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    ID: 554 Name: Baby Status: Limited Price: 229 xats Smilies: Pawns: Wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Baby
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    We should thank @HelperNate for taking your time because maybe this guide is not useful for you or this is not the tutorial you were looking for, but for other people it can be very useful if you want to organize an event or contest or just get the idea of how to organize an event in the future. There is a section of suggestions in which you can present your suggestions or simply express what you want or the tutorials that you would like to have or contribute ideas, but this does not imply disparaging this tutorial.
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    Sohbet (xat.com/sohbet) is looking for a new inner and outer background combination. Rules: Both an inner background and outer background must be provided Must have a matching button color (state color code) Don't make colors too dark / too bright, or in other words, hurtful to eyes Background must be publicly posted in comments Limit of 3 entries per person Be as creative as possible Sohbet must be mentioned in the inner background (not necessary on the outer) If you are making CSS, post it here How to submit: To submit your entry, reply with your completed backgrounds with the links included. Each user may submit up to 3 entries. If you submitted a background that is not to your satisfaction, edit your reply with the new backgrounds with the new links included. Deadline: The deadline to submit entries will be on August 3. Prize Information: 1st place: 2000 xats 2nd place: 750 xats 3rd place: 500 xats Thank you!
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    NAT (ID: 553) This power allows you to send anime girl stickers - short for natalie. Note: This power was made for the HTML5 chat only. It will NOT work on the Flash chat. You need to own the power (553 - nat) and have days to use stickers. Sending a sticker To send a sticker, simply use one of these codes: (nat.yes#yea!) (nat.why#eh?) (nat.love#kissx) (nat.cry#boohoo) (nat.no#OH NO!) Custom text You can add a custom text to your sticker. To do so, change the content after the ‘#’. For example: (nat.yes#Hello xat!) (nat.why#Hello xat!) Note: Sticker code must be added at the beginning of the message for it to show up. Text color You can also specify the inner and outer text color of your sticker. For example: (nat.yes#Hi xat!#cyan#yellow) (nat.yes#Hi xat!#ffff00#f9daee) Sticker with message The sticker can also be sent with a message. For example: (nat.love#Hello xat!) How are you guys doing today? If you have any questions, want to report an issue or leave your feedback, please feel free to do so below. Thank you.
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    Hello everyone !! I have the pleasure to make this contest, i've decided to give a new power BABY to 1 lucky user here in the forum, all you have to do is to follow these RULES: -Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. -Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. -1 WINNER will be chosen SATURDAY 20th JULY at10.00 PM (GMT+1) Using the generator http://www.randomresult.com/pick.php . -If for some reasons the winner is held or has not contacted me within the 48 hours, another winner will be chosen. good luck everyone. - MAXO -
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    In this guide, I will explain what I know about hosting a xat contest. Deciding the type of contest First things first, what kind of contest are you planning to host? Is it going to be an in-chat event, or something for the forum? How to decide if a contest should be hosted in-chat, or on the forum: In-chat events: Forum contests: Planning your contest What makes a great contest is the preparation done in advance. This could be harder than hosting the actual contest itself, so it's best to develop a creative outline. This comes in multiple parts. Planning an in-chat event: Planning a background contest: Budgeting for your contest You have planned what kind of contest you want to host, and have made your drafted notes of the questions you plan to use (if applicable). Now, another part of planning your contest is budgeting! What does budgeting mean? For in-chat events: For forum contests: As mentioned above, decide how many total xats you want to invest towards your contest, and then divide that total into how you want to award your winners. If you wanted to invest 8,000 xats towards your contest, divide the total into how you want to award certain winners (EG: 1st place: 5,000 xats, 2nd place: 2,000 xats, 3rd place: 1,000 xats). Be sure the number of xats awarded matches the total invested! IMPORTANT NOTE: If a contest is cancelled after 24 hours, the contest creator must forfeit the prize and choose a winner! Deciding when to host your contest You have successfully prepared your contest to be hosted, and have properly budgeted how you want to award your prizes. Now all that's left is to decide WHEN you want to host your contest! For in-chat events: For forum contests: Hosting your contest You have successfully outlined how you plan to host your contest, planned your budget accordingly, and are now ready to host your contest! This is where the fun begins! This section will elaborate a bit on how to host your contest when the time has come. For in-chat events: For forum contests: Judging: Awarding your prize:
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    A new version is available. Changelog updated. Huge update!
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    More 5 to come, soon ! :D
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    Our first interviewee is @xRavennn ! Hi Raven! Thank you for your dedication to Game chat, and agreeing to be interviewed! I am going to ask you some questions regarding your experience at Game chat. Please answer as honestly as possible. 1. Tell us a little about yourself. What is your real name, where are you from, how old are you, and what are you studying? I think the real name that really defines me is the one here, so I'm Raven. I'm 21 years old.I live in Bucharest (Romania), and I am a student at the Polytechnic University. 2. When and how did you discover xat Game chat? I discovered a Game chat 3 months ago and by chance, but it struck me so much that I am now surprised in a pleasant way. 3. What about Game chat stands out to you? Everything: discipline, communication, play, and amusement. 4. What is your favorite/funniest memory shared in Game chat if you have one? For me, every day with staff is something memorable, but my favorite memory is shown in the Screenshot: the bot responds for the first time that I kiss myself. 5. What do you think of the contests hosted here? Do you have any suggestions on how they can be improved? The contests are hosted in a very correct way, and are based on a perfectly elaborated regulation. The only thing I would add is changing the waiting time of the participants in the contests: Uno or Pokebot. 6. Do you have any new contest ideas for xat that you would like to share to the public as of now? Not at the moment, but more details will follow in the near future. 7. What is your overall impression of Game chat? It's a good place to meet new people and make friends, but also for fun. 8. Overall, how well are you treated as both a staff member, and a regular user at Game chat? In my view, we are all equal, even if we are guests, simple members, moderators, owners or main owner. There are no differences in behavior towards each other and that's a great thing. 9. How long do you think you will stay active around Game chat? I don’t have any date on when I’ll leave. But not soon!!! 10. Where do you see the future of Game chat? I do not have an exact answer to this question. 11. We have come to the end of this interview. Do you have any special message to end this interview? Yeah, if you're good at something and if you can help, do it. Just you are the change you expect, the work will be rewarded at some point. Be the best choice of yourself, and there's something special in every sunset, sunshine, and your heart. Thank you for the opportunity to be in Game staff, and for this interview.
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    Inspired by interviews seen on xat.chat, I am going to be introducing something similar. I am introducing public staff interviews, where my team will provide feedback about their experience @ Game chat! I, too, will be answering my own questions, but I will save myself for last. Interviews will be posted here, and on Game's blog. Stay tuned!
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    C'mon, really? out of all the tutorials that could be added, a tutorial on how to make a contest? I mean, it's common sense....
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    hello. I come to suggest the power of the siren, I don't know if it's already been suggested, here's my idea. 1- (merkiss) > sending kisses 2- (merhi) > raising his arm to say hello 3-(mermelody) > playing a flute and coming out musical notes 4-(merloving) > effect of hearts in the eyes 5-(merbubble) > throwing bubbles 6-(merhug) > opening his arms to give a hug 7-(merrock) > sitting on a rock with effects of marine algae and a water effect 8-(merbrush) > brushing your hair 9-(merhappy) > smiling effect 10-(merredface) > red effect on the cheeks of shame 11-(mersob) >crying 12- (merswim) > swimming 13-(merblack) > with nothing on his face to put effects of other powers I think you can add more styles of effects to the power such as using it as a card or a message similar to that of the shark. Pawn > the mermaid's fin can be used as a pawn. I leave these images as an example of the sirens.
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    Congratulations @JoseSergioJr17 You have been chosen by the generator. You have 96 hours to claim your prize or a new winner will be chosen, the next one on the list would be the new winner and so on until the prize is claimed. You can contact me through a pv message here in the forum or add me to xat /f84363269. My ID is Ratoncete (84363269). The result of the draw can be consulted --->>> Here Thank you all for participating
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    Hello everyone, How do you feel today? What do I mean by automatic message ?! But I want to add something that has not yet been added, but it has been discussed. - Add as long as you have, married / bff - And history to all you have in relationship, (You can have the opportunity to delete or save history). Eg: Congratulation you have a month/year together Bff/Married « - Let's have an automatic message where it shows when your birthday is. (First of all, there must be a possibility where we can add when it's our day, it's not necessary how many years you have, or what year you are born, to be preferential, nothing obligatory). Eg for You: Happy birthday Bau, We are glad you chose xat's, have a beautiful day. Eg For all of yours friends: Your friend Bau is his birthday, you can congratulate him for a much more beautiful day than is the moment. These simple and beautiful things can make your day more beautiful in xat. And many other automatic messages can exist in xat's. You can suggest below if you have any ideas on this suggestion.
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    They don't even want to add embed images and you think they are going to add stickers? It is a great idea, but Admins don't like the word ''free''.
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    Hello Again ! I come with my 2nd Idea and i hope that you like and consider my idea. i Added some smiles(I took the time to draw them). this power can be compatible with power Classic. 1° The Black Pawn 2.- A black feather of raven 3.- The leftover of a flying crow 4.- The famous three-eyed crow of GOT (sorry for the stain ) 5.- A smile holding a raven ( this is compatible with hands / the smile can replace for other smile power) 6.- the last one is "the shadow of a raven in the moon standing on a branch" ( The moon can be color with white, yellow or red) but this two (Ksign and Pawn black) (but I will wait for while they accept these two proposals or if they will be rejected) well That's all ... I hope it's enough smilies and be accepted... Thank You for take the time and read me! Have cute day
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    Agreed. I'm in favour of removing the filter for subscribers and potentially adding a new gcontrol setting for chat owners. I think the positives outweigh the negatives. In fact, I prefer this idea to Cupim's. Users are less likely to misbehave when they have something to lose (i.e. their items). It creates a small incentive to buy days, for those who know about it. And it wouldn't create additional risk for chats where users are given member upon arrival (some unofficial chats are run this way) - which Cupim's idea might. I also agree with changing the limit text, which Cupim suggested, because "Limit 9s" doesn't mean anything unless you read the wiki or ask other people - and you probably wouldn't even know your messages were being blocked. Apologies if I missed anything.
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    These players are an idea and creation Mia, for a long time. and this is the result of work. I will be very happy with the users in their designs, hoping to change the templates for players a bit. They are applicable to any edition and version of .FLA You can make your own designs using the creation technique, the video of gifs. THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO ALL. TUTORIAL DESCARGA
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    1.) Custom Blast Bans/Blast Kicks - This could be an add-on to the existing 'Blast Ban'/'Blast Kick' power but users can set custom ban/kick animations (using an uploaded gif/strip). This power could be used inappropriately, but can be easily reported and have their power revoked, similar to abusing 'Boot'. + I have no idea if this is even possible, if not, that's okay. It's just a thought I had. 2.) Blue Card - Similar to 'Red Card', but users who are Blue-Carded will kick themselves after sending a message in the chatroom. 3.) SuperBlueman and/or SuperPink - A powerup to the 'Blueman' and/or 'Pink' power, users with this power will not require 'Flashrank' to see their 'Blueman' or 'Pink' pawn while moderator/owner/main owner (similar to purple,gold,ruby, and everypower). - Owning this power will NOT put you higher on the userlist. + Implementing this will NOT affect 'Flashrank', as it's the only power to cycle between pawn and rank. I've seen people with purple/gold/ruby using 'Flashrank'. 4.) Reduce the price to send HUGs to 5 xats. - I know, it's only 10 xats to use a HUG. But come on! When was the last time you saw a HUG used? I haven't seen any at all unless I myself send them, so maybe lowering the price will encourage the use of HUGs? It's a pretty cool feature. 5.) Lower the rank required to use 'Red Card' - Almost no one uses 'Red Card' due to it being restricted to Main Owner. This can be lowered in 'GControl', but nobody does that. This power would be much better suited for Moderators+. As it is, this power is not very 'epic' at all. Sorry that these ideas aren't 'brand new', but i'm not very creative. I don't know if anyone already suggested these, I tried searching and found nothing but i'm pretty new to the forum so if they were please let me know. Also, sorry that there's more than one suggestion. I didn't wanna make four separate posts so I compiled some of my ideas to this one post. Thanks for reading!
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    it looks good, its like facebook k
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    This would be more of a "Milestone" kind of thing, I mean, I like it, but would it be worth the hassle of making it? My opinion is Yes, it will be worth it, xat has made endless of pointless features/powers, so why not add this that will be beneficial/appreciated.
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    Ok. I like your idea, But let's assume something, xat stores your relationship id/type (married/bff'd), xat doesn't store your relationship date, then how it will give you a message each month/year? Since theres no registry about the date you did. Yet xat can store next dates, what about old marriages/bff?
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    Nice, i think about using that on on xat5!
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    Ok, This time its not facebook's copy, Looks good, I wanna suggest adding something like WhatsApp, that we can make our customs "sticker albums" and upload as Imgur Album, and use our own stickers, if I'm ok I think its being used JS(Canvas/HTML5 maybe?) If this is the current way we cant upload to Imgur, but xat can make any API or something like appbot for us to make customs stickers and share links to ppl, maybe a new stuff on xatRadio? @Cupim @Admin
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    Main question:
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    Maybe I’m just not engrossed in modern pop culture but... Who is Natalie?
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    The wiki article is now up https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Nat Thanks for providing the images @LaFleur - it's appreciated!
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    ID: 552 Name: Heat Status: Limited Price: 219 xats Smilies: Pawns: Wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Heat Animated preview: Smilies: Pawns:
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    Here is a topic where you can congratulate all friends, all members of the forum or club. Happy birthday
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    A power to let users chat in peace and have an enjoyable experience to me seems a bit out of line. I have been chatting in stress and rage for the last 2 years because of the flood limit. I want xat to have more people If we keep the flood limit, more and more people will rage If we make it a power, then I may need to create a "flood limit anonymous club" to help people cope with it. 'Cause I can't. No more. xat must allow owners to decide if they want the flood limit restriction or no. That is simple. Simple simple simple. And it has to be done. Please please please please please. I can't copy a link in peace. I can't help a person in peace. I can literally do nothing. And every single sentence I write I have to copy to ensure it wont be killed by the flood limit. FLOOD LIMIT IS COMING CALL DAENERYS.
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    This is a great idea Mihay!
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    The new power of this week is: Marshie. ID: 530 Name: Marshie Status: Limited Smilies: marshie, maconfused, magrin, mahappy, maheart, maroasted, mawink, mamask, masad, mablush Pawns: hat#hL, hat#hf, hat#hh, hat#hm, hat#h2, hat#h3, hat#h4, hat#h5, hat#h6, hat#hM Price: 222 xats. Wiki: https://xat.wiki/marshie This one was made by @Junior
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    (eyekawaii) (suspicious)
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    I was drawing some smileys
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    Introduction to Suggesting If you are accessing this page, then you most likely have something in mind to suggest! Unless you demonstrate your idea with some sort of visual, you will need to make sure to provide a lot of details. Not everyone has graphic design skills, so you are not required to post any sort of visualization. It definitely helps though! Due to the customizability of xat chats, users are able to mix colors and combine smilies with other smilies. That is a concept to consider when trying to come up with an idea. Whatever you're inventing, it must be something creative so that people can use it to create even more things, like customized smilies! Remember to be unique too. Opening a topic means you are inviting the public to discuss your idea. They might help you make it better by offering criticism, so you should be prepared to accept such criticism. How to Suggest a Smilie Power Powers that include a pack of smilies (usually ten smilies) are considered smiley powers. You can combine them, color them, and use their limited pawns (hat codes). Remember these things when suggesting a smiley power: Think of the pawns that should be created based on the smilies you describe. Some smiley powers have a kiss included in such a way that you must have the power in order to send the associated kiss. You can suggest these types of powers, but make sure to describe the animation. Try to come up with at least ten different smilies for each smiley power. Describe how they would look and what name you would give them, and include any other information you can think of. How to Suggest a Functional Power Powers that allow you to have extra features on the chat are tagged as functional powers. These premium features sometimes only affect certain ranks on the chat. Another example is a power that allows you to color your name in some way. When proposing a functional power, be thoughtful. If it has to do with banning, for example, then you will need to remember to think of ways in which the feature could be abused. Describing a solid plan for your suggested feature is always the best way to get the community excited. Example of a Suggestion Power name: Ninja (smiley power). Example of included smilies: ninjas posing, ninjas fighting, ninjas in a rage, cute ninja faces, and ninja blades and swords. In this example, keep in mind that xat already has a Shinobi power. If your suggestion is related to an existing xat power, you'll need to make sure not to include conflicting ideas! Questions, Answers, and Miscellaneous Notes Question: Can I suggest something if it was already suggested on a forum which primarily supports non-English users? Answer: Yes, you can. Make sure to give credit to the original presenter. Question: Why was my topic locked or deleted? Answer: We have specific guidelines for this section. If you violate the regular forum guidelines or the guidelines for this section, your topic may be locked or deleted. Lastly, please do not suggest powers that use someone else's ideas, especially if it isn't even modified. That is straight up theft, and it's even worse if you get a test power for it. This mainly occurs with smiley powers using someone else's art, but can happen with functions too. The least you can do is include the source, but it would be best if you did not do it at all.
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