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    @ @Welcome Members! What do you think about this? @Bau @Danne @Cleon @Harrison @Blacky @Fiona @Queen_Sofia @Flake @Stif2 @Shake @Zoomey @Calvin @rikardoaaron @Dachoque @Marek @muffins @iJuanR @DUYGU @FreeCash @AlexLopesAltero @Thuk @iMoHd @Skatel @Laming @YuanWang @deletedaccount1233 @Kriz @SirCharlie @Morenako @Geordie @Arthur @CrazyReaperChick @Camii @Booh @iPia @theking__ @Encrypt @Solange @pityus @Micheilon @MatiSPW @jessibe1 @Taylor93 @Danvers @Henrique @Sevda @Debs @Christians @Light_Yagami @Danny2024 @Ritual @TheDemon61 @Holmes @truemart @Peru @Haey @BRABO @ANdre23lx @Mandy @Beacska19950305 @nazareescritora @SlimShady @alejan @Sataz @DjCrazy @thatgirlXD @Dreamer @venyn @Shizuo @Jefferson @Gambler @Mighty1 @Aredhel @RealMadrid @princessemalgreL @iSanty @Teddy @BOY$ @Spawn @mekan34 @Vritme @Math @G0dC0mpl3x @Mammoth9898 @Only @welington @XxjokisxX @JacobC71 @Paul @Mariaenid @Sonic @Samuel @Gerig @handleit @InfirmumVermiculus @BenabdaLLah @Tigreza- @Glorious @Airtime @iWild @silverblxss @Cedric @pedro007 @paulobelmarconi288 @Kent @Ady @JomyLove @Tiger_Gamer68YT @Florecita @426495 @DouglasJr @Addict2 @Ruzo @Costy @pip176 @Bleiz @depriv3dd @myow @prestij @THE_HaWK @Madian1 @iNicolas @andreycrysty @kyle1985 @Dimple @David22 @Gucio @Piluchy @Mustafaaa @Queen @SOetR @Uuuhhhh @TheLostKoi @ScottHall @akebi @Enge @RaFs @dacramone89 @abdelos @R3DDS @miaa @AdonisTH @Tero @Ravey @Jine @JeanTM @Fanel @dante95 @Mcht @akaDrewski @Caiio @bribrii00 @janfranco @DenmarkPakky1 @iMano @Rhea @MagicDesing @J0hn @mariafernanda58 @iDan @oandreybarros @leiyimar @gostododesejo @SrLoko @SethTI @Loyal_bolu @Pheebz @rodolfo @Kumarn @Caucasiankiki @SethTI @Brow @McKrystiann @JockerAndrew95 @ib2k @Viber @T3M0 @Gyulus @Suee @DjDanny24 @motherofdragons @drezzasouzaa @anxbeg @MisteR @Fons @FREO @maxo @SEANORAMA @AngieOuO @SEDA @Cross @KLIERA @wtrmln625882 @mary17 @Page @iWitness29@ShatteredSpirit19 @pablo@Pabloo @Secret_Ghost @Nove7 @Icantthinkofaname @Low @Xhonsel @Mitsuha @Born @ANG3LL @cfr_tobias @iGuinho @VAN3SSA @AND3 @SaMuKaO555 @Santademonia @Skatel @Dallas @Christina @Borbo @JoseSergioJr17 @Marya @Pudinzinho69 @Luig @Bruxinhotrade @-Daniel @i1Category @xiFaahx @Daniel @SHAW @op1 @AR91 @Ronal @Zoom @Blossoms @UchihaFelipe @Gravity @Meru @SLOom @Bobocica @finii @MustHaveCoffee @DcrXy @deni @lemona @exotic @maria13 @GDragon
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    This lists contain forum suggestions which received positive feedback by the community, including post reactions (likes) as well. Please note, this doesn't mean they will be used by xat. The simply serves as an overview for xat. Last updated: February 10, 2019 Implemented Suggestions - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - General - Main Site / Concerns General - Chat Applications Powers - Functions Powers - Smilies Powers - Pawns Free - Smilies Powers - Groups Powers - Games Powers - Gamebans Powers - Bans Powers - FX Powers - Flix Powers - Jinx Powers - Blast Forum Suggestions
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    In order to keep you up to date, you will be informed about the changes of the HTML5 chat here, this will be updated every time there is a new version. The HTML5 chat is currently accessible by typing ?new after the chat name, e.g.: https://xat.com/xat5?new To see the version number in the chat, click at your profile > settings. If it doesn't show the latest version, you may have to clear your cache. Note for Safari Mobile: If you're trying to connect to the HTML5 chat trough Safari on your iOS phone, make sure that you have the latest iOS version as it may not work otherwise. Bug: If you want to report a bug, you can do so here: https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/html5-chat/ Feedback: If you want to leave your feedback or make a suggestion, you can do so here: https://forum.xat.com/forum/223-html5/ Changelog - Version Januar 21 2019 Gline power has been implemented. Gscol power has been implemented. Gback power has been implemented. New: You can now get a preview of powers. To do so, click on the power smiley in the chat, e.g. (marshie). (Note: This only works with powers after ID 202 at the moment) Changelog - Version December 24 2018 An issue has been fixed which wouldn’t show the Save button on edit for embed chat. Kisses and hugs that were sent would freeze the chat, this has been fixed. A few issues with extra pools have been fixed. Namegrad and namewave has been implemented (there may still be minor issues which are to be fixed). Show power has been impemented (this is shown when you click at a user). New: Powers view has been revamped (there may still be minor issues which are to be fixed). By default powers are now categorized. Clicking at the power image redirects you to the power’s wiki article. A search has been added. A menu has been added: Clear: This clears the content in the search field. A-Z: Powers are listed alphabetically starting from a to z. Z-A: Powers are listed alphabetically starting from z to a. 1-9: Powers are listed by power ID in ascdening order. 9-1: Powers are listed by power ID in descending order. Normal: This is the default view with categories. Off: Your disabled powers are shown. All: This shows all your powers including the powers you’re missing. Missing: This shows the powers you’re missing for everypower. Memory: This will remember the options you selected in menu (this doesn’t work for all options at this point) See older changelog:
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    Hello Xat Users! I'm writing this post today because I would like to bring up the discussion of XAT potentially dying. I would like to make it clear that I am in no way trying to put down the work that is done by xat or it's affiliates but instead give constructive criticism. ABOUT ME:(you can skip if you don't care) I feel as if I should give a bit of detail on who I am, for those of you who don't know. My xat Username has gone by Dann, or Danns. I first started using xat around sept. of 2007, as an unregistered user. My first account was registered in 2008, and by sept of 2009 I had registered my forum account. I was a very active user on official chats, and throughout the years I climbed up the ranks on xat5, as well as reached member/moderator on trade during the early stages of my xat adventure. I was also staff on various official chats that either no longer exist or are tribute chats. I was first introduced to xat by a gaming forum that I followed (this piece of information will be important in throughout reading my post). There's a lot more about me.. but that should sum up a simple summary on me. So now that you know a little bit about myself, I can now move on to my point, but i would like to explain that this post is not to outline the fact of the declining amount of users/activity on xat but instead research and find new ways we can work as a community to better xat and help administrators bring back activity/users to xat. In the next few paragraphs I will be evaluating my run on XAT , And what made it great based off of MY personal experience. It may differ greatly for many people. WHY XAT? "why xat?" is a VERY important question. Why did that gaming forum(AND MANY MANY OTHERS) decide to use xat? Well as I speculate, the forums decided to use xat because of the ease of communication between people. Xat was the easiest way to communicate and it was pleasing to the eye! the RCF chats were clunky and had very limited customization, but not xat. Back in 2008 there was nothing like XAT. Xat allowed you to have an avatar, a background on a chat, had animated smileys! WOW... Although this may not seem like much today, there was NOTHING like it 10 years ago. Some of the major forums that were using xat back then include : Gaming forums/sites (Club Penguin fan forums being notably one of the great user attraction, and maybe 'til this day.) / Radio sites (online Radio was HUGE, and it still is a relatively big community) / Social sites (General forum/sites where people meet was also a big user attraction for xat, and FLIRT chat was doing great haha) POWERS Xat.com releasing powers on their chat was the GREATEST idea Xat had come up with (imo). Users were ecstatic,all of a sudden, there was a mass influx of users registering accounts. After the first few powers, and the awesome response to them, TRADE was born. These mark the turning point for xat.com. Before this, xat was just a chatting box. Now it has adapted to your personalized self. Ways to express who you are, anywhere from the nameglow you used, to the color of the smileys you were inclined to use. PEOPLE WERE CONTENT WITH NAMEGLOW AND 4 COLORS. This is something out of the ordinary, has xat really done this?! VOLUNTEERS Xat realizes that it is growing, so much that it can't handle the amount of inquiries coming in. Therefore VOLUNTEERS come into play. The Volunteering System was initially intended for normal users to help xat by volunteering their time and effort for NOTHING in return. All just because they were so a part of the community that they felt inclined to help users therefore allowing ADMINISTRATORS to focus on other more important things. This was not a rank, it did not mean you had special powers over other users. It just simply meant you volunteered your knowledge of xat to help users. (Almost the equivalent to what a contributor is today). FORUM The Forum allows users to have a place to centrally communicate. It allows for ways of contacting volunteers for assistance through forum. And general discussions are things every chat can generally discuss about. The community comes together because of the xat forum. People can even suggest new ideas to xat and potentially see them come to life. TICKET SYSTEM The ticket system introduced volunteers. Volunteers now had roles, and they were now organized to help users in these roles. More volunteers being introduced, with very different roles throughout, but they were ALL very knowledgeable. And all could help with general inquiries at all times.. Bet best of all, USERS now had a place where they can track and create help tickets. This system worked beautifully and Volunteers kept up answering hundreds of tickets. By 2012.... Xat was doing GREAT. A lot of people, a lot of activity, massive communication. You can meet any person from almost any part of the globe and everyone had a constant communication flow. So now you know what I BELIEVE made xat great. To sum it up: xat had great support for users, great community interaction, as well as fresh innovating ideas. This in turn, caused for great deal of activity and communication throughout xat. SO WHERE DID IT GO WRONG? Well, there is really no way to pin point where things went bad or WHY they started going bad. But I feel as if this wasn't ONE specific thing, but a combination of many things. And in my opinion, xat was losing its flare by 2012/2013. You wouldn't see this then as there was still a major amount of users on xat with great communication. But the ideas that xat was implementing at this point, in my opinion were not benefiting xats future. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE TODAY? Well, In my opinion, the ideas xat was previously introducing, were made to enhance xats overall USER BASE. Pretty much : "What can we do to bring in customers?" And these ideas turned out to be great and they brought in customers.. WOOHOO! who would of thought right? well...xat started focusing entirely too much on "weekly powers". IMO weekly powers was a bad idea from the start. as this leads users to meet an expectation from xat. At first it was speculation, users saw that they were releasing powers on a weekly basis but with no regime. Although, eventually it gradually went to being something that users expected. So xat is releasing powers on a weekly basis for almost 8 YEARS... xat administrators, as I am aware, are a small team of 2 maybe 3 people MAX. How does xat have the time to focus on its user base? HOW does xat say, lets make sure that we aren't only making money, but bringing in more users, so that we can keep making money. I want all of you to keep in mind that BUSINESS IS BUSINESS. Xat Chats is the Administrators business, and the point of a business is to profit. We get that, right? There is absolutely nothing wrong with Administrators trying to capitalize and make as much money from xat as possible. That should be understandable. But weekly powers WILL NOT BRING THAT ABOUT. Weekly powers mean NOTHING without users to purchase them. The more USERS you bring in, the more money you will make, regardless of how often you are releasing powers. Users want new features as well, not just an influx of things that don't do anything but look cosmetically pleasing. FIXING THE ISSUE (this is simply a stated opinion of how I think xat should see about fixing its future) In my opinion xat needs to put a HALT to all its current development. XAT needs to take a hard overview at the numbers, and how and why it is declining. Start implementing strategic ideas on how they will increase the USER BASE. Xat needs to focus on bringing chats back on to these websites, and a flashplayer will NOT allow this. XAT needs to look at replacing a system that is almost obsolete,Xat needs to start "moving with the times". I believe xat should work on its core, the engine, before even getting to something like mobile. Mobile is a great idea to bring in users, BUT WITH THE PROPER IMPLEMENTATION. If the mobile that you are building today, was being built back 3/4 years ago, that would have been acceptable. But at this point you are just recreating a system that will surely fail in the future. If I'm not mistaken, FLASHPLAYER has been used by xat since it started chats in 2006. XAT needs to work on getting a professional team of developers together to make xat great again. Seems like xat admins need some help at this point. And I know it's easier said than done, but the best opportunity you had to do this was when xat was at its peak, when the flow of money was going. You can only make something better by investing into it. And this one needs more time and expertise invested into it. Here are some Ideas I have: (in no specific order) - Work on Advertising xat on social medias (facebook, instagram, adwords etc etc.) - Work on creating a slicker chat so that it doesn't look so clunky or outdated on websites (maybe also adding a "mini" xat version that is easier to implement on to websites without taking so much space) - mini xat idea here - Work on the engine/core of xat and make it more pleasing to the eye as well as efficient. - Stop dishing out weekly powers, (sometimes people can't keep up with so many new things, and eventually gets repetitive) - Create a strategic value of worth. ( according to recent prices EP is worth at 360k-380k. That's almost $1300 worth of powers ) Not many people can afford that, and the economy needs to somehow be adjusted. - Lastly, work on interacting and listening to users. This can be done even by simply surveying. I would dare you to survey your users now on the activity and how they feel about xat. You will get your response on how it's viewed. KEEP IN MIND, MOST OF THESE THINGS ARE THINGS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN TOUCHED IN 10 YEARS. I understand the phrase "if it works, why change it?" but in this case it is no longer working. I would like to request for all volunteers to give their opinion on this matter. (by choice) I would like to request for staff to give their opinion on this matter. @Admin And most importantly, I would like all users to give their IDEAS on how XAT can improve, and how XAT can work on bringing the user base up. I feel its our duty as long term AND NEW members to work on the community that we actively use/d. Fresh ideas are important to the development of a business and in my opinion, xat needs to freshen up a bit. Have thoughts regarding this matter that you would like @Admin to see? I would suggest tagging him in a reply with your thoughts. If you want to get the ball rolling, lets get some attention on this post. Thank you for taking the time to read this. And I hope XAT will change for the better. -Dann
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    Cute Little Kchef Smilies!! (Full set not done just want feedback) (KChef) (Kchloli) (Kchsob) (Kchsnug) (Kchsnug) (Kchmunch) (Kchtray) (Kchmad) (kchback) (kchback2) Kchef Kchloli Kchsob Kchsnug Kchswt Kchmunch Kchtray Kchrage Kchback Kchback2 Pawns (Feed back would be appreciated)
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    GENERAL CONTEST INFORMATION The Assistance chat is looking for general purpose backgrounds. You can post as many entries as you want. The deadline is set to the end of the day (GMT) on November 15. Questions about the contest should be posted in this topic. Reputation accumulated on the posts in this topic have no influence on the outcome of the contest. I am the prize holder for this contest. REQUIREMENTS AND LIMITATIONS Backgrounds must be blue and must not focus on a specific event or celebration. You must provide a chat background and an outer background (2560 x 1440 pixels or larger). You must provide a matching button color. Your entry must be posted publicly here. Please try not to make something too dark or too bright. Ideally, don't make anything hurtful to eyes. CSS may be used for minor modifications. PRIZE INFORMATION The first place winner will receive the following powers: Namecolor, Nameglow, Red, Green, Blue and Light. The second place winner will receive 2,000 xats. The third place winner will receive 1000 xats. The fourth place winner will receive 500 xats. Donations are no longer accepted. A big thank you to @Dimple and @Sevda for their kind donations! JUDGES The judges for this contest are: Arthur, , Charlie, Harrison, Luca and Sevda.
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    Hello! I would like to suggest an idea for a feature of xat that I'm pretty sure would be useful for absolutely everyone. I'm sure we've all experienced the annoyance of having multiple chat tabs open at once, and our PCs from people starting to pop up on whichever chats we're on. Then, we end up with a conversation with someone spread out over 4 different chats which can be extremely inconvenient and difficult to keep track of. PCLock is a feature that would allow you to lock your PCs to one chat only. Your PCs with people wouldn't be spread out if you had multiple chat tabs open, and you could choose one chat to keep that particular PC on. I'm open to ideas on how you would go about locking a PC, but I figured that this could be done by perhaps double clicking on the PC tab on the chat that you want it to be locked to. As for unlocking, well, simply do the same thing- double click. After double clicking the PC, a dot would appear on the right of the PC tab, signifying that it's locked to that chat. My PC with Muffins would be regular, and my PC with Crow would be locked to Help chat. So let's say I was at Trade and Help, and Crow PCed me while I was open to the Trade chat tab, I'd still only receive his PC on Help. (I recently wiped my hard drive and need to redownload Photoshop so I had to do a terrible freehand lol, but you get the gist I hope.) Anyways, feel free to comment your thoughts or ideas to make it better.
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    Introduction Welcome to the "Community Finding Solutions" thread. I will go into brief detail about the purpose of this thread, and then explain in more detail later what this encompasses. The point of this thread is to suggest problems you think xat has currently, and suggest fixes / solutions to these problems in a civil peaceful environment. Does xat have problems? Judging based on multiple different threads and posts by the users of xat, I would say there are quite a few problems that have yet to be solved. I won't get into the specific issues that xat has currently, as you, the community, can name some of these issues and explain why they are in fact issues or not. Diversity of opinion and views is what I am looking for. I want to know why you might think something is a problem, and explain how exactly it impacts xat. Pointing out problems and suggesting solutions If you believe that xat has a problem, I urge you to express your opinion here. That being said, however, I do not want users to simply complain about xat problems and not think of ways to fix or resolve them. If you are going to talk about something being an issue with xat, I would prefer that you also think of a way to fix the said problem. Merely complaining about something is not going to fix it. Finding potential solutions to problems has a greater chance of being successful than just being negative with no desire to help fix the problem. I'll just get right to the fact here that most of you are thinking as you may be reading this, or before even opening this thread. You probably believe the admin won't do anything with your suggestions and will just ignore you. You might think that volunteers don't see your complaints, or just don't care. I want to tell you that this is not correct. Although, the admin may not give his opinion or act on suggested solutions, that does not mean that what you suggest here is meaningless. Our past thread got the attention of the volunteers which proves the point that your voice will be heard one way or another. So don't have a negative mentality and just shoot the idea of suggesting improvements / fixes for xat down. How to point out problems and suggest solutions (PROPERLY) This is a very important factor to keep in mind. How you suggest solutions / fixes to problems on here needs to be done in a very careful and well thought out manner. We do not want posts that target or attack volunteers, the admin, or any specific person or persons. I will make this very clear because if you do not abide by this standard your posts are subject to be hidden or the thread deleted entirely for being what constitutes as "drama." We do NOT want people being targeted, insulted, or ridiculed. We want a peaceful, civil environment where you, the community, can voice your opinion on xats problems. I want to suggest that this thread have an appointed moderator to watch over and keep the thread going in the right direction and not detour into drama. This is extremely vital to comprehend and follow. Your voice This is your thread where your voice can be expressed and heard. Do not let anyone make you feel like what you say here will not be acknowledged or that your opinion is "poor" or "bias" We all have right to our opinions and views, (assuming they are not violating what I said above.) Your voice does have the power to change things on xat. Some areas may not be changed whatsoever, and others may very well be changed based on what you voice here. I strongly believe this otherwise I wouldn't be wasting my time opening this thread. I believe, that if the community comes up with viable, rational, and realistic solutions, these have a strong potential to be heard and maybe even implemented by the admin of xat. It just depends on how you explain a problem, and what you propose as a solution for said problem. You have to take into account that if the admin has not listened to you, or you haven't had your solutions implemented that they may not be possible, or that the explanation of the solution just isn't clear enough or realistic enough. I could see this being a factor for why the admin may not have taken action on certain issues the community has. I am not going to blame him if he does not understand the solutions, or they just aren't possible. I also want you to take any posts that might go contrary to what you see as a fix for a problem positively. Learn to see both sides of the coin. Someone may have valid and rational reasons for disagreeing with you. This is perfectly okay and I encourage difference of opinion and view. If we all just agreed on everything, I can imagine xat would fall into disarray very quickly. Thank You I want to thank each and every one of you that decides to read this thread and post here. Your voice is what I want to see. I believe you have the power to potentially have a voice in changing xat for the better. (If you come up with realistic solutions, I would be more than willing to propose these to the admin myself.) Let's all work together to make xat a great and better place for everyone. Enough with the side taking. Let's work together on this.
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    Here is a collection of bg's pcback for free.
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    @Admin, please disable the flood limit feature for members+ The feature is too annoying and whoever types too fast has routine problems with it. There are many others like me, who type fast! The alternative is a GCONTROL option, allowing main owners to decide which ranks can be free of limits. ANOTHER PROBLEM: How do we know which message was discarded? xat should tell to the user which message(s) were labeled as flood, so they can know which to send again. We also need to know what was blocked. Then instead of printing the text "Limit: 5s"... I suggest to add the message that was blocked by the flood limit: eg "Limit: 5s - message you tried to send goes here"
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    It's been suggested we have a new set of blasts (Blastgod I think) I like the idea of new blast ban and kick powers It could work exactly as the current power and just have new animations. So maybe you would like to suggest (and decide?) what the animations would be. The first one could go out next week (20 Dec ish) (I suggest kick but could be ban) and temporarily: Level 1 is Christmassy, Level 2 is New years
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    provisional list: 1000070 101997 10301 1041998 1111111111 1111169 121997 12222 123456789 16699 16911691 18121997 190301 1999 200000002 2018 2200022 221192 24041993 3003003 404404 440044 5000000 6660666 900009 any thoughts ?
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    I'll be sharing a few xatspaces I've made, feel free to use/modify them. Enjoy! LINK LINK LINK LINK >>>>PART 2<<<<
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    Regname:DJCRAZY id:444000444 I wish you a happy Christmas and a perfect start to a successful new year <3 (Newyear)̷ Xmasscroll [ID: 471] ♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥ http://prntscr.com/h97qfj (ccgiggle) http://prntscr.com/h97uq0 (CUTICORN) Regname:DJCRAZY id:444000444 ̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷ Ghostmon (gmcheer) ̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷ (lovemix2) (flowerheart) ̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷ Lovemix2 ̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷ (kxreindeer) ♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷ THAT IS NOT xat SMILIES this is my heart lady (doodle) that is not xat smililes (und das ist mein herzdame(doodle) ♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷ I wish you a happy Christmas and a perfect start to a successful new year <3
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    Hey guys, I started to code on xat from bot scripts found on google, it is now my turn to give my code away. If you want to learn how to code and/or learn new things, it is time. I published the new OceanProject's version on github. It is open source, you are now able to contribute (add features/commands, send issues). Website: https://github.com/llomgui/OceanProject-Website Bot: https://github.com/llomgui/OceanProject-Bot For now, only the new panel is available, I had to finish Bot tables to start the bot script. But the bot will be published in few days. It is a fresh start, every commands and features will be re-coded. Have fun!
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    GENERAL CONTEST INFORMATION It has been a while since we hosted a contest! The Help chat is looking for general purpose backgrounds. You can post as many entries as you want. The deadline is set to the end of the day (GMT) on July 1. Questions about the contest should be posted in this topic. Reputation accumulated on the posts in this topic have no influence on the outcome of the contest. REQUIREMENTS AND LIMITATIONS Backgrounds must be blue and must not focus on a specific event or celebration. You must provide a chat background and an outer background (2560 x 1440 pixels or larger). You must provide a matching button color. Your entry must be posted publicly here. Please try not to make something too dark or too bright. Ideally, don't make anything hurtful to eyes. CSS may be used for minor modifications. PRIZE INFORMATION There will be a first, second, and third place winner. The prize amounts have not yet been decided. The prize pool may continue to grow. Donations are accepted until the contest deadline. Current total prize amount: 50,000 xats.
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    Being able to gift someone a subscription, effectively making them paid users and the reserve is on the recipient's account, not the buyer's. Striked through because it would cause issues. Plenty of other sites do this (off the top of my head, deviantArt and smashladder). I feel like there might be some sort of bad thing, but I can't think of anything. Got one! Edit: And, if this year's Black Friday repeats itself, they also receive the power. Edit2: Strikes.
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    Hello Everyone. I'd to suggest a new power (KDINO) I know that un xat there is a Dino smiley, But I think it would be great to have it's own power. It could also be a Group power, like gkkitty, gkbear, gkaliens ... This suggestion has been created by me in Adobe Photoshop, are images in GIF format. Examples: (KDINO) (KDINOCOOL) (KDINOLOVE) (KDINOCRY) (KDINOMAD) (KDINOBACK) (KDINOEGG) Pawns: KDINO: (hat#hd) EGGS: (hat#he)
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    fixed in next release, thanks
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    Have you reported such abuse? I find it interesting you mentioned you've seen "it done plenty", which would suggest that several retired volunteers have tried to scam/phish users. The title is supposed to represent those who have quit on good terms, so I highly doubt there's any truth behind such accusations. If, however, I'm being unfair to assume good faith on our fellow old timers, then please report it ASAP. (I might, of course, have misunderstood you completely and you're describing those who don't have the title, but claim to be retired anyway. It's beyond me how getting rid of this title would make a difference in that case). If abolishing the honorific title will stop the unnecessary drama, nagging and especially to satisfy certain people's envy, I'm all for it. I agree completely. There are so many things wrong with this site and we're focusing on these non-issues.
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    WARNING: THE VIDEO BELOW IS MY ENTRY BUT IT IS VERY CRINGY. WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK. Lyrics: I am aware of how cringe-worthy this is.
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    If there is anything in this thread that volunteers don't think should be here, then instead of deleting the entire thread please go through and deleted the selected parts. Thanks <£ I totally understand this is an extremely lengthy post, that consists of blocks of text only but if you want to read my opinions then here it is. I'm going to cover the issues I personally think there are, and probably not include fixes becus uno eh As someone whos been on xat a stupidily long time I can say I have a good overview of this stuffs. Powers In terms of powers it's hard to disagree with the points you raised. When originally released they were a fantastic idea (thanks tina eh) but at this point they're not thought out and are simply a way to force people to buy xats. Theres no innovation, the last thing that took some mild intelligence to create was hugs and they're far from great. The smiley makers do a good job, but they're smiley makers and are spending a great deal of their time on making them, so im not bashing them in anyway. Theres been some great ideas posted on the forums throughout the years and unfortunately they're rarely implemented which is a huge issue, which I'll discuss later. Everypower When everypowr was added it seemed like a good idea, rewards people who have all the powers with something, neat. Problem was its now something that can be abused to generate admins extra income. They're not releasing powers that are useful, they're releasing powers that are smilies and are only being added to force people to buy them to get everypower. I'm sure if xat had a way to track the powers used it'd show the new smiley powers are barely even used. Strategic value of worth This one has the potential to actually be a huge topic to discuss. I'll just outline it with my ideas. The value of xats themselves should decrease, if you buy from the store it's like $5 per 1k or something moronic. Resellers slightly changed that, but in the end they're not really a great help. Xats should be sold for a value around $2 per 1k, that would probably put a huge amount of resellers out of pocket however it would open up the larger quantities of xats up for the people who can't afford the $5 for 1k fee. Epic powers should be revisted and totally altered. 'Epic' powers should be the most expensive powers xat has to offer, anything from 25k+ upwards. 10k for namecolor is not epic, most people with xats can afford that. I don't see how that can easily be altered however maybe it could be? Resellers Don't think having official resellers is going to benefit you in anyway at all. Thats all I'm going to say about them. Volunteers At the start they were another good idea, the early team was great and put a huge amount of time into doing stuff. A lot of the early volunteers, Alex, Jesse, Christina, Charlie (theres probs more but yeah cool dude) dedicated a huge amount of time to benefit xat, Unfortunately, I don't see it like that anymore. Theres probably a few that will say i'm wrong but without proof my point stands. The main issue with volunteers at this point is its just a way to look like you're better than others. Theres a select few who aren't like that, I'm only going to list Brandon because I don't talk to anyone else. Power now seems to be more important than actually being useful. From what I've seen over the years the way you get volunteer now isn't by what you know its by who you know. Theres a select few, Sean and Maverick the only ones i'm willing to list, who got it because they know a huge amount about xat and actually deserve it. It started off with people who admins seen, now its volunteers recommended new ones. Sure thats a great way to get more people and admins can't see everything however getting ALMOST EVERYONE like that is no help at all. There is a select few that do infact deserve it, regardless of how they got it. Muffins and Kyle are two current ones who do deserve it, considering they've been on xat for a very long and time have done more than enough to warrant them getting it. It seems that once people get it, they stop caring and stop doing what they originally did to benefit them in getting it, which was helping. In essence the entire system has changed and it is almost certainly not for the better. Volunteers should be hidden, not only does this stop people being pestered but it also stops them using the fact they're a volunteer to have some kind of power. Smiley makers This section is not me bashing them, as i previously said. There is no way they can be expected to do both. They should be one or the other, like what Junior was to begin with. In theory they could do both but not to the standard they could do if they only had one role. Contributors This part is 100% going to cause some controversy however thats fine, discussions always good. Personally, I don't think it's worked. When I was in there it was a group of people who seemed very unwilling to actually discuss things and they literally agreed with everything volunteers said. For example, if a volunteer suggested someone 98% of the people there would just agree. Theres a select few who, other than me, who I know gave amazing discussion whilst i was in there. Paul and Stah are perfect examples and I'm sure Crow does now. The major issue with that group, is whilst in there, it actually felt like you had a say until it was discussed further, where at that point your opinion became invalid regardless of how valid the points were. My suggestion on what the group SHOULD of been : A group of selected users from the volunteers, current contributors can not suggest new ones. They're suggested, by volunteers, because of what they do on official chats or the forum. They are effectively people who, I guess, have slightly more say in things than 'normal' users. Theres always the chance for someone to say "ur just salty that u got removed" and that isn't the case. I've said similar things to volunteers previously, whilst in the group. They shouldn't be listed anywhere and they shouldn't have a forum badge. It should be a hidden group and I still don't see why it became a thing where everyone was known. Forum The idea of the forum being a talking point seems extremely bizarre to me. The general discussion section is a lil strange too. A chat site using 3rd party software to discuss things.... Everyone on the forum uses/used xat at one point but I feel like if everything was done on the chat directly it would make a lot more sense. The only thing I support with the forum is the suggestion section and features/games and things are never really accounted for. Sure smilies are sometimes added but thats because the smiley makers spend time on the forum and if they didn't nothing would ever get implemented from suggestions. Ticket system A lot of big companies use a ticket system however they actually work in a way that they should. I largest issue is the huge backlog of tickets which never seems to get smaller, granted I don't open tickets because I never need to. I get a lot of the backlog is caused because of the data breach and theirs only a select few who can deal with the email issues and the helds and stuff. However, when it's taking this long there is clearly a huge issue. If its a matter of people not knowing how to deal with the situation then it's simple, help them understand how to do it, however that seems like a large task /sarcasm. Having people come to help and saying things like "my ticket hasn't been answered for 4 months" its totally unacceptable and once a select handful said that, something should of been done to fix that. Bugs Touchy subject, considering theres a wide range of what could be considered as a bug. However, for the larger ones, or just for reporting a huge amount you should be rewarded. Nothing large, like powers/ids/regnames but just a small thank you in the form of xats or days. Not only would that encourage people to go out of their way to find them, it would also improve the user experience as they're not being bombarded by annoying bugs. Bugs don't seem to get fixed, or didn't. Not really sure considering I don't care enough to report them anymore. Iphone/Android App This one I really don't have much to say on. My main issue with it is that it is like 4 years too late. If they started the app in maybe 2010, had a beta by 2011 and then finally released it in like 2012 (yeah i know thats 5 years not 4) then it opened the idea up to a larger userbase than it is currently open to. Paid Staff Volunteers are great, you don't have to give them direct monetary wages. However, after a while that stops working and you need staff. However it seems like the admins are very relectuant to employ people. And when they're extremely far away, different countries, without a local HQ its very hard to do so. Staff requires a huge amount of trust and what not and it's something you can't build up with a distance like what xat could possibly give them. I don't think theres many people who should of got staff, or could even be able to do it, but a person who 100% should of got it was Spell. That guy was something else... OPs original points on how xat can be improved: Advertising - Personally don't see admins willingness to advertise at all, but if they did it would totally improve xat. Chat design - Changing the chat design imo isn't going to help, thats just going to cause more problems and requires a huge amount of time. Best bet would be doing something related to HTML5. In terms of the core and eye pleasingness, I don't think its actually that ugly, and people can adjust the outer and inner of their chat in terms of backgrounds and stuff. The core is very simple and has been established from the staff. A chat system. Weekly powers - covered already, but weekly powers shouldn't be a thing Interacting - I'm not sure how many people here will remember it, but you'd spot Chris/Darren around xat a lot of the time and they'd actually talk to you, now they don't seem to bother. At this point it's probably far too late to bring the old people back, but there is definitely opportunities to bring new people in. Xat had a huge opportunity, but in the end I feel like that didn't capitalize on it to the best of their ability. I will not be adding a tl;dr because I've spent enough time on this already. If you want to discuss my points, ensure you @ me so I know which replies to read because I don't plan on reading them all.
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    xat's official Facebook page is hosting a contest! One lucky winner will win BIG power, which is currently valued at 11,000 - 12,000 xats. Here's how it will work: Every 2 days, a new picture will be posted to the Facebook page. The picture will be a portion of a xat power smiley will be posted. Your job is to figure out what power is shown in the picture. Once you have determined what the power is, you must send a private message to the Facebook page. DO NOT comment the answer on the post. You also must give your xat regname and ID in a private message. You can only submit one guess per picture added, so make sure you are right before you submit your answer! There will be a total of 5 pictures posted, and you will have 2 days to guess for each picture, meaning the contest will last for approximately 10 days. You CANNOT submit answers for old pictures; in other words, once a new picture has been posted, the old ones expire and can no longer be guessed. Each time you get a guess right, your name will be entered into a draw, and at the end, one lucky participant will be randomly chosen. This means that if you get all 5 right, you have the best odds of winning, but you could still win even if you only get 1 right. Each person may only use 1 account to submit guesses. You must also like the page, and send a screenshot confirming you have done this (once again through a private message). Contributors and volunteers will not be entering. The first picture will be posted to the page later today. If anyone has any questions, let us know here. Thank you to xat staff for donating the prize! Good luck everyone!
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