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    HO HO HO HOLIDAYSSSSSS! When you hear the jingle, that's an indication letting you know that it will soon be looking a lot like Christmas! It's that time of the month where Santa is in town and we gather again at xattrade for a Christmas celebration! While Christmas is all about the spirit of the season that embodies the very best of humanity, smiling at strangers and wishing them well. We become a little more giving, a little more conscious of how lucky we are and we share some of our luck with others. We become more generous, and we learn to enjoy the wonders of both giving and receiving. And of course, Christmas is a magical time when just about anything is possible! With that being said, Christmas isn't complete until you hand out free xats, right? For that, I am THRILLED to announce another Christmas event on Trade where we keep the Christmas spirit and the holiday season intact! With @Marya being generous enough to donate for this event, and some donations of mine, we'd hope to see all of you gathered again on xattrade for a fun night! If you've been to our events on Trade before, I'm sure you know how FUN AND EXCITING THEY ARE! So please join us on Tuesday, December 18 @ 10:00 PM EST time! I will be hosting with @lemona and @Angelo HAPPY HOLIDAYS
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    John and I have both been so blessed with the giving nature of the xat community, that in return we would like to give something back in honor of the Holiday spirit. Prize: 1k each to 5 lucky winners Rules are simple. 1. Reply with Reg name and xat ID 2. No repeat accounts or you will forfeit. 3. Contest will end Sunday, December 23rd 12 pm EST. 4. 5 Random winners will be selected using a name generator. http://www.randomresult.com/ Good luck everyone and God Bless!
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    If you think you can do better then by all means. Feel free to create better smileys for this power. When you finish, send me or the admin the .fla file and then they can upload it.
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    Hello, I'm suggesting that xat implements a feature to the trade engine that allows for more efficiency when trading super powers such as superxmas, superhalloween etc. How it would work: When a user searches for a certain super power (ie. "superxmas"), all the required powers that the user owns would then appear. Why: This is easier and a more efficient way to search for all the required powers, especially if someone is selling all the powers for the super power. Not to mention, it could potentially help users selling to ensure that the seller isn't forgetting some powers. Would also be cool to add some sort of check mark at the bottom of the engine if all required powers for a super power are there, to avoid any potential scams in that direction. This feature would also be useful for allpowers.
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    With Christmas approaching, I've decided to donate xats towards this event to help make this contest possible" General Contest Information The aim is to create a background set for the Trade chat group that captures the feeling of Christmas, or the holiday spirit. N.B. submissions will be used for a week or more. Guidelines and Restrictions You must provide both an inner background and also an outer background The dimensions of the inner background must be 728 * 486 px The dimensions of the outer background must be 2560 *1440 px or larger You must provide a matching button color Your entry must be posted publicly here CSS may be used for minor modifications You may post as many entries as you like Please try not to make anything too bright or dark, as this may be abrasive to eyes Prize Information Three winners will be chosen: 1st place -- 10,000 xats 2nd place -- 5,000 xats 3nd place --1,000 xats Prize pool is 16,000 xats. Judges : @Marya @Addict , @Sydno , @Cupim @Echo Deadline for entries December 20th 2018, at 8:00 p.m. (CST) Prize Holder @Angelo
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    A new version is available. Changelog updated. Most notable change: A revamped Edit your profile with a preview and underscores being removed when doing spaces!
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    Heyoo! I'm back again to give more chances to other users to win some power, HERE WE GO!! 10 powers in prize for 10 lucky users. Piggy Bump Sea Events Reverse Noel Single Topspin Mint Typing As always here some Rules to follow : Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. 10 WINNERS will be chosen Monday, 10th December at 01:00 PM (GMT+1) like the countdown showing here! Using this generator. If for some reasons the winner is held or has not contacted me within the 24 hours, another winner will be chosen with same way. Good Luck everyone!!
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    A collection of christmas related powers. ID: 526 Name: Superxmas Status: Collection Price: Unknown Smilies: Not available yet Pawns: Required powers for Superxmas: Choirhug, Christmas, Christmix, Kxmas, Ornaments, Snowy, Sparklefx, Treefx, Tropicalxmas, Winter, Winterland and Xmasscroll See wiki for more information: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Superxmas
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    Entry 1 Inner Outer Button Color: 8c9bab Preview Entry 2 Inner Outer Color button: fda702 Preview
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    Inner https://i.imgur.com/QcKgfTP.png Outer https://i.imgur.com/TkHfoLG.png Button color: #123b57
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    You're not supposed to add your username and ID. This isn't one of those contests! You just have to show up on Trade and play the games to win.
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    Can't express how disappointed I am that this pawn didn't make a return It's one of my favorite xmas themed pawns, alongside the snowman! (At least we got that one)
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    I can confirm that I am holding the prize.
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    Inner Outer Button Color: #a4e3f6 Inner Outer Button color #3797a4
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    Yo, I'm sn Toxic from xat and I design! I currently am running https://xat.com/Graphics , but if I'm not there you can always find me at https://xat.com/Home . My Prices for Graphics vary, but here are the basics: - PCBacks - 1k - Inner BG + Outer BG - 2k - Inner BG + Outer BG + Icons/CSS - 3k Check out my albums and if you need anything, even graphics advice, feel free to give me a shout on xat! Newest Album: https://imgur.com/a/PAsui0I Latest Album: https://imgur.com/a/mmHA0We Old Album: https://imgur.com/a/5FnuG Noob Album: https://imgur.com/a/GQMZU *After the first 5 requests have been taken you can contact me or a staff member at Graphics for your needs.* I've made 5 free pcbacks for the first 5 to post and here they are: *Edit, one of the PCBacks was deleted due to complaints from that user* Second time doing 5 free PCBacks: *The first one was asked not to be posted, but is in my Newest Album if you'd like to see it*
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    iWitness29 (1529667724) Good luck everyone!
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