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    Hello I wanna tell about many bugs or errors ? on the app 1.) I can’t do login . 2.) I can't buying xats from xat. 3.) i can’t buying new power from store . 4.) I can’t desactive any powers , totally error at all
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    So if you have the translator on (doesn't matter what language) and you're talking to someone on private chat, out of randomness one of the things you are saying will be said it in the main pool and it won't appear in the private chat. I checked with two browsers so it wasn't my account, and the other people saw it on the main pool as well. I actually tested this twice with two people, even thought i don't know how to actually trigger it.
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    When you change the group description to lots of alt + 255 spaces, the chat is deleted.
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    Translations rolling back to english.
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    I have tried going to chat: xat.com/Assistance and it re-directs me to the groups page. And when I try using bot commands relating to the group such as !delistcheck and !grouptransfer, the FEXBot says that the group does not exist. I have also asked others to verify this issue by connecting to the chat, and there is no luck for them either. Using /go also does not work, nor adding ?new to the end of the URL. So I want to know, is there some kind of maintenance on xat going on right now? Has the group been terminated?
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    Hello, The same problem. The issue happens with Spanish users. When you click "Help", it redirects to https://xat.com/Help_ and not to Ayuda's chat. Thanks.
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    Hi all, good as they could read in the title I will report a bug that happens when you use the command /go one of my examples will be fexbot, when I go to your xat using this command Before entering: When you're there, you touch a user and will appear this When you use the command to return to any other xat (in this case i use Xat_Test)
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    Take Note: - I am not sure if this is a bug, but I put it in here just in case it is. I believe that If you're clicking on someone, the heading color should be consistent with the chat button color, assuming you have a custom color. Take the following picture as an example: Now the following is not really a bug, but I suggest that the chat buttons have a solid color and not a gradient, just like the blue heading in the picture, so it stays consistent with the design of the chat client. This of course also includes the chat pools.
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    Adding (Hat#hL) to your name with the Ruby power will grant you the Wigs pawn without ever owning the power. I have reached a conclusion that the key to this bug is Ruby. I've tried this with other various pawns as well, Those who did not have the Ruby Power were not able to recreate this bug. With the Ruby power disabled, it still functions. I have done a Wigs Power transfer and trade back and the bug remained. The True Key is the Power to auto-update with the new powers as well as having the Ruby Power.
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    Muffins doesn't appear in member search results.
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    If you login, you will get a message which says "Please wait..", however it will not continue. The current solution: Click at the Play-Icon on the chat box. This only happens in Chrome and Opera apparently and seems to be an recent issue. @Admin
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    Hello! This issue only happen for spanish users. The problem is when you click in 'help' scroll up (toplinks) It redirects to 'Assistance' and not xat ayuda. It's an issue because I've tested that with others languages for example German and redirects to Helfen, Portuguese to ajuda, English to help.
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    there's a little bug with the (status#) power, when u add a space first and then what u want to add, it doesn't show to other people. special thanks to @Camila who helped me found it.
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    Well, on "Paysafecard" it says "NO RESERVE!" but it redirects to Skrill, So, when you buy using this option you'll get reserve.
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    Yesterday i've received a PC and I had this issue, today I've seen a chat and it happened again. Messages being replaced by [object HTMLDivElement] I don't know if this is related to the bug with smilies on break lines not showing (when your message is too long and theres a smilie, it doesnt show e.g ). This print was taken from main chat, but yesyerday was on PC.
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    It seems that I can promote chats for 3 minutes paying only 1 xats.
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    In this bug, guests/members who log on to the HTML5 version of xat who are registered CANNOT private chat staff members who have PCPLUS on that also have NOPC turned on. PCPLUS's original intent is to override NOPC so that only registered users can private chat them. For those viewing xat in HTML5, PCPLUS does not work, and only works as if the user who is a moderator or above has the NOPC power only. Before I describe what happens in these screenshots, upon testing this, my main account is the account ranked moderator or above, and my alternate account is the account ranked a guest. My main account did NOT add my alternate account as a friend. In the first screenshot, I am logged in as my alternate account on the HTML5 version of xat, where I can clearly see that my main account has the powers NOPC and PCPLUS. In the second screenshot, from my alternate account, I attempt to start a private chat with my main account who is on the Flash Player version of xat. In the third screenshot, using my alternate account, I return to the Flash Player version of xat and attempt to start a private chat with my main account, which in this case, PCPLUS power overrides NOPC. Note: This bug may also apply to guests/members using the mobile version of xat as well.
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    When having the "Make Member" GControl option set to Owners, the moderators are still able to use tempmem power. Thanks @Pia for your help !
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    As you can see, I'm using the (hat#hC) code from the power Classic, and when I PC someone, It seems like I'm not. The same thing happens if YOU private chat someone with the hat code: Daishinkan has (hat#hC) as well.
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    These two literally mean the same: ''Make this chat for registered users and members only'' In conclusion, the second option on Spanish should be ''Hacer éste chat sólo para usuarios subscritos/suscritos y miembros.''
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    Hello! I would like to report a bug that I found while using the power flgpwn. I'm married in the xat and when my married and I are together, the flag of the power doesnt appear for me. I asked to my married if she can see the power working and for her is normal. The power doesnt work only for who has the power and is married ( I'm not sure if bff works ) Thank you for the attention and I hope help with this bug.
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    The black power sales pawn doesn't work perfectly He notified that this will be amended as soon as possible. https://imgur.com/a/bJsqGwk .png Sala de empeño https://imgur.com/a/REmA58x .png Peón privado Usa html5 Test @ Imr
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    I would like to suggest a fix on the CSS for the displaying groups on featured list etc. As you can see in the image below, the group name gets cut off, I have a fix for this. In the image below this I have fixed the issue with the CSS. CSS code that I added is: overflow-wrap: break-word; word-wrap: break-word; Whole CSS code with my edits #groups .thumbnail { background-color: #fff; height: 250px; overflow: hidden; display: block; position: relative; border: 1px solid #d1d2d4; -webkit-box-shadow: 3px 3px 8px 2px #e7e7e7; -moz-box-shadow: 3px 3px 8px 2px #e7e7e7; box-shadow: 3px 3px 8px 2px #e7e7e7; overflow-wrap: break-word; word-wrap: break-word; }
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    When you set language to English and back to home page without "?lang=en" it's being set automatically to my language again. This also happen if I set any other language e.g "?lang=ar" to Arabic. What is happening is that https://xat.com/?lang=LANGUAGE_CODE is not storing the Cookie, so when you back to the home page it still showing on my language, not what I've set, this also mean that the chats will be shown in my language, not the language I've set. I'm using Firefox 68, @Thuk and @Bau also tested it with Chrome and isn't saving on this browser too.
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    iOS Hi i had this bug but on page to the app Proof 1. http://prntscr.com/mjdaqz Proof 2. https://prnt.sc/mjdap3
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    Hello, I was using the xat app and the power (typing) shows that I was typing when I wasn't typing anything, I also left the chat room and the power was still showing that I was typing. I was on a PC (from work and using a different register) and from iPhone with my original register and I noticed this. Not sure if this is a bug that's already known, however I'm just want to inform it.
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    Forgot password email for the forum account is not arriving on the email. @Andre
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    This bug is related (show) power. It might be extended to others powers.
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    When LinkValidator is Disabled on Settings, it opens two tabs and still has LinkValidator (yes, i refreshed the page and signed out and in) When LinkValidator is Enabled, it only opens one and I don't get LinkValidator.
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    And the user didn't have all the powers needed.
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    It's not possible to use the flgpwn with everypower, you put the code properly as it says on xat.wiki/flgpwn but the pawn shows glitched. Flash: On HTML5 it shows a random flag instead of the one we put on the code: If you open another browser, when using the flash version in the first browser, you'll see the glitched pawn on both flash and HTML5. If you open another browser but using the HTML5 version in the first browser instead, in HTML5 it will show as it is in the first browser (showing the random flag), but if you use flash it will show the flag properly (without the everypower effect ofc).
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    When sending an inline smiley code, such as :‍) :‍D ;‍) :‍o :‍p 8-‍) :‍@ :‍s :‍$ :‍( :'‍( |-‍), it results in pristine smiley quality. However, sending it's external .swf counterpart seems to result in a very poor quality smiley. (Smile) (Biggrin) (Wink) (Eek) (Tongue) (Cool) (Mad) (Confused) (Redface) (Frown) (Crying) (Sleepy) The quality of the extended smiley code is much, much worse than the shortcut smiley code. Examples are provided below: Mini-note: Seems like 8-‍) and (co‍ol) are both terrible quality. Mini-note 2: :-* is great quality.
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    Whenever you ignore someone, their messages sometimes disappear in the main chat. If you unignore them, their messages will reappear, but they will also still have the "Ignored" pawn in main chat. Their pawn will be normal in the userlist. Alternatively, if their messages do not disappear, you'll be able to see their "Ignored" pawn in main chat. Once you unignore, the ignored pawn will still be there. However, their pawn will be normal in the userlist. Note that once you click on the same user after unignoring, their pawn will go back to normal.
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    https://imgur.com/LEJ8jDm?r http://prntscr.com/lpros6
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    I don't know if this is a bug or not, but I'm putting it here anyway Unlike desktop, when you do a captcha on mobile, it requires you to do the "select the boxes" type. On desktop you just have to check it off and you're done.
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    https://web.xat.com/web_gear/chat/ConvertShuffle.php It should be: ''Put the Url of your pictures in the boxes'' instead of ''Put the Url of your pictures n the boxes''.
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    On the description of the (Sport) powers, it says ''wiki for more'' but instead of a link to xat.wiki/Sport it goes to xat.com/Sports
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    It appears that when the "Recent profile visitors" widget is disabled, it asks you to enable like if it was on your profile. But if you click "enable", it will return a "You are not allowed to edit this profile". If I'm correct, it should show that only for the admins and not for everyone. @Andre @Brandon
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    Text doesn't appear when you click the "Mark Site read" on buttons and the popup itself. It happens also when it asks you to confirm before delete. @Brandon @Andre Edit: Seems to work again.... has it been fixed?
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    xat should add some consistency to the way symbols are handled through the site in order to avoid confusion. Currently, some pages such as as Register, Login and Change Password automatically stripe symbols from passwords, while other areas of xat such as Edit Your Profile, Trade and Transfer Engines or the Ticket System do not. Users are often confused as for why they are able to log in and perform certain actions with their password but they get an incorrect password message at times. We should either allow or completely stripe symbols from the site, while the second option is the most likely to be done. That said, a reminder should also be added to the Register and Change Password forms, letting the user know symbols are going to be stripped from their password.
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    The option to select the conversation within the menu disappears after submitting a reply.
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    Hello today wanted to try something in HTML5 and I asked a user to give me PC when he did the PC appeared the way I showed in the screen.
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    https://prnt.sc/i6kxxi http://prntscr.com/i6l3sy Lately I've seen users with a status with no days or without the power. I don't know if it's just an improvement for xat for users to have a visible status without the status power or if this is a legit bug. Currently from what I remember, users need the status power and have it turned on for other users to see the status the initial user has set. Is this a bug or just an improvement for xat?
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    A rule is missing on https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/Auction.php Should be ''vas a'' instead of ''as a'' on https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/buy.php On the first one it should be ''Comprar'' not ''omprar'' and the second one should be ''los'' instead of ''s'' on https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/Getxavis.php
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    The dancing animation of Superblastkick is currently broken too. When you kick someone, the jukebox only appear for less than a second and then it goes off.
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    Screenshot of issue: When spider crawls, not logged in => https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/register.php?e=1 Displays the wrong description, fixable but not in foreseeable future according to the administrators.
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    Reactions should use official xat smilies instead of the default content.
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    The text on the "Sign In Now" button does not match the casing style of other buttons.
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