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    Seems that when you use temp powers in someone with sinbin it stills there, I'm not sure if this would happen, since it's a "rank" well? It's not correct I think based on the wiki it was supposed to only happen to Moderators, not Owners: "Sinbin will allow an owner or main owner to strip moderator abilities from permanent moderators, from 36 seconds to 24 hours. This power will not work on temporary moderators." - xatwiki FLASH - HTML5 (Server sided)
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    The black power sales pawn doesn't work perfectly He notified that this will be amended as soon as possible. https://imgur.com/a/bJsqGwk .png Sala de empeño https://imgur.com/a/REmA58x .png Peón privado Usa html5 Test @ Imr
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    Hello! I would like to report a bug that I found while using the power flgpwn. I'm married in the xat and when my married and I are together, the flag of the power doesnt appear for me. I asked to my married if she can see the power working and for her is normal. The power doesnt work only for who has the power and is married ( I'm not sure if bff works ) Thank you for the attention and I hope help with this bug.
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