 1. Boot is not a power group. 2. Boot does not work automatically. 3. Boot, after the kick user can return to xat. (But with my idea, the user will be sent on another xat as long as he is banned) The limited time is minutes to 24 hours, only a maximum of 24 hours makes power to work, it's more funny and usefuly.
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    I'd love to be a data scientist
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    My dream job is psychologist I'd like to listen to People's problems and help them
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    full time xat vol p.s. this is a joke
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