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    Hello everyone! I and Ramy (212430011) have decided to giveaway 10000 xats! There will be up to 50 WINNERS. Rules: Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. The winners will be chosen tomorrow Saturday, 24th November midnight (GMT+1) Using this generator by @Anas Prize holder : @Marya(11011) Good Luck! Happy Hhanksgiving Day <3
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    This is a badly informed decision and I ask you to reconsider. If you want to reward Maverick or others with a new pawn, give them yellow or diamond - not an existing "celebrity" pawn that bears no resemblance to their credentials.
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    Reply below with your username/id and get a chance to win one of these powers! One power per winner, picked randomly. Illusionfx (5x) Patrickfx (3x) Raccoons (3x) Portalfx (3x) Kcoffee (3x) Pizzas (3x) Muertos (2x) Glasses (2x) Piggy (2x) Accessory (2x) Birdie (2x) Kcar Gesture Suspense Money Slimefx Ktree Baghead Kitcup Nuts Dragons Kxmas Fitness Nightmare Kloud Minimon Ghostmon Battle Fall Ten Winner Hearts Contest has ended.
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    The winners are: Illusionfx (5x) - Mihai, Ionut18, i1Category, Mounnn, Booh Patrickfx (3x) - MattEpicFail, Erick, Mauzim Raccoons (3x) - Sonic, MagicDesign, Raapha1 Portalfx (3x) - Teddy, N35U, FriendWithBenefi Kcoffee (3x) - Dallas, iStrongerWtf, xAndyx Pizzas (3x) - HelperNate, Luah, xiFaahx Muertos (2x) - Riaa, Marya Glasses (2x) - Anas, Teca Piggy (2x) - Thuk, Haey Accessory (2x) - Dimm, stivencortes Birdie (2x) - Bau, The0lici Kcar - Guidof Gesture - iGuinho Suspense - Blacky Money - Dani-De-Virreyes Slimefx - Briansc7 Ktree - Solange Baghead - iJuanR Kitcup - Marek Nuts - lcky Dragons - Echo Kxmas - Valdoni Fitness - maxo Nightmare - Djdanny24 Kloud - Lukasz991 Minimon - Devil Ghostmon - iWitness29 Battle - Arky Fall - Fons Ten - Bleiz Winner - Luig Hearts - SHAW Congratulations! Contact me at https://xat.com/xat5 within the next days to claim your prize.
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    Ho ho ho! In preparation of Christmas approaching, I have planned some weekend events for the next few weekends @ Game chat! Merry Christmas! Date Time Game Host Prize December 1 7PM GMT / 2PM EST Gamebot* Tempmods+ 3000 xats December 1 8PM GMT / 3PM EST Trivia* Nathan 500 xats/q, total 10000 xats December 2 7PM GMT / 2PM EST Gamebot* Tempmods+ 1500 xats December 2 8PM GMT / 3PM EST Typerace* Marshall 400 xats/q, total 8000 xats December 2 After previous event Hide and Seek Marshall 150 xats/q, total 1500 xats December 8 7PM GMT / 2PM EST Gamebot* Tempmods+ 3000 xats December 8 8PM GMT / 3PM EST Random Number Nathan 7000 xats December 9 7PM GMT / 2PM EST Gamebot* Tempmods+ 3000 xats December 9 8PM GMT / 3PM EST Rock-paper-scissors Nathan 1st place: 3000 xats, 2nd place: 2000 xats, 3rd place: 1000 xats, 4th place: 500 xats December 15 7PM GMT / 2PM EST Gamebot* Tempmods+ 3000 xats December 15 8PM GMT / 3PM EST Hide and Seek Nathan 1500 xats/q, total 15000 xats December 16 7PM GMT / 2PM EST Matchrace*** FEX Autogames 20000 xats + 1000 days December 16 11PM GMT / 6PM EST Elimination Game* Robert 10000 xats Please note that the contests listed here are subject to change. Events marked with a * are WIN 1 SKIP 1. Events marked with 3 *** are WIN 1 SKIP 3. I'd like to thank @Maverick & @Zoomeyfor donating to these events! Also credits to Zoomey for coming up with this topic's name!
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    Hello, I make my first entry. INNER OUTER https://i.imgur.com/TTx0qje.png https://i.imgur.com/2wNgIEb.png Button Color: #036fd9 My second entry INNER OUTER https://i.imgur.com/apx5sqo.png https://i.imgur.com/0tVhhkj.png Button Color: #b10000 Kumii (585659086)
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    Hello to everyone im sorry to disturbing and creating any inconvenience to someone. Im the voice of xat.com/trade http://tradexat.com/staff In this moment i want to communicate to @Admin @vols , in name to all staff from trade, following : - After events on trade , we all staff trade leave staff . - Reasons : Because we are not agree with @Addict, he is quiting owner, if he quit we all do same. We need's news things on trade. .. MANY and fast. I hope @Admin can help us , with new things emergency. Really we havegreats and goods owner same Bryan same Dope we need they .. But .. all staff have deciding that. Please we need urgently new cheanges in trade . I know trade is the heart of the xat.com so please help us once more im asking you @Admin in name to staff please help us. I apologize again for all inconvenience caused. Regards.
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    We want it to be as easy as possible to make an app. We want users to be able to run it without having to get their app approved. We want you to be able to host a bot and app on your PC for one chat - no server or $$ needed We hope it will be possible for someone with little or no programming skills to take an existing app (eg a poll or quiz) and tweak it for their group. If your game is good then others may host it for you (similar to xatradio) so that it can be used on any chat. You might change xats for that The bot hoster might charge you xats or take a cut Games will start out simple but in the future we might add ways to make much more powerful games The future is not set, we will see where it takes us. We are looking forward to seeing where this will go and where our users will take us. Get ready for blast off!
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    ID: 523 Name: Swordfx Status: Limited Price: 300 xats Smilies: Pawns: Wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Swordfx
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    Fast Contest Black Friday's Giveaway. Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. TWO WINNERS will be chosen tonight Friday, 23th November at 11:59 PM (GMT+1). 1st place prize : 200 xats. 2nd place prize : 100 xats. Good Luck!
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    @Vale I never once said you demoted me, and you will never have any right or reason to do so when I was there holding the chat together with your absence. I’m sorry but I find it very weird how you become active as soon as position is threatened to be stripped off of you, I kept quiet for so long but I won’t do that anymore. And since you’re exposing what I said here in the public, why don’t you tell them everything?? Bits and parts only. COWARD MOVE. Also, I planned this event with admin himself, I informed you on the forum, how else am I supposed to inform you? Travel to Germany and let you know? I don’t have time to chase you around and ask for stuff to be done for Trade, the chat YOU’RE supposed to be there for and manage.
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    Want to win more than an extra five pounds this Thanksgiving? We got you! It's nearly Thanksgiving! Time to gather with friends, feast on succulent turkey, enjoy a few contests on Trade, and voice our appreciation! With @Admin being kind enough to sponsor this event, we will be holding one of the funnest events on Trade! This giveaway will include POWERS (and some good powers too!) AND A GRAND FINALE WILL ALSO TAKE PLACE. TRUST ME, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT. Everyone will have a chance to win. This event's hustle is gonna be in full swing, so be prepared. Angelo and myself will be hosting @ xat.com/trade DJ MELANIE WILL ALSO BE DJ’ING Please also note that all winners will be posted here on the forum! We'll see you there! Winners - English Winner Prize AISHA ANGRY + [2] BLACKFRIDAY + [2] THANKSGIVING AKIO CHRISTMAS + 100 XATS ANASWIN 250 XATS AUSTIN ADVENTURE + BOOT + HALLOWEEN + FADE + REDCARD + TOAD + VALENTINE + [2] SIX + BIG DREAM BOOT + ANGRY + GAG + INSTRUMENTS + SINS GEORGEORWELL INSTRUMENTS IJUANR CHRISTMAS IMJAMES ANGRY + BLACKFRIDAY + [2] CHRISTMAS + GKALIENS + INSTRUMENTS + KDEMON + SINS + TOAD + [2] THANKSGIVING IPIA FIREFX MARSHALL BLACKFRIDAY + CLEAR MASHA CHRISTMAS + INSTRUMENTS + KDEMON + [2] THANKSGIVING + SUMMERHUG MATHEUS SINS MELANIE ANGRY + CLEAR MERCY BLACKFRIDAY PAINUZUMAK APRINCESS + BLACKFRIDAY + INSTRUMENTS PHIN ANGEL POKE BLACKFRIDAY + FAIRY + [2]KDEMON + SINS + FADE + SIX + TOAD + VALENTINE + [2] THANKSGIVING + BLASTDE SETH EASTERLOVE + GLOB + EASTERLAND STIFLER BLACKFRIDAY + INSTRUMENTS + KDEMON UNIKODESIGNS [2] THANKSGIVING UNITY BLACKFRIDAY WWWPEKEWWW ANGRY + CLEAR Winners - Portuguese Winner Prize ALiceAyumi (1520847630) 1150 xats + SWORDFX Ar91 (9100000) 2150 xats + SWORDFX Brooooow69 (122411659) SWORDFX DearGod2010 (583109023) 3000 xats Dygo (84989153) SWORDFX + 500 xats ELLysmga55 (237056506) SWORDFX Edu69 (1111169) 3000 xats GataRaqueLLLL (417466232) 1150 xats Kareh1998 (1529781197) 3000 xats Luah (115762560) [2] SWORDFX Luig (10000270) SWORDFX Odin (206159116) SWORDFX Painuzumak (582764077) 200 xats + [3] SWORDFX Pudinzinho69 (809761400) SWORDFX ScantLingg (200362308) 3000 xats TroyanaBruxa (1526636078) 3000 xats Yeah (10000090) 200 xats andersonsanto (910658980) 1150 xats iBwen (1510513869) 3000 xats iDeehs2 (982438617) SWORDFX xRapha (1234437391) SWORDFX zduuuuuuuhx (1533402835) 3300 xats + [2] SWORDFX zzzSAPONzzz (1533632339) SWORDFX Winners - Spanish Winner Prize A364651536 (364651536) 250 xats ALEX0418ALEX (1518620827) 500 xats Amerikaaaa (51717079) 250 xats BeLLitha69 (1044659180) 800 xats BesosDePapeL (1528892021) 500 xats CarpediemZoe (1528488098) 500 xats CompLicacy (1533872981) 750 xats Dan1eL (305067083) 600 xats Dec0de (315955189) 3900 xats Dream (1010206) 1700 xats Enriquexbb (1532990809) 300 xats GaboSanchez (1455660628) 300 xats Gasparin (1427540103) 300 xats JH0N (15551) 300 xats Lopezkevin07 (1534069013) 850 xats Luah (115762560) 300 xats MagicDesing (1477784162) 1450 xats Marya (11011) 500 xats Nacho (1523424427) 600 xats NayshaTuamore22 (1527614183) 250 xats Painuzumak (582764077) 1800 xats PriSciLaGeraLdine (860761409) 250 xats ReaLg4LifeexD (399787322) 250 xats SoyDaniChe (190649352) 250 xats Stif (344107857) 800 xats TeresaFLores (237942668) 1750 xats TrixMiLena (820322017) 500 xats WALKALONE21 (1529210271) 300 xats aLejandrax3 (218131301) 1000 xats andreaC2018 (1532572255) 1250 xats cristancgiraLdo (547328390) 300 xats david15161718 (442548957) 250 xats dinamite99 (46544326) 500 xats eLreydeLreino (1509522881) 250 xats girLLovee12 (1529764372) 500 xats iJuanR (410077992) 3350 xats iMasterMindi (732212231) 300 xats iPia (592658849) 800 xats iThunder (1176760319) 500 xats iWitness29 (1529667724) 1100 xats iamNotALex (1533223668) 500 xats iiJu4nnnnn (1523516072) 250 xats iiNaadyaaa (1533541334) 500 xats iiiR0J0iii (1527980216) 500 xats iiiiGaboiii (1529399784) 250 xats iiiiiiGame (1508888308) 800 xats it4La (1517036906) 300 xats joeLsteves (1507616441) 500 xats patroo (10000016) 1350 xats xPeruanita (1529691967) 500 xats xxxmiamorxxx (243417815) 300 xats Winners - Arabic Winner Prize ALoL94 (1055874259) 600 xats + MONEY + VALFX AShtatoooo (1528887425) MUSIC + STYLIST + TOPSPIN AhMeDMeNnA0 (1138325750) 750 xats + GLITTERFX + KFOX + ZOOM BLackEuphoria (224888874) 200 xats + 10 days CaLLMe3amer (1528990714) 200 xats + 10 days Danito (306062639) 200 xats 10 days EsRaA015iii (1516301025) 200 xats + 10 days GoogLeLord (1529398979) 200 xats + 20 days + STYLIST + TYPING HiisMajesty (1516318131) CODEBAN LLLGoLdStarLLL (1236761323) 300 xats + MONEY + OUTFIT La7NnNN1234 (1533899093) 300 xats LaiLaLeLo2 (1534046503) 1600 xats + ANIME + MUSIC Lamya20019 (1529652735) KPENG + REGHIDE LiLiMatrexLiLi (1171430082) 200 xats + 10 days Liana (146639199) 200 xats + 10 days Liiiiiiiiie (141999351) 200 xats + 10 days NodiMessam (1533806978) 150 xats + BAGHEAD + MIRROR + PCBR OoOGuestOoO (1533325145) 200 xats + 10 days OoooshamsooooO (1529518239) 150 xats Ramiz (1002008) 150 xats + LADYBUG + AWAY + MUTE Rosequeen23 (1526783038) 450 xats + 10 days SSaaRRaaaaa (1519288569) 200 xats + 10 days WhiteTheCat (1477594895) 200 xats + 10 days XoOoXHaythamXoOoX (1525535172) MEOW a7zaneL3mr (1525869795) 350 xats + 10 days + FLAG + SHOW + SHUFFLE anakaramiLaa (1528210977) 450 xats eLjokar2019 (1529560199) 500 xats + 10 days + STYLIST + REGHIDE iDjRockSaw (227597031) 900 xats + GLITTERFX + HAIRF + ZAP + NOFOLLOW + STYLIST iLord (125267706) 350 xats + 10 days iMoHd (63334225) 250 xats + 7 days iR0GhALsSi (109105799) 900 xats + GLITTERFX iZahratiii (1533718899) 200 xats + 10 days ii3nady8eerii12 (1474500739) 550 xats + HANDS iiAnaKeMoii (1516635051) 1350 xats + TOPSPIN + STYLIST iiiikaLamoiiii (249589488) 150 XATS iixmaayxiii (556658680) 150 XATS + GLITTERFX issLamabardi (1486702728) 600 xats + STYLIST + STICKY + TOPSPIN ixiAnoshaaixi (1533997899) 650 xats + 10 days + KFOX + STYLIST + TOPSPIN medo1410000 (1504661595) 250 xats + MUSIC + STYLIST + TYPING meroodyana (1522119685) 900 xats + NUCLEAR + PINK + SNOWY mmdohdoha2019 (1529491135) 450 xats + GLITTERFX + STATUSGLOW o0HaMaDa0o (235002727) 750 xats + LOVE + NIGHTMARE + TYPING + SUPERKICK + REGHIDE oOLoLoANaOo (1487034212) 150 xats + MOM oOoCuteoOo (1385100030) 150 xats + NOPC + NOPM + RADIO trika0no0way (370152094) BLUEMAN zozoLoza22 (1504842758) 200 xats + 10 days
  13. 13 points
    APPBOT power lets you make and run apps and multiplayer games to run on xat. You need the APPBOT power to make and run a game. You don't need it to play a game. This is a forum mainly for app developers but players are welcome to suggest apps and improvements and to help test apps.
  14. 12 points
    Hello everyone, The WINNERS are : ANG3LL (1515005001) AND3 (247287525) Guid0FSociety (1533800071) iPia (592658849) N35U (1000002) sadboy (1533798077) elreydelreino (1509522881) POLOELUNICO (140266459) Ojou (1510701323) Riaa (101010) iNor (90345) Gustavo (15555555) toby190713 (1241989563) Ar91 (9100000) iDepressent (406636530) LowkeySavage (1533331629) The0lici (1448444464) Caiio (286878393) Fiona (81926573) newcretzujtm (1529379663) iMasterMindi (732212231) zzzSAPONzzz (1533632339) Marek (2018) YouCanNotSeeMe (1523330104) Dan1el (305067083) iMoHd (63334225) XkMy (76056135) noseqponer2014 (1455652744) Luah (115762560) iiiiiiGame (1508888308) iGuinho (347693796) Giia (995544227) whothinkyouare (1533126305) Rida (9900000) xMarshallz (428933352) Damien (72392102) iWitness29 (1529667724) Santademonia (126388916) Mauzim (1489668313) georgeorwell (1478591315) SHAW (1003) Fonsho (386614161) Kumii (585659086) Mstr (172762838) iiXDanny98 (585651094) TecarJ (1001002) Valdon (847874144) iBleiz (401777770) Ravey (1488806750) zedd (144541588) Proof : https://imgur.com/a/a4kqq4H Congratulation guys!! You have won 200 xats per user. Contact @Marya to claim your prize at Xattrade or Loja.
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    Hello, We have had a number of reports recently in relation to fraudulent users. Remember that: (1) Volunteers will NEVER ask for your xats, days or powers. Volunteers are rewarded for their services through test powers, which are distributed by admins. Volunteers will not ask for further rewards. (2) Volunteers will NEVER ask for your password. They do not require this information for anything (nor does any user). The only times that volunteers will ask for your information is if you request a ticket opening (they would ask for your ID, username and the email address associated with your account) OR if you have a ticket open and they ask you within the ticket to answer security questions - in this case, the information should be provided within your ticket. (3) Volunteers will NEVER private message you on the chats to inform you that your account is blocked for illegal activity. Volunteers have no reason to do this - all account block matters are handled within tickets. NOTE: If someone is impersonating a volunteer (or even a wiki editor, etc.), please ignore them and report them immediately with evidence. Proper evidence may include two full chat screen grabs. The first screen grab must have the messages in their entirety. The second must have the user ID and registered name with the messages partially visible. If you are concerned for your safety, please change your password immediately. Please also be vigilant of clicking suspicious links from random users and check the Volunteer wiki page before you contact a volunteer. You may share this topic/information with anyone who is worried about a fraudulent user.
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    Not sure where you heard that? I guess someone asking for professionalism has not been very professional. That's pretty wrong. I've talked to Bryan a few times but we are not particularly "friends". For instance, we've been much more friends together, Mario, that I have been with Bryan. Bryan and I simply have a professional relationship. Nonetheless, I think I'm mature enough not to be controlled by whoever. Not disagreeing with someone doesn't mean you are controlled by them, you know that pretty well too. Last but not least, being the main owner of such an important chat doesn't mean overseeing things once in a trimester and picking someone to do your job without recognizing them. I personally find it pretty disrespectful that one's hide behind real life or volunteers duties. We all have a real life and other issues to deal with, but one should hand over their responsibilities when it becomes apparent they don't have any more time for it. I am very sorry to the xat community for watching all this drama. This could have been handled way better but it seems the showdown was inevitable. I'm very sad this had to happen on the public scene.
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    They want a change of main ownership, they are fed up with Vale being inactive for months and months and having very little communication. I don't blame them for walking out on a chat manager that doesn't support them. This has been an on-going issue with far to long with no appropriate fix. We have seen discussion after discussion regarding this matter with little change taking place. Is it time for a change of ownership and for a main owner that will help support @Addict and the rest of the trade staff.
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    My entries: https://i.imgur.com/s2xE8fW.png https://i.imgur.com/G8p7Cdc.png
  19. 10 points
    To be clear. Maverick has cyan pawn because he has made best game so far. If you make a better game you could have it instead. This may not last forever. It's an incentive to encourage users to look at writing games and apps.
  20. 10 points
    Feel free to make use of the poster from xat's facebook page. The poster was designed by @Luig.
  21. 10 points
    This may be a good topic to share the security campaign posters from facebook. 1. Scam Prevention 2. Impersonating Staff 3. Account Protection - xat PAL's 4. Phishing Protection
  22. 10 points
    Hello and good luck all!! Inner: https://imgur.com/HRZYep9.png Outer:https://i.imgur.com/h7SOnQO.png Button Color: #017062 Inner (2) : https://imgur.com/eH2IzPM.png Outer (2): https://imgur.com/49Qwy5f.png Button Color: #5343d2 Inner (3) : https://imgur.com/mBk6nLh.png Outer (3) : https://imgur.com/OCNdDA6.png Button Color #013a61 J0NI (2014)
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    As Trade owner for 7 plus years, it saddens me that it’s taking Trade staff to leave Trade for them to desperately prove a point and open admin’s eye to the chaos that’s been happening. I just want to say that I didn’t intend for staff to resign themselves after I told them I was leaving, I didn’t ask them to follow me, this is all them. So I’m encouraging volunteers to listen to their voices, as they should be heard and worked on. I’m sorry to say this, but I’m sick and tired of fighting for a chat that the main doesn’t even care about, I’ve stood by Vale’s side ever since she was main, and I’m not even appreciated for what I’ve been doing for her. But the Trade team is here and they’re speaking on behalf of everyone. So I hope they’re heard once and for all.
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    Hello, here my entry INNER (1): https://i.imgur.com/xfe8TRE.png OUTER (1): https://i.imgur.com/7n5sQRM.png Button Color: #004500 or #6B0000 INNER (2): https://i.imgur.com/gszfvf4.png OUTER (2): https://i.imgur.com/Qud54sm.png Button Color: #00004F INNER (3): https://i.imgur.com/Bu9wetg.png OUTER (3): https://i.imgur.com/uN6C0FO.png Fonsho (386614161) Button Color: #8C001C Good luck, all
  25. 9 points
    I think these shouldn't be too hard to do and they'd be quite fun. (User forum suggestions.) 1. Hippo Hunt 2. Smiley punch 3. Skyrace 4. Madball
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