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    Happy bithrday "No members to show" u are my brother since we met frist day i lov u congeratulations on this age change
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    Creating something to learn is always welcome. We don't need to gain money with this, money cant pay all I have learned those days creating Mundosmilies which I spent a lot of money with best servers, domain renewed 3 times (3 years, 1month already). I have never added "ads". What I learned is more important than any money in the world. An example of this is how I've learned a lot if PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, PYTHON, DELPHI, RUBY, PERL etc... All this are coding languages. I had never get any cent with this, but I learned a lot, I'm now working in an company in my own house, married (that was found on xat) irl, now I beat one more goal, this is really great to me, the only real reason I still on xat, e.g when I got Game Maker, I have learned a lot of nodeJS, such of thing I had never created, I learned a lot with bot providers, my english also isn't the best but ppl can understand me, I can understand ppl, my spanish is good enough, also learned a bit of italian when I was member on La_Stanza, then I think, I don't need ads, or any such of thing from xat. I have learned a lot already in those 10 years (since I was 10 old). Well, my suggestion to y'all is: keep learning!
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    Happy Birthday to the legend herself
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    it's can be soon.
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    Happy Birthday @DUYGU
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    Happy Birthday @DUYGU
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    Happy Birthday
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    Happy birthday Duygu
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    Happy Birthday
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    Happy birthday Luig
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    Happy birthday @Luig bro
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    Love your icon/profile header man. Keep it up.
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    Alguém te perguntou como é que foi seu dia?♪♪♪♪
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    Good idea. Thank you Bunnie
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    I think (Superhair) if it comes, this hair series will be completed.
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    Trevo,nice to see you on the forum
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    Will it be like Brazil vs. Germany female's version?
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    Happy Birthday Sis! I hope you had a wonderful day. sorry for the delay Love you, hermosa! <3
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    Happy birthday Darkraiiii
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    I love you Ruzo my good friend
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    Happy Birthday @Caiio bro
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    Happy Birthday !
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    Happy Birthday @DjCrazy sys Sorry for the delay
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    Parabéns jovem, tudo de bom pra ti ;* 🎉
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    Parabéns 🎊🎈🎉🖕
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    Happy birthday, Nathan!🎂
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    Hapy birthday !
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    Happy birthday @Nathan
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    Happy birthday, Nathan! 😁🎂
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    I'm fine thanks.
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    I missed you too (hug).Nice to see you back here
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    Happy birthday, Booh
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    Happy Birthday Sis, Crazy ! I hope you have an amazing day !
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    Happy birthday sis
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    Happy birthday bro
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    Yaaaay your day finally 🌸❤️❤️❤️ Best wishes to you my queeeen, I love you so much❣️. God bless you and your family everyday and in this special day I with to you good things, enjoy my queen you are amazing and loved ❤️
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    Happy Birthday DjCrazy
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy birthday Juna
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    Happy birthday
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    Happy Birthday @LowPsy3Ohm
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    Happy Birthday
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    Mundosmilies is now updated!!
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    Happy birthday, Marya! Enjoy this day!
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