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  1. Wow, you seem to have a lot of friends Thanks for your suggestions !
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  2. Why don't you ask to do something different for the anniversary? People are tired of this type of event where only the same old users who have a lot of money invested benefit from it. It would be ideal to find some other type of event that motivates more users around xat to participate, reward them for having fun on such a special day and they will be able to see that the loyalty of the users is being recognized. Maybe one related to the forum that will bring more users to register here and be more informed about improvements/events or some other that will allow you to earn users like creating a referral for each new user registered this month on xat you can participate to win a random prize (or just earn 10 xats for each referral).
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  3. Hello everyone! Join tomorrow night for Trivia night! We will be have a 5 rounds of different questions by category! You will have a chance to win xats as well! It will start at 8pm EST!
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