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  1. Tomorrow we celebrate our first year at HOLA! It seems that it was yesterday that February 26, 2020, when we moved from MANICOMIO to HOLA with all the enthusiasm in the world ... Thanks to the Staff and users who throughout that first year passed through our HOLA chat room, specifically to @JasonOficial, @Drika, @Kevvo and how can I not leave without mentioning Santeo the creator of HOLA, and all my friends and acquaintances. Our HOLA chat room has been growing with new users, becoming one of the best chat rooms.Our HOLA chat room has been growing with new users, becoming one of the best chat
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  2. En HOLA Nuestra única regla es "DIVERTIRSE"
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  3. Sin amigos locos, no tendríamos locos momentos☘️ SOMOS X A T . C O M / H O L A
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  4. Para todos esos conocidos y amigos que me hacen sentir menos loca cuando se unen a mis locuras!!!. Feliz día de San Valentín 💕😘😘😘
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  5. Somos más que una sala de xat, somos una familia GRACIAS, GRACIAS, GRACIAS!!!! ¡¡HOY CUMPLIMOS UN AÑAZO !!
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  7. OMG Happy birthday, Flower. Keep being who you are and serving us some iconic moments on here. Have a good one!
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  8. Happy Birthday Sunshine!! Wish you the best
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  9. You are an invaluable person to my life who fills my soul with remarkable joy. Thank you for making my life more beautiful than the sun. Happy birthday, my love!
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  10. turtle smiley attempt designers, please don't kill me
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  11. guess who is queen of my heart?you dont know ! its you my angel in this special site xat i meet alot of people its easy to forget them . but you not as them . you got special place in my heart forever
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  12. I'm not the best, i'm just trying to do my best
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  14. CHICAS CHICOS Obviamente Nosotras siempre, CHICAS al poder!!! *EN ESTE xat LA UNICA REGLA ES "DIVERTIRSE"
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  15. @Miel Había dos amigos en diferentes partes del mundo, cuando se extrañan, le susurran su amor al viento, sal y mira cómo sopla el viento, amigo mío.
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  16. do you know where we find cuteness ? its at this profile cuteness called lemonada the cuteness is you my queen i love u angel of my heart
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  17. Happy Birthday from the queen of your heart! Have a great day!
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