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  1. Hello, This contest consists of you creating a page background (outer),a chat background (inner), and a xatframe. It must be based on halloween, and will last for a month. Instructions & Rules: You must create a chat background (inner) adaptable to HTML and Flash. You must create a page background (outer) to be used on the old page (https://xat.com/Mundosmilies?old). You must create a xatframe that doesn't cause lag to users. You can see some examples of xatframe/pages on Google, but copying is not allowed, just use them as a refe
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  2. Hello everyone tonight we will proceed with a new game that will entertain everyone HOW TO PLAY: You will have to choose between red green and black Once the color has been chosen, the bot extracts the color If your color appears, you have won One person at a time will be called for fair play JOIN IN THE CLUB GUYS! RULES: Respect the chat rules Trolls are not allowed The game will start tonight at 11:30 pm (GMT + 2) IN xat.COM/GANAR PRIZE HOLDER: @Demonattack
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  3. Hello everyone are you ready for a new roulette appointment? HOW TO PLAY: You can choose red or black and if you guess right in the roulette spin Along with the color you need to choose a number from 1-34 If you only guess the color you win 200 xats Jackpot: if you guess color and number you win 400 xats RULES: THERE WILL BE AFTERNOON CONTESTS, TOMORROW WILL START AT 6:30 PM (GMT + 2) IN xat.COM/GANAR PRIZE HOLDER: @Demonattack @Luana @Abra
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