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    Fido (ID: 548) - beta This power allows you to send dog stickers. Note: This power was made for the HTML5 chat only. It will NOT work on the Flash chat. You need to own the power (548 - Fido) and have days to use stickers. This feature is still in beta. Sending a sticker To send a sticker, simply use one of these codes: (fido.yes#yea!) (fido.hi5#hi!) (fido.love#kissx) (fido.cry#boohoo) (fido.no#OH NO!) Custom text You can add a custom text to your sticker. To do so, change the content after the ‘#’. For example: (fido.yes#xat!) (fido.hi5#Hi xat!) Note: Sticker code must be added at the beginning of the message for it to show up. Text color You can also specify the inner and outer text color of your sticker. For example: (fido.yes#Hi xat!#cyan#yellow) (fido.yes#Hi xat!#ffff00#f9daee) Sticker with message The sticker can also be sent with a message. For example: (fido.love#Hi xat!#cyan#yellow) How are you guys doing today? If you have any questions, want to report an issue or leave your feedback, please feel free to do so below. Thank you.
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    Tickle power can be obtained again. Complete the new security quiz to receive Tickle for free! Special thanks to all the people involved in this project: Sloom and Cupim (conceiving ideas), Toxic (graphic designing), Crow (proof-reading) and all translators. NOTE: Since we are changing the Tickle system, your Tickle may be removed in the near future. So eventually, everyone will have to take the quiz. Starting the security quiz To start the quiz, login at xat.com/login. Scroll to the bottom and click at: Click to run quiz and get free Tickle power (days needed). Once clicked, a new tab called “quiz” will be visible at the top navigation. Click on it and you’re ready to take the quiz. Quiz Details The quiz contains 19 questions. To get the Tickle power all 19 questions must be answered correctly. Each question has only one correct answer. If you select a wrong answer, you have the chance to re-select an answer. Once you answer a question correctly a green box will be appear, showing you more information regarding the question. We recommend that you read this carefully, it includes valueable tips. Furthermore, to proceed with the next question, you must wait 10 seconds. A countdown is displayed at the bottom right. If you completed all 19 questions successfully, you will be redirect to the main login page and the Tickle power will be given to you. Now, go and have fun. Think this way: Knowledge is power. So besides getting Tickle for free, you also get knowledge. 🧐
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    ID: 549 Name: Balloony Status: Limited Price: 229 xats Smilies: Pawns: Wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Balloony Animated preview:
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    ID: 550 Name: Swimming Status: Limited Price: 219 xats Smilies: Pawns: Wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Swimming
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    Hi Guys! from Alex !! I have thrown down some examples of crocodrile, as always drawing... I set different smilies, as I had THINK of a main smile, flaming, coolcups, inloverose, dishwasher, cddance...for the others I think of leaving them to the smile makers!! if you want me to draw more you can tell me with some suggestions, otherwise just post the ideas that you think suitable.....how hat I think the crocodile is reasonable like the back crocodrile
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    2 new wiki editors have been added: @Lemona and @Luig Congratulations!
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    These suggestions are 'quality of life' additions to the Powers store (Flash/HTML5). These ideas were suggested by ELDONABEEE (1519385625) via Feedback chat. For reference, when a power is pre-released in store, it currently displays this: Idea 1 - Max quantities Idea 2 - First pre-release! Idea 3 - Pre-release numbers Let me know your thoughts below. Apologies if these ideas have been suggested before (please link me and I'll merge if that's the case), but I've done my best due diligence.
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    THE IDEA There have been suggestions in the past to add more xavi items and features: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]. What I haven't seen suggested is to add a new base species of xavis - i.e. not humans but alien xavis. This power could be (xavi2). Please let me know what you think! An assortment of alien heads. Not just the stereotypical grey alien shape, but aliens with horns, spikes, long ears (jar jar binks), long head (xenomorph), chestnut-shaped head (frieza), multiple heads, slimy, antenna, feelers, snouts, whiskers. There are lots of alien races in Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who, which may give you an idea about how varied alien lifeforms can be. See this image for example (credit to Mel Miniatures). Alien skin tones could be grey, purple, green, blue and red. An assortment of hair and colors. Alien hair could be as crazy and extreme as you like, e.g. Padmé's hair from Star Wars. Whilst the human xavis have the standard blonde, brown, ginger, dark hair colors, aliens could have purple, green, blue and red hair colors. There would be an option to remove hair altogether too. An assortment of alien eyes. These can range from giant black bug eyes to having four or six eyes to being a cyclops. An assortment of eye brows. These would convey a variety of expressions - angry, happy, normal, surprised, etc. Like hair, there would be an option to remove these altogether. An assortment of mouths. Not just a single line, but open mouths, jaw dropped. smiling, fierce teeth, scream mouth, etc. These can be base mouths - not triggered by smilies you type in the chat - just to make the aliens more interesting. An assortment of accessories. These can range from headdresses to spacesuits to cloaks to creepy alien crowns. All the usual xavi customisation options would be there - the ability to move things higher, lower, expand, shrink, rotate, etc. QUESTIONS Q. Why aliens? A. The xat logo is a planet, the facebook header image is outer space, and there is a xatworld theme across the website. These alien characters would fit into the general theme of the website (we're all aliens, and the chats are planets!) However, there could be a future expansion for robots, unicorns, anubis, minotaurs, etc. The list can be endless if the character is interesting enough. Q. What about accessories/hair I've already bought for my human xavi? A. You could still use your old accessories and hair. https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/Getxavis.php could work for (xavi) and (xavi2). The new alien accessories/hair would work for human xavis too. Q. Where would I design my alien xavi? A. A new app could be created next to the xavi icon. The icon for xavi2 (and the default xavi2) would be a typical grey alien.
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    You have a real talent for drawing. You'd be an awesome smiley maker if you could create these as smiley animations! Have you ever thought about it? Pawns could include a crocodile head, a crocodile leather pawn, a crocodile foot, and a crocodile eye. We could have a hug set in a wetlands area too. I was imagining a river boat passing by and then it drives over a crocodile in the water, which leaves it with a dizzy expression and the message appears.
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    Well, A lot of users are leaving, we all know about this, before a lot of chats had more than 10, 20 pools, nowadays we actually have a lof of empty chats, Is not time for xat investing a bit with ads? What about promoting xat.com on Facebook, AdWords and others ways of ads? Somewhere in the future xat will be empty if you don't pay attention on this right now, LATER, will be TOO LATER. I see help chats with few users, trading chats with a few users, home page chats with few users, then what? In the past it was a LOT of users, Investing just in innovation is not enough (html5, new pages, design etc), we all know, flash will die, html5 is almost done (to be honest it's not on beta anymore, it's already stable) Helpers are free, "coders / programmers" are free, xat doesn't pay nothing for those ppl who helps, then why not helping itself with something that can make $$ in the near future, So, is not time for investing in advertising xat.com in others platforms? Bing ADS, AdWords, Facebook, AdRoll, Amazon, Pinterest, others.. ? What do you think? Let us show for @Admin what community thinks about that?
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    Hello everyone! Shizuo is hosting a special event this evening on Chat. It will be a doodlerace contest. You'll get the occasion to have fun in any language on Chat and also to win quite a lot of xats! He will be helped by HelperNate, HyperHouse and Chat owners! Here's the details. Prizepool: 12,000 xats (can increase overnight) Event will start around 10 pm CEST so that American and Brazilian users have a chance to join too! Our DJ, HyperHouse will host a live music at the exact same time! Join us whenever you want on xat.com/Chat and stay tuned by joining our forum club! I want to particularly thank the users who donated for this event. Anonymous user: 3,000 xats Shizuo: 3,000 xats Amyy: 2,000 xats HyperHouse: 2,000 xats HelperNate: 1,000 xats Masha: 1,000 xats
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    JASON xat.com/centraldosplayers
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    Love your artwork. Keep it up. I live in Florida however and see aligators everyday (not the same I know) so decided to try to bring one of them to life.
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    Hello everyone! I will only leave one detail to be added to Santa's hat, for users who have the helmet and want to wear a Santa hat, so they can choose other colors to use along with the hat, a photo that I have left for you to observe . I do not know if this would be cool, or if it could be accepted! But, I have this idea in my head, and I'll let yourselves comment on it, what do yourselves think?! Credits: @Jean
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    So if you add the words “xat”, “Help”, “Assistance”, “Ajutor”, or “Ayuda” to your name or status, you get automatically redirected to https://xat.com/Help and we have to ask them to change it or they’ll be banned? No. This is downright just a bad idea. I see no problem with having these words in your name/status, it all depends on how they’re being used. Automatically redirecting people is also just a bad idea due to how annoying it is. What if someone wants to put “xat ayuda” in their status to show that they enjoy helping users and frequent the Ayuda chat? Please... try to put a little more thought into suggestions before just flopping a bunch of words onto a thread. This idea is intrusive and not well thought out. There are a lot more intuitive and efficient ways to blacklist certain words to avoid scamming.
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    good evening to all those present the next proposal is to see if they can add more emotion to the married and the bff as I will show you in the following image Also to suggest in the married an emoticion as it shows the rings with the heart on when the married is placed the rings are joined and little by little the heart appears all three together when the pawns join with the married. For the bff I would like to suggest the following as I will show in this other image previously the bff was used as a symbol of brotherhood no longer, now the bff is instead used now as a symbol of commitment. My suggestion is that the bff is symbolized as friends and for someone from xat.com want a commitment and join should make or create an emoticon for the peon as a symbol of commitment of bridal a ring tied to the pawns with a heart in the middle of the The ring identifies the commitment of brides since for the married in the pawns is the heart that is what identifies being married. I also want to add to the people who join with their same gender either on the cross or heart symbolize the cross of colors of the symbol lgtb and the heart also of color with the movement either on the cross bff or heart with the colors of the lgtb symbol . Well it would not be a bad idea to make a few small changes to these options that I have come to propose. As I said before years ago the bff was no longer respected, now it is used as a courtship and world xat should have in each of these different options that represent the union of brotherhood, the union of spouses, the union of people of the same sex It would not be a mistake to want someone from the xat to join another person and each one identify with something of the different emotions and in the pawns. Well, here I leave my humble proposal if it seems good or not you think thank you
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    The issue has been fixed. Please complete the quiz again and you will receive Tickle. Sorry for the inconveniences.
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    Congratulations. Great choices. These two are dedicated hard working users and it's nice to see they get the recognition they deserve. Well done. However, there's someone else who deserves the spotlight as well and didn't get the recognition and that's utterly sad to see -- Oh well. Fixed over 100 broken issues in different areas on the wiki, including the languages. (Goes to 3-4). S/he has pointed out numerous fixes in 2017, 2018 and 2019 and has been fixed, including sending in multiple change request. Worked side by side with a Volunteer to fix issues with broken languages in different languages. (Credit probably stolen). Helped with the questionnaires on the forum for different languages. That's great and all, but disappointing to see that s/he didn't get the spot - and has been ranked longer than the other two on the forum. S/he speak English very well along with other languages that helps the community and is ranked in different officials. Well boys and gals, congratulations to you two and hope you can make a difference. (Just my opinion and I don't mean to start any drama/beef between anyone).
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    Already time for another album. So here are my favorites from the one I am leaving behind: Thank you all for your support. I'm glad to have come so far in this community with all of you.
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    The results are in! But before I announce them, here are the prizes that will be awarded: 1-5 place: ALLHALLOWS 6-8 place: FASHION 9-13 place: 20 days 14th place: NAMEGLOW 15th place: RED 16th place: BLUE 17th place: GREEN http://prntscr.com/nu5n66 http://prntscr.com/nu5n9n - 2 people were removed due to entering multiple times 1. CSYDesigns (101046080) - ALLHALLOWS 2. Wisehentai00 (1504440012) - ALLHALLOWS 3. Amyy (1000033) - ALLHALLOWS 4. oooFantomooo (1529294060) - ALLHALLOWS 5. T3M0X4T (212560063) - ALLHALLOWS 6. SREric (101617014) - FASHION 7. Sergio (187744205) - FASHION 8. Booh (44184) - FASHION 9. OoomyowcatooO (1524740079) - 20 days 10. Angelo (18500000) - 20 days 11. iGuinho (347693796) - 20 days 12. Anko (12349876) - 20 days 13. Mihai (166211569) - 20 days 14. CAROOL (80530907) - NAMEGLOW 15. AlenaSofia (1527422740) - RED 16. Ursiinhaaa (119647397) - BLUE 17. DearGod2010 (583109023) - GREEN @T3M0 @Angelo @Queen_Sofia @SREric @Booh @Pudinzinho69 @UchihaFelipe @Sergio @CommanderCSY @iGuinho @Mihai @CAROOL @Thony @Amyyyy @Born @myow @Paws Congratulations! You have until June 6 @ 4AM GMT / 12AM EDT to claim your prize! If you are held for any reason, or fail to claim your prize within this time, the next person on the list will be chosen in your place. Come meet me @ Game and/or Social chats! I am usually online around 9PM to 12AM PDT. You may contact me by forum message or by xat mobile, but I will most likely respond the fastest if you private chat my xat account directly: HelperNate (21299) Note: If your entry does not count towards a giveaway, I will react "No" to indicate that. Please refer to the table of contents on the initial post of this topic regarding the status of my giveaways, especially the bold status legend.
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    This has been brought up so many times already in the past. We all know that the xat population has decreased and we all know that advertising would be a great consideration. That being said, it's probably in xat's best interest to wait until a new (and better) platform is mostly complete before presenting it to a wider audience. There's no point in advertising a flash site when flash is dying or an HTML5 platform that isn't fully complete, but can ultimately offer a lot more when it's done. While most of us are used to things not working or being finished, new users are not, so any sort of flaw, negative first impression or lack of features will likely make people shy away (which would be a slap in the face for xat).
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    The first release... CSS: background-color:#777;background:url(https://i.postimg.cc/ZRwMyfZH/wallpaper.jpg) no-repeat; background-size: cover}*{color:#fff;text-shadow:1px 1px 1px #000}h3{font-size:11px;font-family:Georgia;text-decoration:underline}#xatstyabout0,#xatstyinfo,br,hr,table:not([cellpadding='0']){display:none}#xatstyheader{height:40px;background:rgba(0,0,0,.3);box-shadow:1px 0 5px #000}#xatstymedia{background:0 0;background-color:none}[bgcolor='#dedede']{width:100%;height:35px;position:fixed;bottom:0;color:#fff;background:rgba(0,0,0,.4)}#rotate{margin-top:5%;animation:spin 10s linear infinite}@keyframes spin{0%{transform:rotate(0)}25%{transform:rotate(20deg)}50%{transform:rotate(0)}75%{transform:rotate(-20deg)}100%{transform:rotate(0)}} HTML: (2nd box on edit) <div align="center"> <img id="rotate" src="https://i.postimg.cc/G3sFD7cp/image.png" /> <h2>PAULO (162497)</h2> <h3>This is the way your life goes on...</h3> </div> Power ME? => Nope. It is not needed. Preview: Demo: => https://xat.me/PAULO
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    For all those wondering, FIDO was STOLEN!!!! 🚓🚨 Can you help claim who stole Fido, what item they used, and where the crime occurred? Winner will receive 500 xats!! Enter on Facebook:
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    Hello Today I come back with a new idea on the forum, first of all I apologize for my annoyance. My idea is a power named (cork) to exist in it smilies and you can add texto. Name Power: Cork Functions: Smilies and TEXT Price: IDK Status: Limited - (maybe Unlimited) Some examples on the GOOGLE (cork) = (czip) - (cangry) - (clove) - (chehe) - (cwink) - (cops) - (cparty) - (csmile) - (ccool) - (cback) Regards Bau
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    Hello, This has already been suggested by Actavus in the past: In the future, use the search feature to know if something you'd like to suggest was already suggested before opening a topic. Thank you.
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    You need to own the power (548 - Fido) and have days to use stickers. You need to own the power (548 - Fido) and have days to use stickers.
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    You might want the time to be reduced because you already have xat knowledge but for somone new, having those 10 seconds to read slowly and surely might be the smartest option, since you want them to learn from the quiz and not only take it for the reward. I like it. It's a great way to learn and it is worth your time since it has a pretty good reward. Props to all of you for doing it.
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    What a great talent you have my respect, while I was having a coffee, I did this with your drawings and I thought that if we have a dog with stickers. Why can not we have a crocodile label based on his drawings? Someone can do better. (Photoshop) wanted to see it with colors.
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    This forum section allows you to create guides/tutorials that are available for the community. Please note: Topics need forum staff approval before they show up. This is done to maintain the quality. Guides and Tutorials Section Guidelines The guides and tutorials should be xat related or somehow beneficial to xat users. Content that's already available on xat wiki will not be published. Content that's available elsewhere (e.g. xat blogs, forum clubs), and you aren't the author of said content, will not be published. If you must incorporate the work of others, please make this clear and provide credit. Content that's deemed not helpful by the forum staff will not be published. Your content may be used on xat wiki or elsewhere on xat with no reference to you. Tips to create and maintain good guide/tutorial topics Be aware of your topic - do not write about something you're not familiar with. Please ensure it works. Descriptive title - add a title that briefly describes what your guide/tutorial is about. Avoid vague titles such as 'new tutorial'. Add a short description - at the beginning of your topic, describe what the objective of your guide/tutorial is. Keep your sentences short - this will make it easier to understand and follow. Make use of steps - precisely describe what the person has to do in each step. Use adequate formatting - use bulleted/numbered lists, bold text font, different text colors or sizes, etc. Add images to supplement the text - take screenshots and modify them, adding arrows for example. This can make it easier to get your point across. Updates - Your tutorial may become outdated over time or users may address issues. Adapt your topic accordingly and provide support, if necessary. Example topic - see this topic for an example of a good guide/tutorial. We're looking forward to your guides/tutorials!
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    thank you so much ❤ i hope i'll do a good work and i'll contribute in my way for that xat be developped more and more
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    Potentially a nice idea for April Fools' Day 2020. Maybe it could turn into the lighter Chocolate pawn afterwards (similar to how Poop power turned into Fools power back in 2016).
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    I personally don’t think this is a good suggestion at all. Not only does it defeat the purpose of having a banned pawn to begin with, it would create a lot of confusion within the chat and generally just be another low-effort power.
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    I don't fully understand this suggestion. Are you suggesting that users will be able to use a brown pawn, even if they're not banned? If so, why would this be a good idea or worth being made into a power? In my opinion it would cause a lot of confusion and miscommunication. Feel free to correct me if I've misunderstood your idea.
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    Prize received, Thanks XD @HelperNate
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    http://prntscr.com/nuqtm5 http://prntscr.com/nuqu0d @UchihaFelipe has claimed their prize GREEN! (7/17 winners)
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    http://prntscr.com/numeoy @Paws has claimed their prize 20 days! (2/17 winners) http://prntscr.com/numfuu @iGuinho has claimed their prize 20 days! (3/17 winners)
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    The wiki page is under development and will be published as soon as possible. Thank you all for your patience!
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    oops try: https://xat.com/content/webM00bdb485/direct.php?n=xat5
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    Five new smilies have been added to tshirt: You can add your flag to (tnational) with #w followed by your country code. e.g: (tnational#wdo) You can also write on (thand) only 3 words with #w followed by them. e.g: (thand#wLOL) Bugs posted above were also fixed and the ideas added Thanks a lot @Mihay
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    Hey guys! It's become common for users to not know how to make their inner background transparent so that the CSS can display the inner background (even before the chatbox loads) First, you'll add your CSS code to the outer background box. ✅ Make sure you remember to save changes. ✅ Now, to set your inner background to transparent, go to your chatbox and click "Edit Chat" ✅ Then click "Extra Features" ✅ Once you're to the "Extra Features" page, scroll just a little bit and find the "Transparent background..." and check the box ✅ & lastly, don't forget to update settings! ✅ After all of these steps, type your xat url with ?123 (example: xat.com/toxic?123) to view updated changes. Hope this helps!
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    Animal powers ultimate form
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    Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest. Happy Birthday Leandro <33
  43. 3 points
  44. 3 points
    Please tell me I'm very sad I like to have fun in a game that I discount my sadness and anger SURE
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    Hello everyone! A new pawn for the suggestions of xat will be called "banished," so that a pawn is equal when someone is banned in the xat and gets a brown pawn. without classic and with classic
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    The recent Tshirt power is centered around sports. What about a new clothes power (in the same style as Tshirt) to celebrate other occasions? I know we have an Accessory power, but this isn't in the same style as Tshirt. Rather than releasing seven individual powers, perhaps there could be one power with 50+ smilies (like Anime but more). I can only dream! Or group a couple of celebrations into one power, e.g. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas together, St. Patrick's Day and Easter together, animal and food together, etc. Some of these may be costumes and suits, but it's possible for them to be regular T-shirt designs too. Christmas: Santa suit, elf, snowman, grinch and angel costumes. Polar bear, penguin, gingerbread man, reindeer and Christmas tree T-shirts. Also, a Christmas jumper. Halloween: Dracula, werewolf, ghost, devil, witch, mummy and skeleton costumes. Frankenstein, pumpkin, candy and grim reaper T-shirts. Easter: Bunny costumes with fur texture. You can change the color of each costume, e.g. pink bunnies, blue bunnies, green bunnies. Also, egg, chick and bunny T-shirts. Thanksgiving: Turkey costume that could burst into flames and turn into a cooked turkey. As well as a regular turkey costume and T-shirt. Animal: A celebration of the animal powers that we all love. Take your pick: pig, giraffe, elephant, dog, cat. These could be costumes or T-shirt designs. Food: These would likely be T-shirt designs rather than costumes, although a cupcake costume would be cute. St. Patrick's Day: Leprechaun costume. Also, leprechaun, gold pot, rainbow, beer and four-leaf clover T-shirts. Let me know what you think! Apologies if this has been suggested before - I'll merge the topic if so.
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    Hello, I have claimed my prize from HelperNathan (21299).
  48. 3 points
    Hello, I would like to add features such as silentban to the service of arcbots, as long as the command is limited. I have the idea to add it to the command! ban and be a similar command like! ban silent (user) + (hours) or! silentban + (user) clarification: this as long as for precaution is recorded in the history of the bots of arcbots to avoid abuse of the command
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    The event has finished. The winner of Eurovision 2019 has been Holland with 492 points. Congratulations @India @Crow @CommanderCSY They have won 100 xats. The prizes can be claimed starting tomorrow and will have 72 hours. You can send me a pv here in the forum if you do not find me connected in xat and your prize will be delivered in the shortest possible time in xat/cambio or xat/trade. Ratoncete (84363269) Thank you very much for participating in this event everyone. Almost
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    The fact that xat is adding stickers is really nice! However, I'd prefer a power that would allow us to send different types of stickers, not only dog stickers.
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