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    Hello, First, I'd like to invite you for our Carnival Events. Some of you may remember how Loja contests are run. To respect those memories, we decided to improve this event to make sure that we receive everybody with the same warmth. To briefly put it, in this contest you will get a chance to win xats by answering questions on chat Loja and by replying to this post. BONUS: You also get a chance to win a rare 6-digit xat ID for FREE (666555) To participate in the ID contest, you will need to post in forums until March 8. To clarify: Everyone replying to this post will get a chance to win 2000 xats and/or a 6-digits ID. # 50000 XATS: Win xats by answering questions on chat Loja The on-chat event will occur in February, on days 25, 26, 27 and 28. Pay attention because the questions will be asked at random times. Winners will receive the xats as soon as they answer correctly - please do not disrupt the chat, try and help us to maintain a good flow during the online event. Users will get chance to win 100-150 xats (simple questions), 300 xats (hard questions) and 400-500 (epic questions). Tip: stay online as much as possible during these four days to increase your chances of winning xats. The questions will take place at random times to ensure that users at different time zones also get a fair chance to participate. # 10000 XATS: Win xats by replying to this post To all users who have already posted their username and ID here, and to those who are going to post... You will be participating of a 10000 xats giveaway. All you need to do to participate is post your username and ID. If you have already posted (before my post), you are already participating. Don't worry. 5 users will be selected from this post, each will win 2000 xats. The winners will be announced on March 9. You have until March 8 to post here. Please take note that you will have only 24 hours to collect your 2000 xats prize (in case you win). In case a winner doesn't appear in 24 hours, another user will be selected to collect the prize. # GET A CHANCE TO WIN THE ID 666555 Yes, you read that right. Please, go and read it again just to be sure! Oh yes. 666555. For free. To win the ID, you will need to be the user with the most points on March 31. To get points, you must participate of Loja contests. a) (February 25, 26, 27 and 28) Answering to an epic question correctly during the chat event gets you 1 point. b) (Until March 8) Replying to this post gets you 5 points. c) (Until March 30) Answering questions correctly during the second round of questions (for the rare ID!) Users will get chance to make more points after the results of the forum contest are published, on March 9. We will begin asking questions at random times then on Loja xat. Until March 30, after that day we will calculate who has more points and announce the winner. During the chat event for the ID, questions will be worth 1-3 points each. The top-5 ranking of the users with most points will be available to the public later. This thread will be locked on March 9.
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    The new power of this week is: Marshie. ID: 530 Name: Marshie Status: Limited Smilies: marshie, maconfused, magrin, mahappy, maheart, maroasted, mawink, mamask, masad, mablush Pawns: hat#hL, hat#hf, hat#hh, hat#hm, hat#h2, hat#h3, hat#h4, hat#h5, hat#h6, hat#hM Price: 222 xats. Wiki: https://xat.wiki/marshie This one was made by @Junior
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    Have you always been curious about xat's history? Have you ever asked yourself when and how xat started off? Meet the brand new xat history wiki article! xat.wiki/history Special thanks for helping with this article to: Lemona, Daniel and wiki translators.
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    ID: 531 Name: Tech Status: Limited Price: 239 xats Smilies: Pawns: Wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Tech
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    To expand, I totally agree with you on this. I believe that continually releasing powers has a couple of downsides: Firstly, I believe that it leads to lower morale among active users. I can recall in the past that a new power release was something to be excited for! It was mysterious thinking that it could be something really cool, or potentially something to make a lot of profit off of. As Amna mentioned, it’s pretty difficult to make a realistic profit nowadays. This is partly to blame due to the decline of the userbase, but also because we’re up to 500+ unique powers. Speaking of 500 unique powers.. Having so many things adding up to Everypower is obviously a good idea for xat longterm because it nets them money for realistically low to no cost. However, this damages the economy and user morale once again. Having a $300-$400 pricetag for EP is one thing, but we’re quickly nearing an $800 (or more!) price tag simply due to how much powers currently are. Aside from the geniuses who still know how to turn a profit, or those with a lot of expendable income, $800 is not realistic. (Also, our 100k price tag power is to be blamed...) Another big issue in my eyes is the re-release of already designed powers. Kloud and Clouds? Double Cactus powers? Tons of “heart” themed powers? All of these lead me to believe that ideas are thin and that they’re being forced to tell our smiley makers to make whatever they can, to meet their self-imposed quota. And I’m here to say that we have enough brilliant people on xat to sit down and think up a game plan for how xat can make money other than releasing weekly smiley powers. All this goes to say that it’s extremely unfortunate that a majority of this feedback will not be listened to. While it is a positive thing to see that Appbot is getting a lot of attention (a pretty awesome project), it’s just not enough. Weekly smiley powers will not stop until xat closes— I’m almost certain of this. Feel free to share your feedback here, but please know it’s pretty unrealistic that anything will happen with it.
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    In first place, I'd like to thank my daddy for paying the internet at the time I first accessed xat. In second, I'd like to thank my mom for always inspiring me to help people. Thank you @maxo for your kind certificate. I'll use it whenever my loyalty for xat is put in doubt by any men with the exception of our Lord 42. Thanks to everybody who's celebrating this splendid moment with me - on xat we meet, forever we chat. May I PC you again.
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    Do not post your username/ID here twice. Only post it once. EDIT: I just had to remove at least 10 people’s posts because they thought they had to enter again. No! It is extremely important that you read through both Marya’s and Cupim’s posts before acting. Otherwise, you’ll have no idea how to participate in their contests/giveaways. This is just a bit embarassing to be honest.
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    People should stop thinking of xat as a business for themselves and learn to enjoy the beauty. This is a place to make friends and memories and stop thinking about what is in it for “me”.
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    I hate to write in a forum, I always get a negative answer from people who are never in trade.It's sad to see how people every week struggle to earn 10x max 20x on a new power.STORE PRICE 239x trade https://prnt.sc/mfrvyk https://prnt.sc/mfruzf https://prnt.sc/mfrvdv .Question for administration?Why is problem is to make one month of power which will cost 1500-2k.When will you realize that the trade chat is heart of xat.com?
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    I think it would be cool if you could have the ability to mix 2 colors of pawns that you own. For example, if you have gold and pink, you could have the ability to mix them and make a rose gold pawn. Examples by Luigi:
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    A new version is available (jan 21, 2019). Changelog updated. Most noteable change: You can now get a preview for powers. More info above.
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    Hello everyone, I think of the well being of all users and always in a safe trade. I believe that there could be the option to trade on everypower or an allpowers completely as a power in the trade. Many people who do not know the trade nor the powers that make up an allpowers, end up being deceived by people of bad faith. An option to add the everypower or allpowers at one time in trade. This is an example of what I'm talking about: HTML5 is a great chance to add this option to make it easier to trade and impart security to your users. Thank you all in advance!
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    Guess what?! Bryan and I are dropping an album!! BRY X LEM. Pre-order: 02.17.2019 🔥🔥💘
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    Hello guys !! for not to post always i post here mine drawing! it's a kind of mini cat, first smile is a main smile, crouched, lovingm, smile, ill, whiff, cutef, coolm, smilef, coolf, lovingf, chill, eatf, price power: 350 xats, the name idk and the hat idk!! i hope you like...
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    everyone thinks about how to make money out of a power,οr make a good profit, think about how to make people come to here,and have fun and stay,do not waste it because they are fleeing
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    Congratulations on your new certificate, @Cupim! (Don't forget to add it to your resume.)
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    Hello community! I am here to suggest the creation of a power in the format of stickers. The stickers could contain words used in the day-to-day, as shown in the example below: Also, we could create stickers containing the xat smilies, as shown in this example: Optional: We could create a store where we can buy new stickers (similar to the Xavi's store). Power information: Name: Stickers Type: Smilies Status: Limited Price: Around 300 xats What do you think about?
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    I think I got it right, please correct me if I'm wrong. Are you suggesting using the effect of one pawn on another? If this is the case, here are some examples: Gold-Pink Gold-Purple Gold-Blueman I personally liked the idea, it would give us more options to use.
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    @Admin, please disable the flood limit feature for members+ The feature is too annoying and whoever types too fast has routine problems with it. There are many others like me, who type fast! The alternative is a GCONTROL option, allowing main owners to decide which ranks can be free of limits. ANOTHER PROBLEM: How do we know which message was discarded? xat should tell to the user which message(s) were labeled as flood, so they can know which to send again. We also need to know what was blocked. Then instead of printing the text "Limit: 5s"... I suggest to add the message that was blocked by the flood limit: eg "Limit: 5s - message you tried to send goes here"
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    Cupim would like to thank his mom, his dad and most importantly his parents. His dog, his cat and his pets, not only Jesus, but God as well. CONGRATUALTIONS CUPIM, God bless your soul.
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    Hello, The WINNERS are : MightyBrain1 (1497708246) @Mighty1 MagicDesing (1477784162) @MagicDesing iiXDanny98 (585651094) @DjDanny24 elreydelreino (1509522881) @maxo Mauzim (1489668313) @Mauzim P : Congratulations, contact me ASAP at xatrade to receive your prize. Thanks for all participant!! there will be more chances for you again.
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    The heart should become a forum emotion since all the other reactions have a face on it and this would only make sense to have it. Overall, pleasing smiley @Junior. @Andre - Make this happen!
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    We really need an option like this being added. I actually think we should have different options to sell things such as everypower, allpowers and all the collections xat has released in the last months and future collections. Ideally, when clicking on "add X collection", all the powers required for the collection we are trying to sell would automatically appear. It would prevent a lot of scams and would also make our sales much more easier. I truly hope I can see these options being added in future updates of the HTML5 version of xat.
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    You have no idea how annoying it is to add allpowers, so I’m supporting this idea! An “Add Allpowers” option would be great.
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