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    My opinion is the same as before. This is something very simple to do, especially now with HTML5, a lot of things can be done such as multiple page backgrounds, or even gifs. Note that I'm talking about the chatbox background, not the page background. Do not confuse. (It's cool as it's now - using xatframes aka iframes). I did something like this for Flash some time ago: And even converted it to HTML5: But, it's not the same thing, in my opinion the system should work on the following rules: Main owners can set 1 - 5 backgrounds. Main owners can define default background. Buttons being displayed outside of the chatbox. When someone clicks one of these buttons, the chat background changes instantly. Backgrounds are separated by #. Same way than PCBACK. E.g url1#url2#url3#url4#url5. Some ideas for button positions/styles: 1. Buttons should be located on the right side. 2. Buttons shouldn't be located on bottom, left or top. * Reasons: Top: very limited space between the chat box and navbar. Bottom: it's used to keep showing xat Ad (promotion/power releases) Left: sided apps, then it's not a good place to keep them. Well, that's all. I hope this will be added in the future.
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    Hello everyone, i had an idea. I was thinking about a upgrade on the power status, where you could select which chats your status would be visible and which ones it wouldn't. Eg. There is some chats where you cannot sell IDs or anything else in your status, using a macro you would be able to exclude those chats, so your status wouldn't be visible on them, but visible on all the others. If it's possible, even setting that paramater for multiple statuses (@Aspect's idea, read https://forum.xat.com/topic/7762-multistatus/) Thoughts?
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    A few years ago specifically in 2016 I made this proposal and well with all the changes we are having I would like to propose again. This function would basically involve adding more extra bg's for chat, obviously it should work for both outer and inner. Here is a small sample to see if this concept can be applied to the community. https://imgur.com/61Rcqoc At that time I suggested it as power but this time as an added function
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    Hello everyone, I've seen standard old pawns on xat in a humanoid way that has always been the standard for years. Contrary to the existing standard humanoid pawn, new pawn shapes with a geometric shape should be developed. I would like to see new pawn shapes in the form of a circle, a square or a hexagonal shape with triangle. however, these geometric-shaped pawns must be designed to be reinstated. some people do not want to change their pawns, it is necessary to think about them. therefore, a special code must be made for the geometric pawn. If we want to add the emoji of any power to our pawn, we must first use the pawn of other powers by converting our geometric pawn back to the normal old standard, and this is the new pawn form, not the power. no fee should be paid for this. geometric shaped pawns should be used on demand. Also this would be great if power makers consider designing a geometric pawn power that changes its pawn shape. I would like on the see pawn shapes that look like crystal-like geometric-shaped pieces and gemstones in place of my old pawn. I showed you sample pictures below.
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    Yeah I think the current pawn design is getting outdated tbh. I like these designs <3 Well done.
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    With the new official xat HTML5 testing chat - https://xat.com/html5 - coming to life, we are introducing an old/new exciting system! Each month a user will be picked as the new main owner! This first pick will be on June 1st, 2020. The new main owner will be revealed on the 1st of each month on xat.com/HTML5 and later announced here on this topic. More information about the official xat HTML5 chat can be found here. FAQ Main Owner list: #1 June 1st, 2020: Lemona (220341852) #2 July 1st, 2020: TBA
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    I fully share everything Cupim has written. Regardless of the friendship that binds us, I believe that Lemona is one of the most appreciated users of the community truth. She is special in everything she does, she makes everything she asks of you special and simple. She is one of the few people I have met on this site that has made herself available despite the distance and the language difference. Over the months we have become friends, but this is a detail. She showed me how much she cares about this site, how much difference her creativity, her intelligence, her ability to listen and her recklessness make. She is kind, she has a comforting word and an incredible strength of spirit and I respect her for that. I'm very happy for this choice, she deserves it, not only for what you do, Lemona, but because I think you can be an example for the new generations that will come on this site. I am proud of you. I love you, sister ❤️
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    Congrats @Lemona you're gonna do a great job!
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    Many congratulations, Lemona! It's a well deserved pick and I know you'll make a great manager for the month of June. Have fun and remember to visit us at Help!
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    El falso amigo e' como la sombra que te sigue mientras dura el sol No todos reciben la misma visión de mí Algunos te podrán decir que soy una buena persona Y otros te podrán decir que soy una m**rda Lo que yo te puedo decir e' que le' crea' a los do'
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    I am very glad to be lemona main owner, really interested and problem solver congratulations @Lemona
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    (Para ler em Português, leia no final! To read in English, simple continue:) A few years ago, members of our community were recognized for bringing significant changes to the xat universe. They made a difference. The importance of acting as the leader of xat5 chat in the past was to be close to the creator of xat. It was a delicate responsibility, you'd have to know how to measure your own personal opinions from the individual opinions of others that arose everyday regarding all kind of matters. At that time, we lived to follow the fast and sensational changes xat presented us. A lot has changed since then. A lot of people have changed too, and like things, and just like us, xat hasn't stopped changing either. Nowadays, in 2020, we live in a reality in which an entire new generation introduces itself to xat. And with this new generation, we have new challenges. We all know that the creator of xat has a group of volunteers with him, diverse people from all over the world who dedicate their daily routines to ensure that xat stays as a pleasant, innovative and original site. Many of these volunteers were recognized for the difference they made at the time of the monthly xat5 main, when they could act as the main owner for a month. Years later, we have a new group that helps xat with their ideas and opinions, the contributors. I use these examples, as it is important to highlight the countless times that xat has embraced the community that uses it. Following this thinking, we will maintain the idea of giving more opportunities for the community to expose their ideas and opinions. We will maintain this timeless dream of always looking for new paths, of obtaining better results, of meeting new people, of facing problems that have never been solved before. We, responsible for the html5 chat and for all the propaganda that seeks to decorate a scenario where the main character is xat, and html5 its climax, are more than happy and proud to announce the first step of this collective plan. Our decision here today is not due to the individual merit of the person elected to take the 1st month on the html5 chat, but due to the results of ambitious projects that positively affect our daily lives. She is responsible for the touching ideas that jump in our Facebook timelines, she worked on the wiki reviewing texts and creating new content, she actively participated by suggesting tools and powers, she tested and helped by experimenting the new version of chat, finding problems and proposing details that until then were not in our field of vision. She definitely marked our history as a kind person, loved by everyone, and skilled in the arts in which she sought to perfect, the graphic design. Lemona. Our decision today is not simply recognize you, or to get you closer to xat, or for you to learn how to work with your personal opinions and the opinions that you will start receiving daily, even because we believe that you already have all these merits... Instead, our decision here is for a new xat. For a future in which everyone has the space to expose their ideas, to talk with tranquility and without interference from the opinions of others subjected to inappropriate conditions for a environment that needs to be welcoming, as it shall be for a chat with such purpose, as ours (html5 chat). For now, with this warm welcome to the future that we're going to build together, I ask your loyalty, not to me, not to Lemona, or to the names that will sign at the bottom of this note, but loyalty to xat; loyalty to the dream of building something much more fun than it was for us a decade ago. From the tired and anxious eyes that sifted through the gigantic list of more than one hundred powers, it will soon be weeks and weeks of exploration and rolling of eyes, and there must be someone to help and guide the new users. For those who have used xat for more than five or ten years, I'm sure that these words will serve as comfort, motivation and hope. To those who jumped off the boat, I suggest you swim back. To those who mock the late development, I recommend you to have patience as it'll soon be rewarded. I respect the doubters, but I also invite them to participate on the html5 chat, so that every month they pay a visit. Lemona won't please everyone, but she made a difference. I thank everyone who read this note, the note is faithful to the dream shared by four helpers who sleep every night thinking of a better xat. On behalf of LaFleur, Sloom, Junior and my own, I officially appoint Lemona to the position of main owner on chat html5 for a period of one month. May we make good memories. Enjoy your day. 1st day of June, 2020. Cupim, LaFleur, Junior, & Sloom. ============================================ Versão em Português (carta original):
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    i love youuuu baby...🎵🎶
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    First of all, a round of taning what a weather.
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    This idea reminds me a lot of xat5 so it is possible to keep users active and pending all activity in the chat, good initiative!
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    I like this idea, I find it interesting but above all exciting. The person chosen as main owner would not only have the opportunity to make themselves known but would have the opportunity to show the various communities that attend the chat, what they’re made of. The main owner chosen could express their ideas, their thoughts and their personality. I think it's a nice way to bring all communities together and show that there is no language that can distance users between communities and communities.
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    In both cases, if the status was changed in the settings or by macros, that status would be applied only in that chat they use one of those and the tab in the settings would show all the configured statuses and which chat they're applied to.
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    In addition to this suggestion, there could be a tab on settings where you could set specific statuses for specific chats. It would show on each line which status was chosen for which specific chat. Sell purple for xat.com/Trade Bump if you need help! for xat.com/Help
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