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  1. Hello everyone, I'm back to host yet another contest and I hope you're feeling lucky! Here's how it works: There will be 3 ROUNDS to this contest. Each round will have 1 winner with a different prize amount. Each round will last UP TO 1 week, or until a winner has been announced. To play, you must: Use the bot command !randomnumber Post a screenshot AND the NUMBER (AS TEXT) below! You can only post 1 number per day. ROUND 1 (20,000 XATS) @ xat.com/Help - WINNER: @pogMan ROUND 2 (15,000 XATS) @ xat.com/Ganar - DEADLINE: Wednesday, August 4th @ 5pm EST ROUND 3 (10,000 XATS) - DEADLINE TBD Be the first user to post the winning number to WIN!!! Note: If you win 1 round, you can't play any more. Big thank you/grazie to @Pako for donating! GOOD LUCK!!
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